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Stress / Toxin / Management
The Body Tune Up Method for optimal performance

Did you ever notice how great your car runs after a good tune-up or an oil change and lubrication? I love when my car hums from good, regular maintenance. We as humans generally don’t think of ourselves as needing regular maintenance other than regular coffee or some vitamin supplements. Yet, our bodies put up with a lot of stress, work, and even some abuse at times. We don’t think of our body as a machine that requires maintenance until it finally breaks down one day when life is just too much to handle. Even when we begin to feel sick, however, we rarely give ourselves the proper care or rest we require. We just keep pushing ourselves until we can’t function any longer. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have our bodies tuned up regularly and avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of a compromised immune system and feeling sick?


The Body Tune Up Treatment is designed to educate you and give you the tools to effectively maintain a healthy balanced flow in your body. There are fourteen major meridians in your body, pathways-of-light, that facilitate energy flow throughout your body. The Body Tune Up not only addresses these meridians, but also the energy flowing through all the major organs that are assisting with proper circulation, digestion, and elimination. When we are balanced and these pathways are open and flowing freely, there will be an unrestricted, even energy flow throughout your whole body.


In our work, when we speak of the healing process, people tend to think of the common “Healing Crisis” scenario, which often looks more like focusing on one thing that needs to be changed. For us, however, healing has become a journey of alignment on all levels of Being. Addressing all of our needs in mind, body and spirit, and making self care a daily priority helps us to go beyond healing to achieving true balance and alignment in all areas of our lives. Many of our emotional dramas and physical crisis we experience could have been prevented if we had been practicing alignment on a daily basis. When we keep our bodies, minds, and spirits clear, in alignment, the outer world responds and arranges itself accordingly to what we are emanating, presenting us with balance and harmony wherever we go.

The Body Tune-Up (BTU) Workshops are taught in two separate modules: 

BTU /STM – Stress Toxin Management

BTU /PSA – Passive Structural Alignment


The BTU /STM (Stress Toxin Management) treatment has proven to be a very effective approach to healing chronic health issues, especially in the digestive tract caused by high stress levels or anxiety, creating a chronic overwhelm condition where there’s too much fire in the body’s running systems. BTU /STM focuses on the proper release of recycling toxins within the intestinal tract and will assist in healing the condition known as “Leaky Gut”.


LEAKY GUT SYNDROME has become an epidemic in our busy world with more than 85% of north Americans suffering from it. Many of us don’t even realize that we have this condition until we experience extreme nervousness, insecurity, or anger. When we take on more stress than we can handle, many of us will have trouble with regulating proper toxin release in our running systems. Since stress is managed through the digestive system, too much stress (or fire) can overload specific valves in our intestines. If these valves don't work properly, toxins are recycled back into the bloodstream, essentially poisoning the whole body. When therefore toxins are recycling within our bodies instead of being released, our immune system will feel overburdened and various disease symptoms will appear and become serious in our awareness. This imbalance can lead to a number of symptoms including chronic inflammation, chronic pain, headaches and migraines, nausea, indigestion, acid reflux, upset stomach, hiatal hernia, heartburn, IBS, anxiety, insecurity, excess anger, high-stress levels, depression, anxiety, radical mood swings, autoimmune diseases, diarrhea, constipation, back or shoulder pain, skin disorders (including rashes, cold sores, etc.) and other conditions that won’t go away with standard medication and treatments. 


The natural flow of our life cycle is the process of: Stress – Tension – Relax – Release. Naturally, this process keeps repeating itself to keep us in a balanced state through life’s ups and downs. When we minimize the Relax and Release part of this process, we overload the various intestinal valves or “fuses” that regulate the circulation of our toxins. Our immune system begins to shut down, meridians turn off, and symptoms begin to appear in our bodies.


Enormous anger, violent outbursts and thoughts of suicide can be for many the outcome of a toxic overload that is recycling inside of the body. The excess toxins can (over a period of time) poison the blood and cause an endless list of symptoms, as mentioned above. When there is no peace in our bodies, there can be no real peace in our lives.


In a STRESS TOXIN MANAGEMENT treatment, simple AK techniques are used to check the function of the valves in your intestinal tract and reset those that are not closing properly due to continuous irritation. By stopping the leaking of toxins, balancing the energy flow through the major meridians and implementing a strict MEAL PLAN for a few weeks, your body can relax, heal, and restore itself to improved health and well-being.


The Body Tune-Up /PSA (Passive Structural Alignment) treatment is using the PRESS IN PLACE with Breath Technique as an effective approach to address the alignment of the spine, neck, sacrum, hips, ribs, universal joints, as well as bones in the cranium such as the occipital bone, the parietal bones as well as the temporal bones.    


Passive adjustments using Applied Kinesiology and the Breath can be so powerful for bringing more positive energy and focus into our daily experience. Passive Structural Alignment can be very effective as empowering health-care maintenance. This alignment brings the structures of the body gently into balance as the client breathes deeply and evenly. There is nothing more draining or distracting than the dull, nagging pain of a misplaced vertebra or rib, a fixated lumbar or a throbbing headache that is caused by tightness or looseness in the cranial structures.


When your spine and other structural bones are gently put into place, the body can rebalance itself and experience more energy, focus, and vitality. This technique is safe to do on anyone, because there is no cracking or adjusting of bones and joints involved. It is done with gentle alignment techniques that are being guided and validated with AK muscle testing. When performed before a massage treatment, the positive effects of the massage will be greater and last much longer. A deep lymphatic flushing massage will assist with the release of excessive toxins. When the client’s spine has been aligned and their meridians are balanced, your client is able to receive more love and experience a much deeper healing through your work. A quick and simple Body Tune-Up session leaves you feeling younger, more energized and relaxed, able to take on life’s challenges with more confidence and ease. 


Through muscle testing, we can assist you together with proper nutrition and diet to satisfy your body’s health needs. So, as people come for regular body tune-ups, symptoms will show rapid improvement for conditions that doctors don’t have a cure for or offer no alternative other than surgery. I have tuned up hundreds of people all over the world in the past few decades and I have seen many people reclaim their lives and their love for their work, heal their relationships as well as restore their health after just one treatment session. States of acute depression and thoughts of suicide have flipped into regaining love for life and a new purpose for living. Couples notice a major improvement in their relationships from the peace and harmony the Body Tune-Up brings to their lives.


