Course Descriptions

Our halau (school) offers many unique lineages of Lomi Lomi, the ancient Shamanic bodywork of Hawaii as well as
The Body Tune Up, a revolutionary healing modality that heals Leaky Gut and brings the spine into full alignment.

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Heartworks Lomilomi

Traditional 'Old Style' Hawaiian Massage

This 4 Day training will present the teachings of Sherman Dudoit (Raman Das ), who taught a traditional lineage of Lomilomi he learned from a Kahuna on Maui.

Learn a full-body routine that uses long, flowing strokes that emulate the ocean waves of Hawaii. These strokes integrate the whole body and calm the mind, preparing the receiver for the deeper work. This type of massage focuses on lymphatic drainage and circulation and promotes deep relaxation. You will learn meditation techniques to connect the breath with the Spirit of Aloha, which you offer to the receiver, offering them the divine experience of unconditional Love and Peace, through a Waterfall of Aloha descending down from Heaven through you into and through the receiver.

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Akua Mana Temple Style Lomi

An Introduction to Kahuna Bodywork

Learn the basics of Temple Style Lomi in this 5 Day Training

Learn a full-body routine brought to the world by the Kahuna Abraham Kawai'i. Temple Style Lomi uses the forearms as the primary pressuring ‘tool,’ with some deeper elbow work. The massage strokes are performed with a flowing yet dynamic navigational rhythm which creates waves of bliss all over the body. Using the forearms and elbows tends to save the giver’s wrists and hands over many years of issuing deeper pressure.


Temple Style Lomi can go from light flowing strokes into deep slow massage, with a stretching and opening of all the limbs. It takes the Receiver into a very deep transformational process. 

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Two Body Tune-Up Courses

Stress Toxin Management / STM  and Passive Structural Alignment / PSA

The BTU is a 2-part system that utilizes Applied Kinesiology, Orthobionomy, and Breathwork. You will learn the art of muscle testing to communicate directly with the body's intuitive wisdom. We can use this to ascertain how well various aspects are functioning and how we can best assist in their healing with accurate muscle testing.

STM ~: Stress-Toxin Management ~ A unique approach to healing LEAKY GUT SYNDROME. Learn simple bodywork adjustments that stop toxin recycling and restore peace to the digestive system. You will also learn a gentle 14-day meal plan that allows the colon lining to heal once the gut is reset. This work has profound effects for anyone experiencing symptoms such as any inflammation, chronic pain, migraines, nausea, indigestion, acid reflux, upset stomach, hiatal hernia, anxiety, excess anger, high-stress levels, depression, mood swings, & autoimmune diseases.

PSA ~ Passive Structural Alignment ~ Learn a gentle technique to bring all the vertebrae in the spine, as well as the ribs, hips, sacrum, cranial, occiput, and more into PERFECT ALIGNMENT! This work can relieve nagging back/neck/shoulder pain as well as headaches/migraines and lethargy, while improving posture, vitality, and energy flow. When Spinal Alignment is paired with a massage, they compliment each other and create longer-lasting and more beneficial results!

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Lomi Masters Program / LMP-1

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Ho'oponopono Sacred Circle

Clearing the Way to Freedom

 Ho’oponopono is the ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and conflict resolution. It brings order and harmony to your inner being and your external relationships. When we harbor judgments, all our energy gets tied up in knots, causing illness in the body. Forgiveness is the primary tool used to untie the knots!

        Ho’oponopono must be taken care of first to clear the path for any illness or tension to leave the body. It involves
a recognition and expression of your deepest feelings, followed by forgiveness and resolution through grace.

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Advanced Training for Shamanic Practitioners 

The course is designed for advancing shamanic facilitators and Miracle Workers. Delve into your psyche to find out what limits you and create permanent change within yourself through radical Self-honesty; transforming how you view the world, yourself, others and all your experiences. Opening wide to the Infinite possibilities of your heart's desire.

Immerse yourself in shamanic practice on the sacred aina (land) of Kauai with adventures; hiking in the mountains, swimming at beautiful beaches, and kayaking to waterfalls. You will also go on a jungle journey to an enchanted bamboo forest to harvest bamboo and then create your own Hawaiian nose flute to take home.

10-Day Curriculum includes:

- Chants, Rituals, Ceremonies & Sacred Space 

- The Truth Dialogue and Sacred Apology with 
   Self-ID Ho'oponopno.

