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Passive Structural Alignment
The Press-in-Place with Breath Technique


In The Body Tune-Up 2, or BTU-2 Training, we teach you how to perform a gentle alignment of the body’s structure. This treatment uses Muscle Testing - Applied Kinesiology, in concert with a system called Orthobionomy. Passive Structural Alignment, BTU-2, can be very effective health-care maintenance. Passive Structural Alignment can be the perfect preparation that someone needs before a deep tissue traditional Hawaiian massage like Heartworks Lomilomi.


Wayne is honored to share the “Press in Place and Breathe” technique, which he learned from a master Body Tune-Up Specialist in Los Angeles. This method brings alignment to the structure of the body gently as the client breathes deeply and evenly using Orthobionomy. The alignment of our body’s posture greatly influences our mental clarity and overall energy level. There is nothing more draining or distracting than the dull, nagging pain of a misplaced vertebra or rib, or fixated lumbar, or a throbbing headache that is caused by a cranial that is either too tight or too open.


When our spine and other major structural bones are gently put into place, this gives us more energy, focus, and vitality. This technique is safe to do on anyone because there’s no cracking of bones involved. Its all done with gentle alignment techniques, which are guided and validated through AK muscle testing. After the passive alignment is complete, and your structure is now aligned, we strongly recommend thoroughly flushing your lymph system with a deep Lomilomi. This double treatment profoundly affects the overall health of your body, freeing you of what no longer belongs.


The Heartworks Traditional Lomilomi was originally taught by the Kahuna alongside ‘Bone-setting’ as its counterpart. We have found that Passive Structural Alignment, using the Press in Place and Breathe technique, is the perfect counterpart to the Heartworks lomilomi massage that we teach. You can see how much more holistic the massage will be when it begins with aligning the spine, neck, sacrum, occipital, hips, ribs, universal joints and the major cranial on the skull. The good feeling that a good massage can give you will stay with you much longer because of the alignment techniques in BTU-2.


When we speak of healing, many people think of the common ‘healing crisis’ scenario, which often looks more like focusing on one thing that we want to heal (or change) in ourselves. For us, healing has become a journey of alignment on all levels. This is why people meditate and do yoga. To make alignment a daily practice assists us to go beyond healing, with self-care. Many of the emotional dramas and physical crises that happen, could have been prevented if the person had been practicing alignment on a daily basis.


When we keep our bodies minds and spirits clear, in alignment, the outer world responds and arranges itself accordingly in a harmonious way. Patti and I use the Press In Place and Breathe technique on each other before all major events or tasks, such as important meetings, presentations or performances where we need to be alert, energetic and at our best. Having our structure in alignment and our energy balanced gives us a greater capacity to do and feel our best!


We have experienced that when we focus on our alignment on all levels, physical, mental and spiritual, anything appearing “unhealed” can then fall away or become transmuted miraculously. Let’s learn and practice alignment on a daily basis!


It’s not necessary to learn BTU-1 before the BTU-2 Training. There’s no prerequisite. Learning both Body Tune-Up Courses together gives you a solid foundation for being able to help a wide variety of clients.



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