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Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing
Medicine Ways to Cultivate the Aloha Spirit

Available in Paperback,  Kindle and Audible

In this book, you'll learn how to cultivate the Aloha Spirit with Hawaiian philosophy, Ho'oponopono, Lomilomi massage, and many other effective  tribal and shamanic medicine ways.

Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing explores many techniques
of several world renowned healing systems, some are shamanic and some traditional, which include:

  • Serge King's, Kahi Loa ~ A Touch of Hawaiian Magic, ​

  • Sherman Dudoit's, Heartworks, Traditional Lomilomi

  • Aunty Margaret's Big Island Massage

  • Uncle Harry's, Traditional Hawaiian Touch Medicine

  • Abraham Kawai's, Kahuna Bodywork, often called 'Temple Style' Lomilomi

  • Wayne Kealohi's, Shamanic Bodywork Lomi Flow...

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What readers are saying...

Aloha Wayne,

I am a fellow Alakai studying with Serge since the mid-90’s.  I am also a massage therapist, energy worker, yoga and meditation teacher, and wellness educator.  I was reading the book for my own pleasure, education and growth.  I didn’t realize until after I purchased it that you were the author!  I have seen you on the virtual Alakai meetings with Serge.  So, enough introductions ….

I loved everything about the book!  I, too, have read and studied many of the approaches you so eloquently encapsulate in the book, including ACIM.  You have represented each of your mentors with great respect, humility and gratitude.  It was delightful to read.  I was particularly drawn to the last chapter and the prayers for self-healing.  I found myself today (on the full moon) going back, reviewing and reciting a couple of them.  Thank you.  It provided the perfect focal point for my full moon meditations and prayers today! Keep shining your bright light!  It is a beacon for many.

Nancy Bloemer, Author - USA

Aloha Wayne!
Happy New Year 2024! I wanted to write and thank you SO much for your incredible healing work. I discovered your fabulous book, Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing a year ago. I was drawn to it after taking my oath ceremony in Honolulu to become a US Citizen (I am from Australia). A few weeks before my flight to Hawaii, I had been dealing with emotional pain for a year and a half and it got the better of me. I became unwell while temporarily back in Australia. But when I landed on Oahu, there was that beautiful feeling of mana everywhere. My feelings of being unwell instantly disappeared, and I was healed by the time of my ceremony. It was like pure magic. This very experience led me to your book and your work. I was hungry to learn more about Hawaiian healing. 
Having previously lived on Maui on/off for a few years, I wasn’t aware of spirituality in Hawaii, which sounds ridiculous but I was never aware of it. I just love Ho’oponopono and have read many books on it but your work with Harry Shane Jim really resonated with me. I have watched your interviews on YouTube and once again your work has appeared in my life again. I would love to buy your new books and wanted to know if they will be available on Kindle? I saw a paperback and audio book option at the time. I very much look forward to hearing from you and hope to meet you some day!
Much aloha, Joanne Rose - Austrailia

Aloha Wayne -
Thank you for precious time, teaching, sharing and all-round bright Light you shared on Tuesday 10th Oct in the Glastonbury’s Miracles Room! I bought your book.."Reclaiming Original Innocence", you kindly signed it (as I knelt down) …and I read ‘the Series Intro, pretty much immediately! 
This note is of pure gratitude for your words and clarity (just in those opening pages) because it described so clearly …just what I needed to sum up the last 9 months of feelings! I will be buying your other 2 books + more of the 1st one!! Do I keep checking out Amazon for their upcoming release? Or is there a chance of being able to buy from you, if you are still local to Glastonbury? With so much love and gratitude!!! 
Judi Hawkins - UK

Book Review by, 

Harry Uhane Jim, Kahuna

Healer, Teacher, and Author of Wise Secrets of Aloha

"The mature Lomilomi practitioner, no matter the franchise, always lives within the current of authority to heal. The core relationship between the soul and the practitioner is the maturing process. When that happens, the healing that follows is immortal. The place we hold for Lomilomi is far-reaching, so many practitioners have far moved past the certificates on their wall and into their own expression. In that expression is the non-franchised, authentic relationship between soul and person, carrying the healing that is known as Lomilomi. And Wayne and Patti’s efforts in this book speaks to all lineages in a single voice."

 Our New 3 book series on Forgiveness Technology
Print, Kindle & Audible  / Published on Amazon




Most people have experienced an emotional wound or two at some point in their life. Sometimes those emotional wounds become associated with physical complaints, and stuck emotional complexes become aches and pains—or simply nagging patterns—that won’t go away in the body. The good news is, these ‘problems’ can become processed to become possibilities: they can set us on a course of discovery of who we are and the freedom to be our best self in our life and relationships.


Whether we are a healer or a receiver of healing, this series provides guidance and transparency about the nature of our odyssey of discovery. It explores our life journey, unlocking and activating our personal and spiritual potential through the healing process. The series is intended to be read in order, and readers who start with a volume other than the first are encouraged to seek-out the remaining volumes, as each offers a unique perspective and insights into the healing process.


Some concepts are presented in discrete form while others are gleaned through immersion in the flow of the material. Main topics and exercises appear in an ordered progression to gently reinforce and build on previously encountered knowledge and skills. Sections within each chapter are listed in the table of contents. For easy reference, a list of exercises found within the chapters follows the table of contents.


This series is written with love from the perspective of several traditions that hold dear the idea that there is one benevolent source from which we and all of life emanate. Its major influences include; Self-Identity Ho‘oponopono, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), the original  (pre-christian) teachings of Jesus, and holistic spiritual science.


For more information on some fundamental components of the healing process, readers may enjoy referring to Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing: Medicine Ways to Cultivate the Aloha Spirit (Llewellyn, 2018) by this author—Wayne Kealohi Powell—with Patricia Lynn Miller.

At Shamanic Bodywork, we believe that true healing comes through forgiveness. The power of forgiveness can help us to move forward in life, letting go of the past and embracing the present. We use a combination of bodywork, healing techniques and shamanic practices to help our clients to learn how to forgive effectively and to heal on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Our aim is to provide our clients with the best tools to unlock their true potential and to create a life of abundance and joy. Come explore our holistic approach to self-healing and learn how to forgive and move forward with your life.

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