We are now offering both Body Tune Up Workshops, each a three-day intensive, where you can experience this work, as well as learn how to perform the adjustment on other people. The practicum is included in the workshop. Toward the end of the third day of each workshop, we open the doors to the entire community to come and receive a Body Tune-Up from the students for free. I offer this, because I see the value in people feeling good and learning about how their bodies can work better. Don’t you think it is about time for you to find out how good you can feel from a simple Body Tune-Up?


Please come and join us! Anyone can learn the Body Tune Up. There is no prerequisite for this training. If you have done the Touch For Health training, this  BTU class is the BEST next step in your career! 


For more information, to book a session or to sign up for class, we invite you to visit our website www. or call 808-431-4549.

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Ho’oponopono ~ Freedom for the Soul

by Wayne Kealohi Powell with Harry Uhane Jim

In speaking with native Hawaiian kahuna Harry Uhane Jim yesterday, I was given some profound things to consider about forgiveness and the metaphysics of how it actually takes place. He shared with me that the foundation of all healing is born of forgiveness. He said that no healing can actually take place without letting go of limiting concepts and mind structures that release one from the bondage of resentment and judgment. Harry said that  “As you expand your perspective, you generate humility.


In the kahuna tradition, words are intended to rearrange energy. Uncle Harry has this profound ability to speak to us in such a way that the heart is awakened while the mind is entertained. Here are a few examples of some very healing ideas or concepts that he gave me to share with you about the foundation of forgiveness.


Emotional Maturity ~
becomes the process of each one that takes on becoming awake in this life. “Aversion is detrimental to your health”, Harry says. It is through emotional maturity that we are enabled to actually embrace the new paradigm of agape~unconditional love~aloha. We tend toward evolving our family lineage by being the rebel, or the black sheep of the family, to create change or evolution. This, in turn, causes a shift in the family dynamic, to allow the resistance coming from the change, to let it in, and stretch into it, while remaining open to a resolution that the only aloha could navigate...


The Sobriety of Your Sovereignty ~
Personal sovereignty is the condition of healthy boundaries in all your relationships while keeping your connection to the one spirit, the Spirit of Aloha in all. This forms a container for you to ‘operate in the world, yet not of the world.’ Once we claim sobriety of our sovereignty, we can move through life with a compassionate disengagement from the intense drama, bringing light into it.


Anchoring Joy ~
creates the “Technology of Hope” by activating a portal for accessing infinite resources to come through you and returning you to the frequency of Heaven. Harry says, “The loudest, cleanest, direct communion with the Light of God is the joyous laughter of well-being.” Joy profound is a by-product of an inner peace born of a knowing that everything is OK, just the way it is. We learn to dissolve all that is not good, Holy and beautiful, in our space, in all space. Understanding Joy is infectious, it spreads like wildfire. Comedians help us laugh at ourselves and all the things that we take so seriously. “Lighten up!” is a call to bring more Light to life.


Challenge Authority ~
Discover who and what you are and who and what you have given your power to, then call it back! Television programming tells us, “You are not enough!” you must by this to be happier!” This authority is questionable. Repeat to your self, over and over, “I am enough!” Harry says. “You are enough because you are an act of God!” Nothing was held back to be given at a later time. All; is All, all the time: as in Vertical Time; totality, here and now. There is no other moment but this one moment we are in right NOW! This is it! pa’a, the present. Uncle Harry says, “Grace is the inalienable right of all beings to receive the Light of God, the inalienable source of all healing. From the power of God comes this completely unconditional love, which heals and propels support. Grace is absolutely free. You don’t have to do anything to get it. Grace is not something that could be taken away from you, in the Hawaiian point of view.”


Gratitude for Being ~
Harry says, “When you ask Spirit to change you, you have to give up the list of changes!” Our Father, who’s heart is in Heaven, knows exactly what we need, and is in a perfect way, willing to give it to us. But in order for us to receive more of what we really want, we must willingly cultivate the ancient law of “Grace receiving Gratitude,” becoming authentically grateful for all that has been given us, and surrendering to receive more Grace, naturally to return gratitude, etc. Gratitude generates a quality of energy that attracts more of itself to the one being grateful. Joy, Gratitude, and Humility together, can generate enormous amounts of anything you desire. All life is drawn to and from these quantified energetics.


Surender Profound ~
Harry has said, when you understand that “the aimless arrow, never misses” you receive insight into the concept of failure as being totally false. Feeling like a failure is because you can’t keep up the commitment that you made with yourself or with another to hit a specific target. Just let go, and flow downstream saying, “I am enough” and revel in this truth. More will always come when you activate emotional gratitude for the gift of just being alive and connected in Infinite Love. There is a way to be that allows one's life to be driven only by Aloha, this is called surrender profound, to the highest good in every moment, action word and deed. Seeing without eyes and hearing without ears, witness, and surrender.


Understanding ~
That when you see clearly what your affirmations are, when you see clearly what your declarations are, when you see clearly what your proclamations are, then, and only then, will you begin to understand your life experiences, and become an influence in the lives of others who are looking to empower themselves through witnessing where you have placed your attention and intention. Always know that understanding is a by-product of witnessing Aloha work Miracles in your Life. The Great One is always looking out for us. Once we understand this and arrive at peace, understanding becomes meaningless.


Ho’oponopono ~
Engaging and witnessing divinity activating authorities of reconciliation, release, and Peace Profound.

       Laulima ~ ancient and old fashion healing by laying on of hands.

       Kahea ~ the practice of calling and feeding creations.

       Aloha ~ the true and empowered meaning, animating luxury of wellness, self flowing.  

       Halau ~ a comfort zone for healing and learning.

       Anuenue ~ accessing the resource Anuenue Uhane Soul Bridge;

                    connecting the dimension of your higher presence to the being of your soul.


