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Instructional Videos

We are so excited to offer you our 1st Shamanic Bodywork Video Bundle of eight trainings
and a profound Kahuna Lecture by Abraham Kawai'i for the best price in 25 years!
Now's the time to get the Video Instruction you have always wanted from us!


 SUPER BUNDLE of 9 trainings for 50% OFF!
INCLUDES BONUS 1 ~ Shamanic Massage for Face and Belly as a FREE BONUS
INCLUDES BONUS 2 ~ One Hour on-line Healing Session  with Wayne Kealohi 
INCLUDES BONUS 3 ~ The Scared Apology 3 Book Series (not yet published!)

It's a virtual TREASURE CHEST of high quality detailed instruction.
Stream or Download any purchase, anytime, from anywhere!


50% OFF + 3 BONUSES 


 The SUPER BUNDLE includes all nine
of the trainings 
below + 3 Free Bonuses!

Haipule - Hawaiian Magic Prayer 
for Manifesting Your Vision

Haipule is a prayer offering designed by Serge Kahili King, for connecting with all the Elements and Kingdoms of Nature for the purpose of manifesting or 'calling-in' a new Vision or Sacred Dream.

As we invoke the infinite Mana of Ke Akua and Mother Nature, we can merge with her grace and power, by making a prayer offering to her, manifesting our innermost dreams and supporting our heart's desire.

HAIPULE is pure Hawaiian magic and should be approached with sincere reverence and respect for the spirits and elemental Kingdoms of Nature. Enjoy Haipule, it's a lot of FUN! May the blessings of Aloha fill the sails of all your Sacred Dreams!

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 10.27.00 AM.png

Stress Toxin Management

• Balancing of a 14 major meridians and        muscle systems

• Checking the organs and adjusting for  optimum energy flow through the body


• Adjusting the intestinal valves, stomach  and diaphragm for the proper regulation of
toxin flow, into elimination

• Reduce inflammation, allergies, skin disorders, constipation, heartburn, acid reflux, headaches, and Heal leaky gut!

Passive Structural Alignment

Learn a gentle technique to bring all the vertebrae in the spine, as well as the ribs, hips, sacrum, cranial, occiput, and both universal joints into PERFECT ALIGNMENT! 

This work can relieve nagging back, neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches/migraines and lethargy, while improving posture, vitality, and a youthful energetic flow.

When Spinal Alignment is paired with a deep massage, they compliment each other perfectly and create a much longer-lasting effect with more beneficial results! All bodyworkers can easily learn this form of alignment using Applied Kinesiology.


Shamanic Bodywork Massage Routine

Discover Kahuna bodywork (Temple Style Lomi) in this 45 min. instructional video. Kealohi instructs and demonstrates his unique shamanic bodyworki routine, a Lomi Flow Style based on the work of Kahu Abraham Kawai'i, for releasing what doesn't belong. All the primary forearm strokes are here, with the exception of his of his masterful Deep Joint Rotations,which must be purchased separately.

Lomi Pule O'o ~ Lomi of Powerful Prayers

Learn Lomi Pule O'o with this 3-hour instructional video series and demonstration. Patti has collected all her favorite strokes from three different lineages of Lomi Massage from Maui, Kauai and the Big Island tocreate this unique, therapeutic Lomilomi routine--Patti shares stories of where the lineages originated from, along with a demonstration and instruction, filmed on the beautiful east-side of Moloka'i.


Ancient Rhythms of Spirit in Motion:
A Kahuna Lecture with Kahu Abraham Kawai'i

One magical night in a Los Angeles Airport Boardroom, a Kahuna appeared to promote his transformational bodywork. In this lecture, Kahu Abraham tells us stories about his kahuna training and shares with us the 'secrets' of kahuna philosophy and his revolutionary 'Temple Style' Lomilomi. or Kahuna Bodywork

(there is no bodywork in this lecture).

Heartworks ~ Traditional Lomilomi:
Class Instruction and Demonstration 
with Sherman Dudoit ~ 3 1/2 hours

This instruction and demonstration Vimeo has become a Lomi Classic in the world of Hawaiian massage. It is a pure form of an ancient warrior tradition practiced on Maui, Master Sherman Dudoit---the only ordained carrier, who shared it with the world, teaches the philosophy and techniques of "Heartworks" Old Style Lomilomi that he learned from a great Kahuna on Maui


Kahuna Bodywork - Deep Joint Rotations

Discover how deep joint rotations can assist you & your family to heal ancient wounds stored deep in the joints.This instructional video series will help you find greater mobility and joint health as you progress through these six detailed videos on Temple Style Lomilomi Massage.  

Enjoy two bonus segments on clearing the face and belly when purchasing the whole package.

Kahi Loa - A Touch of Hawaiian Magic

This Kahi Loa performance by Serge Kahili King, performed in 1996 on Kauai, is his best! In this video, he explains in detail where it came from, how he developed it, and how to apply it in a clinical style for relieving pain and tension, stagnant energy, and nagging discomforts in all areas of the body and its energetic field. The class asked many questions about various ways of application. This a rich presentation of Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing from the source!

Kahi Loa means Infinite Oneness. It is a very pure form of Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork & Healing.


Shamanic Massage ~ Face & Belly

In many of the massage therapy schools the face and belly are left completely out of the curriculum. The Hawaiian healers know how important it is to clear these areas of the body.Wayne Kealohi demonstrates how to 'bone-wash' the face flowing along the bone structure and following the various contours, muscles and valleys of the face for a deep tissue application and release for a rejuvenating facial healing. 

Patti Lynn Miller shows us how the flow of the food moves through the intestines and how to utilize the forearm strokes to clear the "Bowl-ofLight"with a shamanic massage for the belly that's both relaxing and healing.

 The SUPER BUNDLE includes all nine
of the trainings above
 + 3 Free Bonuses!

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