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Healing Sessions with Kealohi

Soul Retrieval Activation

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Over the past 30 years, I have developed a very powerful healing session that integrates, cleans, and harmonizes all of your bodies, flushing out toxins and reconnecting you with your divinity--your source of energy, your love and your purpose for living.

A Body Tune-Up can help you with a Leaky Gut repair, relieving inflammation and pain. Followed with a deep tissue Lomi massage, you can feel better than you have felt in a very long time. Touching the essence of who you are as a LOVE, an innocent child of God.


This is an excellent session for anyone that is ready for a really big change in their life, a good cleaning inside and out, to carry them through a tough transition, into a new pathway or 'current' of flow in their life. We use the Spirit of Aloha, and your own willingness to bring about a lasting, more permanent change from deep within you, opening our mind WIDE to the infinite possibilities for you to thrive, forgive and let go, to experience more Love, Joy, Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom, without the baggage of past!

The longer TRINITY HEALING SESSION can take between four and five hours in linear time. It contains a combination of modalities including: The Sacred Apology, (often a soul retrieval), a Body Tune Up, (organizing stress and toxin flow and elimination), and a deep-tissue Lomilomi massage, which often includes deep joint rotations.. (descriptions below.)  This healing process is intended to thoroughly clear your heart, mind, and body and reboot your LIFE-STREAM or 'running system'. 

I do offer shorter sessions when I'm traveling around the world to be able to touch more folks where they live with the Spirit of Aloha and assist them to heal what they are ready and willing to heal. The longer sessions are for those who are committing to a Life Transformation. The 3 hour healings are a compact version of the 5 hour session. When we have more linear time, we can dig deeper into the subconscious programs for a more thorough cleaning. Make sense?

I cordially invite you to a deep healing experience that you will never forget! One that will carry you towards living your Sacred Dream more fully--the Cosmic Vision you were given when you were born, to live fully in this life. To begin the process, contact Kealohi to schedule a phone consultation and receive a Prayer/meditation to align you with, and prepare you for the changes that will occur.


You can call or text him on WhatsApp, to schedule a phone interview and for booking a healing: +1 (808) 4531 4549 
or you can send an email to:

Are you ready for a life upgrade?

Various Healing Modalities

Ho'oponopono / The Sacred Apology

This is a way of Miracle mindedness, through balancing accountability within your life and your life's' circumstances. We locate the dishonest patterns that recycle in your mind that cause Vital energy leaks. Through softening the mental filters and the armor around the heart, we open to a deeper knowing of truth within your Heart. Radical forgiveness, releasing stuck resentments and traumatic experiences guides you towards a vulnerable openness and experiencing life as a whole Being again, refreshed, clear and rejuvenated. Assisting and allowing this Miracle to unfold is a great honor to witness!

The Body Tune Up: STM & PSA

This modality includes two different applications. One on the front, and one on the back:

* Passive Alignment of the back, neck, sacrum, occipital, universal joints, cranial bones, ribs, and hips

* Balancing of a 14 major meridians and muscle systems 

* Checking the organs and adjusting for optimum energy flow through the body

* Adjusting the intestinal valves, stomach and diaphragm for proper regulation of toxins

Lomi Ha ~ Mana Breathing

This is a powerful and excellent way to cleanse the emotional body. Deep circular breathing of light into all the bodies in a repeated pattern, allows fresh mana--divine power--to flow through the blocks and breaks up stored anger and grief and releases it's hold on you.

Kahi Loa

Kahi Loa means "Infinite Oneness". It is a shamanic form of Lomilomi and Hawaiian healing which employs the mana (divine power) of Spirit in Fire, Water, Wind, Stone, Plants, Animals and Humans. Kahi Loa is a deep, gentle, loving communion with Nature and one's soul. It can be a truly sensuous, healing journey of pure Hawaiian Magic!

Traditional and "Temple Style" Lomilomi​

Lomilomi is the ancient shamanic bodywork of Hawaii, passed down through the generations by the kahunas. Temple-Style Lomi is a rite-of-passage that was performed in ancient Hawaii to activate and harmonize the energy of Heaven and Earth in your body. Our physical and spiritual natures are not separate, rather they dance together as one in a fully integrated human Being.

Kahu Abraham Kawaii said that Lomi Lomi means "to remove what doesn't belong." It is an initiatory dance for integrating and activating more harmony in our Three Souls. This shamanic bodywork can bring you home, as well as relieve many layers of stress and tension. Lomilomi provides a thorough detox of the lymphatic system, releasing tension, toxins, and stress. We also focus deeply on all the joints in the body, using Deep Joint Rotations to free stuck energy in all the major joints, expanding your range of motion. This can be a powerful, cleansing, healing journey.

Couples, Marriage & Relationship Counseling ~

Ho'oponopono for couples has been one of Wayne's most effective healing tools. If you want to experience less resentment and more harmony in relationship, this is a wonderful process for couples to explore. The complexity of relationship is simplified and brought back to basics through a careful inquiry into your communication habits and patterns. More sessions may be required to replace deeply ingrained habits of communicating. For this reason it is best to combine this work with Lomilomi and the Body Tune Up to remove these patterns from the memory of the body. Follow up sessions may be done on zoom if necessary.

Spiritual coaching and counseling is available in person where possible... or via Zoom when required.

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