Ho’oponopono, Freedom for the Soul ~ 
is achieved through a revelation of consciousness that sees everyone as innocent and equally loved, loving, and lovable. Releasing all our resentments and judgments requires that complete wholeness return to the being, putting an end to separation. Harry says, “In this place, this space, the reigning idea is that, as God sees us, no one is above another. So humans see God in every form, and in no form, there is not God’s presence. The Hawaiian secret of paradise is Aloha: “the breath of God is in our presence.”


These principles of Aloha, love, and acceptance are all-encompassing.
They embrace the new paradigm of blending ancient and contemporary wisdom that is emerging in all the ‘Human Beamings’ awakening at this time, through Vertical Time. In Harry Uhane Jim’s book, “Wise Secrets of Aloha,” he gives back to us the power to recreate our lives, using simple bodywork techniques and a cutting edge mystical trance that fills one with the possibilities and potential of illumination, healing, and the ‘technology of hope.’ 
Harry is on a mission to trance the world into Aloha plenty! He conveys through the Uhane lineage, a very clear intention to lead us back to the Garden of Eden in the most loving way humanly possible: with humor, honor, and respect.



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What is Lomilomi

by Patti Miller

We are often asked the question, What is Lomilomi?  What makes it different than any other form of massage? There are many styles and lineages of Lomi, all with their own way of working with the body. One thing remains the same in all the kinds of Lomi you may find, and that is the spirit of Aloha that flows through the giver and the receiver.


After connecting deeper to Hawaii and its people, I realized the depth of knowledge that this tradition carries.  On Molokai I had a glimpse into real Hawaii, and what it is to follow traditions, and to follow protocol. In order to understand Lomilomi, one must first understand what it is to be Hawaiian.  What makes Lomilomi different is the mindset behind the massage.



The mindset of a Hawaiian:
To live in aloha, open-hearted, in the pa’a, the now.


Nana ka maka;

ho`olohe ka pepeiao;

pa`a ka waha.


Observe with the eyes;

listen with the ears;

shut the mouth.

Thus one learns.



This is the way of learning for a Hawaiian.  They were taught to be very attentive, and to search within for the answers to their questions, or to use their eyes and their ears; wait for the answer to present itself.  This taught humbleness, patience, and self-empowerment. -all core Hawaiian values.


The Lomilomi practitioner comes from a mindset where everything is connected as one, everything has a voice, and everything has a spirit.  The role of a Lomilomi practitioner is to remove any limiting beliefs or "baggage" from within themselves that may be blocking their aka chords, the strands of energy that connect them to all things.  This is done through daily practice. Forgiveness is a daily practice for the practitioner, and also a core aspect of Lomilomi. Lomilomi is not only a practice of massage. It is a tradition, a way of life. The way of aloha, living in harmony with all things. The body (heart), and mind must be clear, open and inviting in order to be a clear channel for a Higher Power. 


~For it is a Higher Power that actually gives you the mana to help someone.~


A Lomilomi practitioner was taught to scan the body, by examination of the face and look of the person, and by the use of haha, which is the practice of scanning the body with the hands to find the source of the ailment in a person.

Treatment was always done holistically:

Lying first in the sun or in a steam bath

Working with the mind and the emotions through the use of Ho'oponopono

Prayers and chants were offered before treating the person with herbs (la'au lapa'au) or salt rubs

Lomilomi and bone setting or restorative healing work would follow

Periods of cleansing would often be incorporated to clear the colon
(ocean water cleanses or tonics were often used)


So you see, massage was just a part of the overall treatment!

Lomilomi ~A Gift from the Heart~

He kehau ho`oma`ema`e ke aloha.

Love is like a cleansing dew.

The cleansing power of aloha can soothe and heal.

Hurt, pain, and suffering yield to aloha’s healing power.


The massage itself is a huge gift, which comes from the heart.  Lomilomi is purely heart-centered, it is pure love. Auntie Margaret is often quoted as saying both, "I just love the person, God does the rest!" and, "Lomilomi is a praying work".  It is said that it is the prayers that really do the healing, not the technique, not the strokes. The receiver is acknowledged as an innocent and sacred being, worthy of unconditional love, grace, and blessings. The giver focuses on the perfection and wholeness of the receiver and bears witness to the Holy Spirit of Aloha and the Truth of their being.



In Lomilomi, as in all things Hawaiian, there is an association with the ancestors, and it is understood that the ancestors are always here with us, guiding us; and connected to us through our bodies. The Aumakua is said to breathe life back into the person needing assistance, but they must first ask for help. The High Self, the Higher Power, will not enter into your conscious mind without first being invited! Both the giver and the receiver are expected to ask the Aumakua to enter into their conscious awareness and assist with the healing taking place. Breath is also a very essential part of the process, as the most efficient and effective way of releasing stress and bringing rejuvenation to the cells of the body.


On a physical level, Lomilomi is also very heart-centered.  Fluids are being pushed in a variety of ways to and from the heart in a rhythmic, flowing pattern.  In this way, the circulation is increased, and the lymph system is deeply flushed and cleansed. A large amount of attention was also placed on the opu, the belly. The belly was known as the ruler of the body and working with the colon was an essential part of healing the whole body.


The body was known to have its own soul and its own consciousness. The body has roles to carry out; one of which was being a direct channel to the High Self, to access Divine messages and the energy of creation. The other role has to do with storing all our memories and taking directions from our conscious mind. When traumatic events occur in our life that we place judgment on, the energy of these memories becomes crystallized, lodging itself in different areas of the body, causing tension and all types of physical disturbances.


These crystallized memories can be found lodged in the connective tissue between the bones and the muscles. Lomilomi is a way of gently and lovingly clearing the channels along with the bones of the body, guiding all the energy needing to be released down and out the extremities. The nurturing strokes bring aloha (love) and mana (life force) into the body, which causes any crystallized memories to rise up to the surface to be acknowledged, forgiven, and released with the Ha breath.



Why Temple Style Lomilomi?

Temple Style Lomilomi is making waves, becoming one of the
The most popular forms of massage in the world today.


Temple Style Lomilomi to me is what happened when traditional Lomilomi met the 20th century, and then the '60s, 70's and 80's, and went to a whole new level.  The Old Hawaiian ways were beginning to resurface, and they collided with the sexual and spiritual revolution happening in America. As our society grew and changed, the healing needs of society changed as well, and temple style Lomi grew out of Hawaii to meet those needs.


