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Reclaiming ORIGINAL INNOCENCE, The Way of Ho'oponopono
** Book 1, from the SACRED APOLOGY 3 BOOK SERIES

      by Wayne Kealohi Powell

This book is your starting point for deep personal healing and transformation. In Reclaiming Original Innocence: The Journey Begins, you will learn how to remove guilt, shame, and blame from your mental and emotional bodies, restoring your strong foundation. On this loving journey you will discover new levels of listening attentively, perceiving compassionately, and trusting your most profound inner wisdom.

With inspiration from traditions as diverse as holistic spiritual science, Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono, and A Course in Miracles, Reclaiming Original Innocence guides you through the core steps to rediscover your true, unlimited power to heal yourself and others. As the first volume of the Sacred Apology series, it lays the groundwork for an amazing sequence of processes and exercises that can bring healing and light not only to you, but to all the lives you touch. Let the journey begin!


Another Book by this Author:

For info on fundamentals of the healing process, you may enjoy Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing: Medicine Ways to Cultivate the Aloha Spirit  (Llewellyn, 2018)
by Wayne Kealohi Powell—with Patricia Lynn Miller.


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Most people have experienced an emotional wound or two at some point in their life. Sometimes those emotional wounds become associated with physical complaints, and stuck emotional complexes become aches and pains—or simply nagging patterns—that won’t go away in the body. The good news is, these ‘problems’ can become processed to become possibilities: they can set us on a course of discovery of who we are and the freedom to be our best self in our life and relationships.


Whether we are a healer or a receiver of healing, this series provides guidance and transparency about the nature of our odyssey of discovery. It explores our life journey, unlocking and activating our personal and spiritual potential through the healing process. The series is intended to be read in order, and readers who start with a volume other than the first are encouraged to seek-out the remaining volumes, as each offers a unique perspective and insights into the healing process.


Some concepts are presented in discrete form while others are gleaned through immersion in the flow of the material. Main topics and exercises appear in an ordered progression to gently reinforce and build on previously encountered knowledge and skills. Sections within each chapter are listed in the table of contents. For easy reference, a list of exercises found within the chapters follows the table of contents.


This series is written with love from the perspective of several traditions that hold dear the idea that there is one benevolent source from which we and all of life emanate. Its major influences include; Self-Identity Ho‘oponopono, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), the original teachings of Jesus, and holistic spiritual science.


For more information on some fundamental components of the healing process, readers may enjoy referring to Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing: Medicine Ways to Cultivate the Aloha Spirit (Llewellyn, 2018) by this author—Wayne Kealohi Powell—with Patricia Lynn Miller.

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