- Balancing the Neurological Circuits

   for calming the nervous system


   for closing healing sessions

- Kahuna Navigator's Eye Exercise -

   Sun-gazing to take in more light

- Creation and Activation of your own Hawaiian Chant

- Shamanic journeys for healing thru Spirit channel


- Most often, only SIX Haumana (students) will be         accepted into these courses.

- Included in the 14-day version of this course, 

   Two Body Tune-Up Courses ~ STM & PSA 

All students must apply for a video interview with Kealohi for this level of training before acceptance in this course.

Contact Kealohi for booking an online interview:  /  +1 808-431-4549

 This 21 Day Residential Intensive Training 
will provide you with a solid foundation in Hawaiian Healing. You will learn three different styles of Lomilomi that can be used individually or together in your healing practice.

- Kahi Loa ~ A Touch of Hawaiian Magic

- Heartworks Lomi, OR Traditional Big Island Lomi

- Temple Style Lomi ~ Kahuna Bodywork

You will learn the principles of Kahuna Science and the Way of Aloha to assist you in bringing more authenticity to your healing practice as an effective facilitator of Hawaiian Bodywork. You will also learn Chants and songs in the Hawaiian language and the Deep Joint Rotations.

This training includes daily yoga and meditation as well as guided adventures to some of Kauai's most beautiful and sacred sites. You will also harvest bamboo from an enchanted forest and create your Hawaiian nose flute.

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Kahi Loa

A Touch of Hawaiian Magic

Kahi Loa is Pure Hawaiian Shamanism. Developed by Serge Kahili King, this healing modality uses a gentle touch, guided visualization, and meditation, along with Hawaiian chant to call in the Elemental Spirits and Kingdoms of nature. 


Gentle movements soothe and relax the receiver while the practitioner guides the receiver on a meditative and interactive healing journey that connects them to all parts of themselves through contemplating and communing with the various aspects of nature. This form of healing is done with clothes on, and with no oil.

Participants in this training will learn how to move and balance energy in the body, and how to connect to the spirit world and access help from the powers of nature. Learn how to feel, move and clear the energy that exists in and around the body, and access a stronger connection to the spirit world, the angels and ancestors.

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Aloha Mana Temple Style Lomi

Kahuna Bodywork: A Journey to the Stars

 Advanced Temple Style Lomi Training with Deep Joint Rotations. This 7-10 day training will take you deeper into the world of Temple-Style Lomilomi. You will learn a full body massage/dance routine with Deep Joint Rotations for the shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, wrists, and ankles. By slowly rotating each joint at the maximum range of motion, you effectively remove the stuck energy from the joint. This increases flexibility and range of motion and releases trauma which can be embedded in the joints.

This training also includes an emphasis on studying the principles of Hawaiian Spirituality and Healing and often includes journeys to sacred sites for dancing and yoga.

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Big Island Lomi

Traditional Massage Infused with Essential Oils

In this 4 day course, we will share strokes and techniques from the halau of Aunty Margaret, as well as Bone Washing and Creating Space from the halau of Harry Uhane Jim.

Students will learn a full-body routine that engages the receiver in breathing open their body mind and spirit, while they are experiencing a deeply loving and relaxing massage. Aunty Margaret had a way of combining a more therapeutic massage style with an ancient and sacred meaning that deeply nourishes the soul.  This style of Lomi is feminine and gentle, and very therapeutic.

The techniques of Harry Uhane Jim work to gently open and create more space between the joints and bones of the body, and allow for the cherished wounds to come out to be released so that more of our true, authentic self can be present. We share the shamanic aspects of moving the trauma out of the bones and the extremities of the body, with the use of breath and intention.

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Lomi Pule O'o

Lomi of Powerful Prayers

This 4-day course is a good introduction to the different lineages of Lomilomi Massage that we carry in our halau. In this course, students learn a fairly simple, loving and effective massage routine that combines some of Patti's favorite strokes from the traditional lineages from Maui, the Big Island, and Kauai. 


It has often been said that “Lomilomi is a Praying work”.

The Hawaiian people believe it is the prayers that do the healing, much more than the physical strokes. In this course, we dive into the mystery of prayer and discover how the power of prayer can be used to treat a variety of ailments. We also explore the connection to our ancestors through an Ancestor Honoring Circle, in which we honor our heritage and family lineages. We create an altar and call to our ancestors for assistance with our lives and our healing.

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