The man who brought this form of Lomilomi to the Western world was Abraham Kawai'i, a Kahuna from Kauai.  
Abraham was trained in a traditional Hawaiian way, and he designed his workshops to help students to liberate themselves, and free themselves of any limiting thinking. Wayne met Abraham in the late '80s and was instrumental in the promotion of Abraham and the development of his career.  Abraham considered himself to be of kahuna status
and enjoyed teaching what he knew with his students. He was a controversial figure and had a style all his own that he developed from Lua, a Hawaiian martial art, and Hula, Hawaiian dance. His philosophy was to take what tradition teaches you about Lomi and then go one step further, taking it to the next level.  


Temple Style Lomi is called Temple Style because each Lomilomi session is looked at as sacred, ceremonial healing.  The actual massage is fluid and flowing, like a dance, and incorporates more shamanic aspects of moving energy, breathwork, and communing with the elements and ancestors.  This style is also unique because of the joint rotations that are combined with the massage strokes. These joint rotations are very powerful and healing for the body and are only taught by some Temple style teachers.  Wayne, myself, and all the teachers Wayne has trained to teach, teach these joint rotations in our Aloha Mana training.


Temple Style uses elements and principles from the traditional Lomi massage but allows one to experience a slightly more sensuous and unpredictable style of massage.  When we teach Lomilomi, we still teach you the basic strokes, but then we teach you how to listen to the body and let it guide you. This type of healing process is very intuitive and students are encouraged to invent their own moves. This type of freedom does not come often in a therapeutic massage course or in a traditional Lomilomi Halau!


People often rave about their Temple Style Lomi sessions because the massage has such a profound impact on their being.  Once they have the Temple Style experience, they don't want to go back to the other forms of massage out there.


The reason for this is because they feel so honored and so deeply loved. The trancelike effect of the massage takes people on a shamanic journey.  Temple Style Lomi is known for its transformational effects. The aloha and the sensuous strokes induce states of ecstatic bliss! Because it is so intimate, it helps heal issues around intimacy or trust, emotional blocks, body issues, or anything that just needs a lot of love. The holy, sacred space that Temple Style Lomi Givers construct, offers a safe environment for people to become vulnerable, surrender, and open enough to release deeply buried wounds.


After releasing these deeply rooted, most cherished wounds, we find inside who we truly are, beyond the masks that we wear in the world, and we glimpse our true beauty and strength. We align with our True Path and our True Purpose, to live out our heart’s desire. There is definitely a huge need for this type of service in our society and our culture! No matter what style of Lomilomi you are receiving, one thing is for sure, you are receiving aloha, and so the breath of God is in your presence. I personally really enjoy all forms of Lomilomi, as long as they are performed by a practitioner who is very loving, and sensitive. We often find ourselves as practitioners, or Lomi Givers, mixing different styles of Lomilomi together, creating a perfect combination of strokes for that person’s personal needs.



This is truly a fascinating and humbling path to be on, one that opens many doors. I am eternally grateful for the spirit of aloha that flows through all things, and through those who help to keep the traditions of Hawaii and Lomilomi alive!


Mahalo nui loa, to all my teachers and the people of Hawaii

Imua!  (Press on, go forward!) Aloha




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The Power of Blessing

By Wayne Kealohi Powell,
source material from Serge Kahili King

Long before the rise of Atlantis (the legend goes), a race of people came to our solar system from a group of stars now known as the Pleiades. They called themselves the People of Mu, but were also know as Manahuna or Menehune, the "people of secret power" because of their advanced technology and psychic powers. They were a small pygmy-like people, with their own unique philosophy for successful living.


Once firmly established on Earth, they began to extend their knowledge to all humankind so that it would survive throughout time. Their language was Polynesian, traces of which are still found all over the world today, and their knowledge was Huna.


Huna is a philosophy of life that is at the root of all ancient cultures and spiritual paths. Free of dogma, it is simply the "'secret science behind miracles" or the hidden knowledge, deep within our souls, of who we are and how our lives can really work. Within the Huna philosophy, there are seven spiritual principles of life that explain the way the world works. These principles, which are universal and all-encompassing, go beyond our perceptions of reality, with a meaning much deeper than meets the eye. The seven principles of Huna (meaning secret, or hidden knowledge) are refreshingly simple yet very powerful and can serve as meditations or chants for enhancing everyday life.


The vowels are pronounced as in the Spanish language--
in father, e as in prey, i as in pita, o as in mote, u as in duty.


IKE--the world is what you think it is

KALA--there are no limits

MAKIA--energy flows where attention goes

MANAWA--now is the moment of power

ALOHA--to love is to be happy with

MANA--all power comes from within

PONO--effectiveness is the measure of truth

A brief introduction to the principles and how they can be applied to everyday life


When we criticize another, we are implying that they are not acting in accordance with our personal framework of reality. However, everyone has their own individual perception of what reality is, according to their own beliefs and assumptions about life. Our personal view is only what's true for us, so we tend to invalidate what we do not understand. If we truly love another, then we will strive to understand their point of view. It is every bit as valid to them as ours is to us, and provides the balancing polarity to our point of view. According to the principle of IKE, you must bless another's contrasting viewpoint if you want yours to be accepted at all, or blessed in return.


and in a universe of no limits, we have an all-encompassinglokahi--unity--of all things and all beings. We are intimately connected to each other and to everything in existence. Every thought produces an effect at some level. Therefore, when we criticize someone, we are asking to be criticized. But when you find yourself hating another for the way they act towards you, you may find--if you look closely at yourself--that you too are guilty of acting the same way at some time. The beauty of this principle is that when you bless another, you are blessing yourself as well, and you will be blessed by others. When you bless anything, you are being blessed! We are truly one Being, sharing one mind and growing through all matter and many faces. This concept of oneness explains why telepathy works and why the collective thought forms of the masses create our reality here on Earth. In relationships, you are relating to yourself through your partner. Therefore every curse or blessing you give returns to you because we are One. We are the giver, receiver and that which is given, all in the same Holy Instant.


