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My heart is so OPEN these days to feel the changes we have all been confronted with lately. I have seen the suffering and unrest of many and it is quite humbling to feel the weight of that burden on the human spirit. We are all redesigning our lives to be in more harmony with Reality. God and Reality are one.

I have been so confused about what to do and where to go, who to be with, and where I actually belong. Am I immigrating to Canada for duel citizenship? Am I assembling a band to play festivals next year? Am I writing another book? Am I hiring a Virtual Assistant to promote and market 2 new albums, 3 new books and a Super Bundle of 10 trainings?

What can you share about how you are choosing to show up in the world lately? I would LOVE to hear from you. Really! I would. The energy in the air reminds me of the late 1960s when we just lived from day-to-day, going where we wanted with who we wanted, many of us had no home, no real parents who understood us, and did not know where our next meal would come from, let alone where we might sleep that night.

Today, we are a growing culture of entrepreneurs, learning how to use what we have been given to carve out a lifestyle we can afford and substantiate as being eco friendly and sustainable. Everybody has become an expert at something and they are learning how to promote and market themselves. I feel lost in the techno-jungle!

Yet, I never felt more connected to Nature and God as I do now when I focus inward, deeply. I feel fulfilled, yet what about the dreams that haven't manifested yet? What a bout my next partner? Where is she? Who is she? The mystery is full of synchronistic magnetic surprises.

As much as I love Hawaii and the tropical climates, I LOVE snow and seasonal changes too. The darker days are welcome in Wayne's World because I just love Nature in all her capacity. The cycles of life, the moon and the stars, and the rhythm of the Ocean keep the world turning and us all yearning for more.

Here in North America, it's quickly become time to build a fire and snuggle up to your favorite, book, pet or person. Boil some water and make some tea or coffee, put on our favorite music, movie or TV show. We are so blessed to be living in North America where the drinking water is good and plentiful; where food is easy to find and shelter (for most of us) is common place..

There are so many things we could be angry about, but why be upset when there is another choice? We can choose PEACE, LOVE & JOY as our feeling companions, not to ignore what's going on in the world, but instead to transcend it and become the polarity to suffering--a beacon of Light to illuminate the darkness within the human condition.

I enjoy remembering; that while I slumber, someone is awake, and while someone else slumbers, I am awake. Being aware of all the free energy that is available to us from the earth, the sun, the stars, the water and the wind is enough for me. These are my allies from moment to moment. We are truly just 'stardust', living and breathing, growing and learning about Love.

And what is NOT Love? Through the eyes of innocence all is love, all is divine, all is here for us to enjoy, use and share generously our gifts and our Presence. Even when love doesn't feel good, it is driving us toward what will feel good when we get through the process of 'not feeling good.' Love is our constant companion. Wherever we go, our love goes with us. It is our love that ctraetes all synchronicity and serendipity, so that our God given gifts can florish.

Everone has the right o love and be loved. It's part of our 'Incarnation Super Bundle.' Just because we may have had a rough childhood, desn't mean we were not loved. Love is. Love just is. It's always here and now, regardless of what we're feeling. Let's tune-in and turn-on!

May you have a very joyous Holiday Season in choosing to share your LOVE in all the right places with all the right people, in just the perfect measure. Thanks for reading. I LOVE YOU!

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