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Ho’oponopono ~ Freedom for the Soul

by Wayne Kealohi Powell with Uncle Harry Uhane Jim



In speaking with native Hawaiian kahuna Harry Uhane Jim yesterday, I was given some profound things to consider about forgiveness and the metaphysics of how it actually takes place. He shared with me that the foundation of all healing is born of forgiveness. He said that no healing can actually take place without letting go of limiting concepts and mind structures that release one from the bondage of resentment and judgment. Harry said that  “As you expand your perspective, you generate humility.”


In the kahuna tradition, words are intended to rearrange energy. Uncle Harry has this profound ability to speak to us in such a way that the heart is awakened while the mind is entertained. Here are a few examples of some very healing ideas or concepts that he gave me to share with you about the foundation of forgiveness.


Emotional Maturity ~ 
becomes the process of each one that takes on becoming awake in this life. “Aversion is detrimental to your health”, Harry says. It is through emotional maturity that we are enabled to actually embrace the new paradigm of agape~unconditional love~aloha. We tend toward evolving our family lineage by being the rebel, or the black sheep of the family, to create change or evolution. This, in turn, causes a shift in the family dynamic, to allow the resistance coming from the change, to let it in, and stretch into it, while remaining open to a resolution that the only aloha could navigate...


The Sobriety of Your Sovereignty ~
Personal sovereignty is the condition of healthy boundaries in all your relationships while keeping your connection to the one spirit, the Spirit of Aloha in all. This forms a container for you to ‘operate in the world, yet not of the world.’ Once we claim sobriety of our sovereignty, we can move through life with a compassionate disengagement from the intense drama, bringing light into it.


Anchoring Joy ~
creates the “Technology of Hope” by activating a portal for accessing infinite resources to come through you and returning you to the frequency of Heaven. Harry says, “The loudest, cleanest, direct communion with the Light of God is the joyous laughter of well-being.”
Joy profound is a by-product of an inner peace born of a knowing that everything is OK, just the way it is. We learn to dissolve all that is not good, Holy and beautiful, in our space, in all space. Understanding Joy is infectious, it spreads like wildfire. Comedians help us laugh at ourselves and all the things that we take so seriously. “Lighten up!” is a call to bring more Light to life.


Challenge Authority ~
Discover who and what you are and who and what you have given your power to, then call it back! Television programming tells us, “You are not enough!” you must by this to be happier!” This authority is questionable. Repeat to your self, over and over, “I am enough!” Harry says. “You are enough because you are an act of God!” Nothing was held back to be given at a later time. All; is All, all the time: as in Vertical Time; totality, here and now. There is no other moment but this one moment we are in right NOW! This is it! pa’a, the present. Uncle Harry says, “Grace is the inalienable right of all beings to receive the Light of God, the inalienable source of all healing. From the power of God comes this completely unconditional love, which heals and propels support. Grace is absolutely free. You don’t have to do anything to get it. Grace is not something that could be taken away from you, in the Hawaiian point of view.”


Gratitude for Being ~ 
Harry says, “When you ask Spirit to change you, you have to give up the list of changes!” Our Father, who’s heart is in Heaven, knows exactly what we need, and is in a perfect way, willing to give it to us. But in order for us to receive more of what we really want, we must willingly cultivate the ancient law of “Grace receiving Gratitude,” becoming authentically grateful for all that has been given us, and surrendering to receive more Grace, naturally to return gratitude, etc. Gratitude generates a quality of energy that attracts more of itself to the one being grateful. Joy, Gratitude, and Humility together, can generate enormous amounts of anything you desire. All life is drawn to and from these quantified energetics.


Surender Profound ~ 
Harry has said, when you understand that “the aimless arrow, never misses” you receive insight into the concept of failure as being totally false. Feeling like a failure is because you can’t keep up the commitment that you made with yourself or with another to hit a specific target. Just let go, and flow downstream saying, “I am enough” and revel in this truth. More will always come when you activate emotional gratitude for the gift of just being alive and connected in Infinite Love. There is a way to be that allows one's life to be driven only by Aloha, this is called surrender profound, to the highest good in every moment, action word and deed. Seeing without eyes and hearing without ears, witness, and surrender.


Understanding ~ 
That when you see clearly what your affirmations are, when you see clearly what your declarations are, when you see clearly what your proclamations are, then, and only then, will you begin to understand your life experiences, and become an influence in the lives of others who are looking to empower themselves through witnessing where you have placed your attention and intention. Always know that understanding is a by-product of witnessing Aloha work Miracles in your Life. The Great One is always looking out for us. Once we understand this and arrive at peace, understanding becomes meaningless.


Ho’oponopono ~ Engaging and witnessing divinity activating authorities of reconciliation, release, and Peace Profound.


       Laulima ~ ancient and old fashion healing by laying on of hands.

       Kahea ~ the practice of calling and feeding creations.

       Aloha ~ the true and empowered meaning, animating luxury of wellness, self flowing.  

       Halau ~ a comfort zone for healing and learning.

       Anuenue ~ accessing the resource Anuenue Uhane Soul Bridge;

                        connecting the dimension of your higher presence to the being of your soul.


Ho’oponopono, Freedom for the Soul ~ 
is achieved through a revelation of consciousness that sees everyone as innocent and equally loved, loving, and lovable. Releasing all our resentments and judgments requires that complete wholeness return to the being, putting an end to separation. Harry says, “In this place, this space, the reigning idea is that, as God sees us, no one is above another. So humans see God in every form, and in no form, there is not God’s presence. The Hawaiian secret of paradise is Aloha: “the breath of God is in our presence.”


These principles of Aloha, love, and acceptance are all-encompassing. 
They embrace the new paradigm of blending ancient and contemporary wisdom that is emerging in all the ‘Human Beamings’ awakening at this time, through Vertical Time. In Harry Uhane Jim’s book, “Wise Secrets of Aloha,” he gives back to us the power to recreate our lives, using simple bodywork techniques and a cutting edge mystical trance that fills one with the possibilities and potential of illumination, healing, and the ‘technology of hope.’  Harry is on a mission to trance the world into Aloha plenty! He conveys through the Uhane lineage, a very clear intention to lead us back to the Garden of Eden in the most loving way humanly possible: with humor, honor, and respect.




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