We get what we focus on, so it is wise to look closely at the object of our focus. If we pay close attention to what we don't like about an individual, then it grows in our awareness and experience with them. By focusing on the good in them, we can experience and bless that instead. According to this third principle, you are where your attention is because you are your attention. A great master from India once said, "If your attention is diffused, then you are diffused. If your attention is in the past, then you are in the past. If your attention is in the present moment, then you are in God and God is in you."


The third principle leads into the fourth. How many of us live in the moment and appreciate its beauty and grace? When we can approach each moment without judgment, it reveals itself as a Holy Instant waiting to be born into our awareness. Every moment is a miracle of life propelled forth by the previous moment. If you trace your thoughts back in time you will find that your current situations and relationships are truly designed by your thinking and your beliefs about life. Only decisions that you make right now can have any effect on your future.


Therefore, changing anything in our experience requires changing the way we think, and carrying that thinking forth in each progressive "now". As kupua--(shamans), healers--we can learn to change the memory of our past, so that, in turn, this will change our thoughts in the present and our experience in the future. It has been said by a wise man that "life is what is happening while you are busy making other plans." Since "now is the moment of power" let us strive to enjoy each moment as an opportunity to refine our skills, grow our talents and glean whatever blessings come to us in overcoming our limited perceptions of life and Reality.

In Huna, this idea encompasses the power of 
blessing and the practice of true acceptance. The more you can remove judgment from your thinking, the more love will flow in your life. By making this a daily practice and by blessing everyone and everything that represents what you want, you can fulfill your heart's desires. Love is the greatest power! This we know. The more we share this power, the more we become attuned to its divine nature--what the Hawaiians call ALOHA. The loving use of this limitless energy is the key to having everything that's worth having in this world, and it is the reason we are here on Earth.

Serge King states in his book Urban Shaman, "Criticism kills relationships". He has also said many times, "compliments build relationships". When we can teach ourselves to admire instead of criticizing, affirm instead of doubt, appreciate instead of blame, and trust instead of worry, then we will have the experience of being ALOHA. And only then will we feel the awesome and limitless power of our life's simple blessings. Bless the beauty in all people and in nature around you--the mountains, the trees, the sun, the moon, the sea, the smiles, the laughter, the cry of a seagull, the love of a mother, the innocence of a child, the companionship of a friend, and the inspiration of a teacher. Bless the food you eat and the health of yourself and your family. Bless constantly and be thankful for everyone and everything in your life, and you will feel more joy and happiness than you could ever have imagined possible. Since "everything is alive, aware and responsive", the corollary of this principle, in blessing everything, you will be blessed by everything.


6. MANA: The sixth principle, ALL POWER COMES FROM WITHIN,
reminds us that things only have power over us to the degree that we give them our power. We sometimes give our power away by letting others make decisions for us. And when we focus on something we don't like, we give it the power to make us unhappy. And the more we think about it, the more unhappy webecome, since everything is responsive to our attention. Unless we approach life's challenges as a means of refining our skills as a peacemaker and a loving human being, we give our power away. If our purpose for living here on Earth is to remember our divinity and to overcome our fear to love unconditionally, then we will pursue that purpose and find that we are powerful beyond measure. If you acknowledge this and begin to live it, then everyone you encounter will feel God in you, just as you will feel God in them. Claim your power; own it! May the Source be with you.

The following exercise can help you connect to your MANA--life force--with your Aumakua--High Self:


Sit comfortably and close your eyes for at least one full minute as you do some abdominal breathing. While you breathe deeply, think of something really beautiful. See it clearly in your mind's eye and hold it there. See all the details of its beauty-- color, size, shape, smell, sound, texture, etc. As you hold this image of great beauty in your mind and begin to bless it with your breathing, your energy field will change. When you finish this meditation, you will feel quite peaceful. Bless and be thankful for this connection with your Aumakua. It is easy to connect with God because His light shines in all people and in all things. This energy of alohamana--loving power--is what binds the whole universe together. We only have to turn our attention inwards to find an unlimited abundance of it hidden in our souls. All power comes from within.


Long ago, the term given to the missionaries by the Hawaiians was haole, meaning, without breath. The Hawaiian kahunas--masters-- and priests--couldn't understand how anyone could perform sacred rituals without pumping mana--divine power--using their breathing to increase and direct the movement of the life force. The Hawaiian kahuna used HA-- the breath of life--as their main tool for instant healing and rituals. There is a form of breathing called piko-piko--center to center--which greatly expands your aura or energy field. It involves focusing your attention on the crown of your head as you breathe in deeply, and on your navel, as you exhale fully. In practicing this breath, we are reminded of our profound connections to Heaven and Earth. Do this for three full minutes and you will be amazed at how connected to life you will feel.


begs for a closer look at what is or isn't working for you in your life. If something is not giving you the results you want, then change your approach. The corollary to this idea is that "there is always another way to do anything". As human beings, we have great creative abilities to explore different approaches to our problems. However, we often become fixated on getting something a certain way, or through a certain person, within a certain time frame. We can be stubborn and try to kill the relationship in order to get our way, or we can take a deep breath and back off. Often when we force something it breaks. Learning to "let go and let God" is a very powerful way to get help from your Higher Source. If you truly surrender, remembering that all power comes from within, you will find a new idea, person or approach to your problem. Synchronicity will take place once the universe has had time to align with your prayerful request. In giving up your frustration and allowing the miracle of life to take over, you will experience a release of great pressure knowing that your problem is being processed at the very highest level. Now more energy can flow into other areas of your life that need your love and attention.

Sometimes our fixation in getting what we want, when we want it, is so deep that it seems impossible to find our way. Relax, piko- piko breathe, and give it up. We want our relationships to be harmonious and flowing, but we don't act as if we want to learn how to make this happen. Instead, we tend to cling to old habits of reacting even if they don't work. The opportunity to have the miracle happen is always waiting for you, and you can start to access it by changing the first thought you have every day.


Do you wake up dreading the coming day, rather than bouncing out of bed filled with joyous expectation? By changing this one small pattern, you may change the rest of your life. You might simply have to change what it is that you are getting our of bed for. Try greeting each new day aloud, bless it and breathe it in deeply. Say "good morning" to life, your angels, or your spiritual master, with joyous enthusiasm. Or read your favorite spiritual book before you start your day, allowing your early morning thoughts to be guided toward the light in you. To get even better results with waking, you can influence your patterns before going to sleep at night. Give thanks for the day's achievements, however small, and bless them. Simply saying "Thank you, God, thank you, God," over and over again until you fall asleep, can positively transform your wake-up mood as well as your dream state. This "attitude of gratitude" is very powerful and can be used at any time during the day. It is an extremely effective way to enlighten your mood.


