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Building Bridges with Forgiveness
by Wayne Kealohi Powell



"Broken dreams fall hard it seems, on the ones who can't let go. Crashing glass many crystals cast, a future white as snow. When the pain turns into rain, through Spirit we will grow."  (from a song entitled Broken Dreams by Wayne Powell)


When it's time to move on from a long term marriage or relationship of deep intimacy and love, the signs will be unbearably present. When the pain of staying in patterns that really don't work any longer seems to be greater than the delicate process of separating our lives, then it's simply time to make a move! Pain seems to be a very important part of life. How we deal with pain shows us whom we think we are, and how we think life works. John deRuiter said, "pain is the instrument of awakening."


When you were born, there was pain. When you die, there's the pain of leaving your loved ones behind. Between birth and death there are enumerable painful circumstances. It's no wonder why our subconscious minds gravitate solely towards pleasure, creating it and sustaining it, as long as possible! This is a big part of the problem.


If pain is the instrument of awakening and we gravitate only toward pleasure, I guess we are in for a long sleep!

There are many beliefs and an infinite number of systems that can assist us in building bridges from pain to Peace. First lets analyze what causes our pain. Usually, it is not getting what we want or expect from someone or from a circumstance. Someone is acting in a way that hurts us, and we feel dishonored, abandoned or betrayed.


When we look at this hurt as something we co-create, we realize we can change how we feel about it. When someone gets angry with me, I look at what behavior in me caused that reaction in them, and I take full responsibility for my part. That's the part I can apologize for, and change my behavior if it feels appropriate to restore harmony and balance. In this way I am growing and building bridges in myself and with others.


A bridge connects two bodies of land (or people) over water. Water is a symbol for emotions. Emotions can have very strong currents that pull us one way or another, just like water. A bridge is a communication device constructed with the willingness to re-connect two people with sometimes treacherous currents (patterns) flowing between them. A bridge can create a greater ease and efficiency for love to flow over these strong currents. Every relationship has great potential to teach us about ourselves and how to actually get the love we think we need.


We can honestly ask others to treat us in a way that we know nurtures our being and our growth. This requires absolute honesty with ourselves about what we need and absolute honest expression of this to others. This responsibility will produce bridges over troubled waters and a clean connection between all involved. If someone is not willing to respond to you in the way you are asking, then check out your needs and see if being a little flexible will assist to create the desired result. "Effectiveness is the measure of truth" Serge King. It is easier to build a bridge if you have help from the people involved, but you can build it yourself if need be. Just get totally honest with your needs and co-create a win-win for everyone.


In my work, I assist people to build what they want from life and to repair broken aspects of their dream. I work very deeply with the subconscious mind and through deep tissue Hawaiian massage called Lomilomi. The " temple style" Lomilomi that I teach and perform in my private sessions is a 'rite of passage' or the initiation of the soul. This ritual was performed in the ancient temples of Old Hawaii to bridge Heaven and Earth energies in the body. Our sexual and spiritual natures are not separate in reality. They dance together in a fully integrated human Being.


I have been called " a midwife of the Soul" by Dr. David Schweitzer. I have a gift to touch people in such ways as to activate their Soul's remembrance of who they really are and why they have come to earth. The massage I do is a dance that awakens flow in the body and builds bridges from old worn out choices to new ones. I love my work and I love teaching it. Anyone who has the desire to learn it and the ability to show up in full presence can learn this work. I attract people who have this knowledge latent in their being. I've trained dozens of people in Hawaiian Lomilomi massage and various shamanic philosophies of healing. It is my life's purpose to honor and serve the one Heart and Spirit that resides in us all and in all things.


Healing is a matter of will and intention joined in a loving embrace with Truth. The miracle is at hand! Let us join in Love to create rainbow bridges everywhere healing and Peace is needed.


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