Chanting the seven principles in Hawaiian will generate a very powerful frequency that will change any mood or situation and connect you with your inner Source. Remember the vowels are pronounced as in Spanish--'a', as in father, 'e' as in prey, 'i' as in pita, 'o' as in mote, 'u' as in duty




The following is a very effective blessing chant you can repeat and use to empower yourself.

Each three-word phrase represents one of the seven principles:




Repeat again & again, until you FEEL it
working deeply into your programming


Blessing seems like such a simple thing,
and its awesome power should not be underestimated!!!

A kahuna--Hawaiian master--once said,

"It's so easy to overlook the most simple perfection in all things,
in search of the complexity of Truth."

 Kahu Abraham Kawai'i

May you always be blessed!


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The Way of Aloha

by Wayne Kealohi Powell

The word Hawaii is not only the name of an extraordinarily beautiful group of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but it is also the name of the people who settled there long ago. The spoken language of the ancient Hawaiians was Polynesian and developed from their relationship with the great beauty and natural diversity that surrounded them. Tied so closely to nature, the Hawaiian language literally vibrates with deep spiritual meaning, rooted in the natural elements that surround us.


Hawaiian words are born of natural concepts and have many meanings,
each of which 
is determined by the context in which they are used. The world HA~WAI~I


express several root meanings. Here are just a few:


HA: the Sacred Breath of Creation of Life

WAI: the Sacred Water that Sustains Life, a symbol of great abundance

  ‘I: emphasizes what comes before it!


HA~WAI~I can, therefore, be interpreted as, "the people and place gifted with an abundance of the forces that create and sustain life." The people and the islands are called Hawaii and Aloha is their way of life. Ancient Hawaiian life was enamored of Nature as divine energy. Songs and chants praised the moon and the stars, the rivers and the flowers, the wind, the creatures of the sea, and the beautiful island paradise of Hawaii. Hawaiian songs related to the rhythm and movements of nature. Believing that the center of the universe exists in all beings and things, the ancient Hawaiians knew humility, compassion, patience and joy, developing a deep respect for nature and Akua--the-Spirit-in-all-things.


As a tourist in Hawaii, you might be given an “aloha!” from the locals at the luau or the airport, but you'll have to look much deeper to find the roots of the word Aloha which extend to a spiritual philosophy of life. Commonly, you hear Aloha being used both in greeting and in parting. It is also said to mean "love surrounds you" offering friendliness, acceptance and kindly blessings. Aloha is an all-encompassing concept that has been translated by Lomilomi Matriarch Auntie Margaret Machado, to mean: "the breath of God is in our presence.”


'The Way of Aloha' addresses a prevalent modern concern----most of us in the world today have been trained to respond to our challenges in life as warriors. We've been taught, ”don’t talk to strangers,” and “the world is a dangerous place”----the root belief of the warrior. "The world is a loving place" is at the root of Aloha. Reacting to life as a warrior is sometimes easier for us, simply because it is what we are taught from our cultural heritage. And, in our history, it is a path that has proven to be effective at least for most short term issues. Serge King says that, as warriors, we will emphasize the danger, the destruction of enemies, and the cultivation of allies. As a competitive (warrior) society, we've been taught that we must 'conquer or be conquered' to win control of over our circumstances, or to succeed at anything in life. The warrior will kill or strive to eliminate all that’s in the way of his having what he wants.


In contrast, 'The Way of Aloha' is a practice that emphasizes acceptance, forgiveness, and cooperation through the development of Ike--spiritual awareness and Ha’aha’a--humility. It is through the cultivation of Mana--divine inner-power and Lokahi--unity, a very real and easily integrated practice of skills that allows the individual to explore existing personal problems while simultaneously immersing oneself in the ethic of true allowance. "Love and be loved," the idea of Aloha, is a very active yet nonviolent path, a practice of non-judgment and forgiveness.

In Aloha, one asks, "What can I give?" rather than, "What can I get?"


'The Way of Aloha' perceives life as a series of circumstances that we attract to ourselves, gleaning from the opportunities they offer us to learn more about ourselves, teaching us to act more consciously and effectively. Aloha will bring a new response into your life, creating Pono--harmony and balance in all your relationships. Being Pono, is being open and flexible in your thinking of how you will receive the answer to a prayer or a desired outcome. Sometimes it requires that you don't think, or try, you just hold the focus lovingly, pray about it, or simply give it up to God. Ho’o-pono-pono is ”to make more right what is right.”


Mana is the principle of divine inner power that is essential to the Aloha philosophy. It encompasses the ideas that we all are equal and each one of us has the authority to think for ourselves and live our own truth. As Serge King has stated, "all power comes from within.” There is no need for protection when one's root belief about life is 'the world is a loving place.’ Each of us can choose to dis-allow into our personal space anything or anyone, yet resistance can be very draining of our energy. Learning to navigate through circumstances with Aloha will bring the most benefit for all.


Within us is the center of the universe, where we find the living God, Aumakua.

When we truly attune ourselves to this divine Source, we find it to be infinite in both scope and power. It is us who have the choice of how to use this awesome power of Life. The warrior will use it to destroy enemies, within and without.


'The Way of Aloha' teaches us to find or create ways to use it for the benefit of community and society, and to heal ourselves and others. Interestingly, the way of the warrior and 'The Way of Aloha' can accomplish the same goals using entirely different means and approaches. If you were to meet the highest masters of either path, chances are you could not tell them apart unless you saw them in action.


Here is one accounting of an ancient tradition from a Kahuna that tells us:

When a boy was becoming a man, or a girl was becoming a woman, the Kupuna--elders would send them to a sacred temple to be transformed by a deep-tissue-massage/dance-turned-spiritual-awakening called Lomilomi. Each individual would immerse themselves into this awakening process until their spiritual, sexual and creative energies were fully integrated. This powerful ritual assisted each youth in adjusting to and accepting the joining of heaven and earth in their body. When the Lomilomi Kahuna--Master determined that the youth had become a more fully integrated Trine Being, more willing and accepting of their role as a young adult for their Ohana--family, he would send them back to the village. This rite-of-passage initiation, the giving and receiving of Aloha through ‘temple style’ Lomilomi everyday, could go on for weeks, until full integration occured. This shamanic art form of healing was well kept secret for a long time.


A Kahuna named Abraham Kawai'i brought this sacred knowledge out of the Hawaiian temples and into the global mainstream. This same Lomilomi Temple-style massage/dance ritual is helping many people today all over the world, move gracefully through profound challenges by allowing them to access this deep Aloha--wholeness of Being. Today, it is possible to receive this beautiful and transformational art form of healing from many practitioners around the world.


Essential to creating a life of community living is the idea of Kahi---oneness, and Lokahi--unity. To practice Aloha, we will give up our deeply rooted assumption that we are all separate---in order to feel our inner connections with all people, places, and things. It's the belief that we are all separate that enables us to dump raw sewage into our beloved Kai--oceans and spill each other's blood in senseless wars, our ultimate mis-creation, which actually contradicts our most basic human need: to love and to be loved. This is the spiritual law of Aloha.


Aloha is pure joy. It's also the fragrance and color of a beautiful flower, the sound of children laughing, and the taste of ripe tropical fruit dripping with nectar. Aloha is the wondrous rhythm of Life, as well as the Spirit in and behind all creation. 'The Way of Aloha' can be practiced and experienced anywhere, any time and with anyone. It is a path of love, harmony and appreciation for the beauty in all things and it is only available in the eternal moment of now: manawa or pa’a. There is a saying in book one of Conversations with God that reminds me where Paradise is: "When I don't go within, I go without!"


Please take a moment now and just say the word slowly: A-L-O-H-A. Say it again even more slowly: A~L~O~H~A. Taste it in your heart, and feel it in your body! Close your eyes and feel your energy shifting as you say it a few more times. Letting it in while breathing deeply for one full minute can change your day, your mood and your life. Feel the warm loving feeling this generates--the sun is now shining in your heart! This is the gift of Aloha!

E ho'omaika'i O la'a kea me ke aloha pau ole

Blessings of sacred light and everlasting love


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Ano Ano ~ The Seed

"The fruit is already in the seed"

by Wayne Kealohi Powell

"Grandfather worked in the garden every day, digging, planting, trimming and watering in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Late in October he would stick these big brown bulbs in the ground--they were like huge seeds. Nothing would come up till the snow had all melted, then in Spring, beautiful flowers would burst out of the ground. It's been many years since grandpa passed and I've often wondered about how that garden resembles my life now."


Ano Ano - "the seed" is a Hawaiian metaphor for how life works. Every thought I have is a seed that will grow in accord with my beliefs. If a thought is a healthy one, it will bear healthy fruits and flowers. If it is not, it will grow weeds that choke the flowers. So if my beliefs are healthy, then my thoughts, actions and deeds will show this and bear good fruit.

Every morning as I'm waking I plant my first seeds for the day. My journey through the day grows from my first thoughts. So I choose to think "Welcome to a brand new day of infinite possibilities, Wayne," or "Good morning, God, it's so awesome to be in a body. Thanks!" Then I sit up in bed in a loose lotus, lean on the wall and clear my mind and drop into my heart for a few sweet breaths of sacred stillness. Space is a clearing house for static in my mind and body circuits. This 'drop-in' nourishes my seeds with mana--divine power. Then my heart gets involved and as it opens gracefully, joy begins to spring forth from my very being, as clear waves of aloha mana--divine love--eminate through my life. I allow being in my sacred heart chamber to cleanse my body, mind and feelings and my whole day grows from this sweet communion with the divine within.

We are all planting seeds in every moment with every thought, gesture and glance. To be aware of what creations we are watering each moment, is self mastery. Huna--the secret knowledge of Hawaii--would say, "focus on what is working in any given circumstance and it will grow." Because whatever we place our attention on becomes our life experience. Just like in the garden with grandpa, everywhere he placed his love, things would grow very well. My life is the same way. So many times when I'm separated from my loved ones, I feel alone and disconnected, just like the bulbs waiting for the cold snow to thaw. But then while in my sacred heart chamber I can feel so connected to others and one in spirit through the coldest, most painful circumstances.

In ancient times the Hawaiians knew how to manifest or create things to happen using their ability to merge with the spirit in all things. Using their breath and imagination was very powerful to bring about change. They knew that belief was the key to receiving. If they believed deeply enough anything could be received. This is aloha mana, the divine power of love, God's gift to us. We can actually have anything we truly believe in, so be aware of each seed that you plant and nurture the ones that warm your heart and set you free. Nourish the ones that heal everyone they touch and bring joy to the world.

Is there someone who needs your love right now? Is there a seed within you that has seen a long winter that's ready to come up. Breathe deep and connect with the waters of life to bring forth a healing, or a new vision. It's so easy if you believe. The world is our laboratory to experience our beliefs.

Hawaiian Lomilomi is an ancient art, healing separation through the touch of Aloha Mana-Divine Love. It is a dance, an intimate loving massage and a right-of-passage to the stars. Many have truly transformed themselves, just as you could. Are you ready to create a new life of healing and intimate Joy with the Divine in you and others?

Wayne Powell teaches Aloha Mana Lomilomi Training where you can experience this divine power of love move through your body and transform your life. Experience your seeds and beliefs growing and revealing whom you've chosen to be in this world.

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Building Bridges

With Forgiveness

by Wayne Kealohi Powell

"Broken dreams fall hard it seems, on the one's who can't let go. Crashing glass many crystals cast, a future white as snow. When the pain turns into rain, through Spirit we will grow."

(from a song entitled Broken Dreams by Wayne Powell)

When it's time to move on from a long term marriage or relationship of deep intimacy and love, the signs will be unbearably present. When the pain of staying in patterns that really don't work any longer seems to be greater than the delicate process of separating our lives, then it's simply time to make a move!

Pain seems to be a very important part of life. How we deal with pain shows us who we think we are, and how we think life works. John deRuiter said, "pain is the instrument of awakening."

When you were born, there was pain. When you die, there's the pain of leaving your loved ones behind. Between birth and death there are enumerable painful circumstances. It's no wonder why our subconscious minds gravitate solely towards pleasure, creating it and sustaining it, as long as possible! This is a big part of the problem.

If pain is the instrument of awakening and we gravitate only toward pleasure, I guess we are in for a long sleep!

There are many beliefs and an infinite number of systems that can assist us in building bridges from pain to Peace. First lets analyze what causes our pain. Usually it is not getting what we want or expect from someone or from a circumstance. Someone is acting in a way that hurts us, and we feel dishonored, abandoned or betrayed.

When we look at this hurt as something we co-create, we realize we can change how we feel about it. When someone gets angry with me, I look at what behavior in me caused that reaction in them, and I take full responsibility for my part. That's the part I can apologize for, and change my behavior if it feels appropriate to restore harmony and balance. In this way I am growing and building bridges in myself and with others.

A bridge connects two bodies of land (or people) over water. Water is a symbol for emotions. Emotions can have very strong currents that pull us one way or another, just like water. A bridge then, is a communication device constructed with the willingness to re-connect two people with sometimes treacherous currents (patterns) flowing between them. A bridge can create a greater ease and efficiency for love to flow over these strong currents. Every relationship has a great potential to teach us about ourselves and how to actually get the love we think we need.

We can honestly ask others to treat us in a way that we know nurtures our being and our growth. This requires absolute honesty with ourselves about what we need, and an absolute honest expression of this to others. This responsibility will produce bridges over troubled waters and a clean connection between all involved.

If someone is not willing to respond to you in the way you are asking, then check out your needs and see if being a little flexible will assist to create the desired result. "Effectiveness is the measure of truth" Serge King. It is easier to build a bridge if you have help from the people involved, but you can build it yourself if need be. Just get totally honest with your needs and co-create a win-win for everyone.

In my work, I assist people to build what they want from life and to repair broken aspects of their dream. I work very deeply with the sub-conscious mind and through deep tissue Hawaiian massage called Lomilomi. The " temple style" Lomilomi that I teach and perform in my private sessions is a 'rite of passage' or initiation of the soul. This ritual was performed in the ancient temples of Old Hawaii to bridge Heaven and Earth energies in the body. Our sexual and spiritual natures are not separate in reality. They dance together in a fully integrated human Being.

I have been called " a midwife of the Soul" by Dr. David Schweitzer. I have a gift to touch people in such ways as to activate their Soul's remembrance of who they really are and why they have come to earth. The massage I do is a dance that awakens flow in the body and builds bridges from old worn out choices to new ones. I love my work and I love teaching it. Anyone who has the desire to learn it and the ability to show up in full presence can learn this work. I attract people who have this knowledge latent in their being. I've trained dozens of people in Hawaiian Lomilomi massage and various shamanic philosophies of healing. It is my life's purpose to honor and serve the one Heart and Spirit that resides in us all and in all things.

Healing is a matter of will and intention joined in a loving embrace with Truth. The miracle is at hand! Lets join in Love to create rainbow bridges everywhere healing and Peace is needed.

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Passive Structural Alignment

The Press in Place with Breath Technique

In The Body Tune Up 2, or BTU-2 Training, we teach you how to perform a gentle alignment of the body’s structure. This treatment uses Muscle Testing - Applied Kinesiology, in concert with a system called Orthobionomy. Passive Structural Alignment, BTU-2, can be very effective health-care maintenance. Passive Structural Alignment can be the perfect preparation that someone needs before a deep tissue traditional Hawaiian massage like Heartworks Lomilomi.


Wayne is honored to share the “Press in Place and Breathe” technique, which he learned from a master Body Tune Up Specialist in Los Angeles. This method brings alignment to the structure of the body gently as the client breathes deeply and evenly using Orthobionomy. The alignment of our body’s posture greatly influences our mental clarity and overall energy level. There is nothing more draining or distracting than the dull, nagging pain of a misplaced vertebra or rib, or fixated lumbar, or a throbbing headache that is caused by a cranial that is either too tight or too open.


When our spine and other major structural bones are gently put into place, this gives us more energy, focus and vitality. This technique is safe to do on anyone because there’s no cracking of bones involved. Its all done with gentle alignment techniques, which are guided and validated through AK muscle testing. After the passive alignment is complete, and your structure is now aligned, we strongly recommend a thorough flushing your lymph system with a deep Lomilomi. This double treatment profoundly effects the overall health of your body, freeing you of what no longer belongs.


The Heartworks Traditional Lomilomi was originally taught by the Kahuna alongside ‘Bone-setting’ as its counterpart. We have found that Passive Structural Alignment, using the Press in Place and Breathe technique, is the perfect counterpart to the Heartworks lomilomi massage that we teach. You can see how much more holistic the massage will be when it begins with aligning the spine, neck, sacrum, occipital, hips, ribs, universal joints and the major cranial on the skull. The good feeling that a good massage can give you will stay with you much longer because of the alignment techniques in BTU-2.


When we speak of healing, many people think of the common ‘healing crisis’ scenario, which often looks more like focusing on one thing that we want to heal (or change) in ourselves. For us, healing has become a journey of alignment on all levels. This is why people meditate and do yoga. To make alignment a daily practice assists us to go beyond healing, with self-care. Many of the emotional dramas and physical crisis that happen, could have been prevented if the person had been practicing alignment on a daily basis.


When we keep our bodies minds and spirits clear, in alignment, the outer world responds, and arranges itself accordingly in a harmonious way. Patti and I use the Press In Place and Breathe technique on each other before all major events or tasks, such as important meetings, presentations or performances where we need to be alert, energetic and at our best. Having our structure in alignment and our energy balanced gives us a greater capacity to do and feel our best!


We have experienced that when we focus on our alignment on all levels, physical, mental and spiritual, anything appearing “unhealed” can then fall away or become transmuted miraculously. Let’s learn and practice alignment on a daily basis!


It’s not necessary to learn BTU-1 before the BTU-2 Training. There’s no prerequisite.

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