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Ano Ano ~ The Seed
"The fruit is already in the seed"

by Wayne Kealohi Powell



"Grandfather worked in the garden every day, digging, planting, trimming and watering in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Late in October he would stick these big brown bulbs in the ground--they were like huge seeds. Nothing would come up till the snow had all melted, then in Spring, beautiful flowers would burst out of the ground. It's been many years since grandpa passed and I've often wondered about how that garden resembles my life now."


Ano Ano - "the seed" is a Hawaiian metaphor for how life works. Every thought I have is a seed that will grow in accord with my beliefs. If a thought is a healthy one, it will bear healthy fruits and flowers. If it is not, it will grow weeds that choke the flowers. So if my beliefs are healthy, then my thoughts, actions and deeds will show this and bear good fruit.


Every morning as I'm waking I plant my first seeds for the day. My journey through the day grows from my first thoughts. So I choose to think "Welcome to a brand new day of infinite possibilities, Wayne," or "Good morning, God, it's so awesome to be in a body. Thanks!" Then I sit up in bed in a loose lotus, lean on the wall and clear my mind and drop into my heart for a few sweet breaths of sacred stillness. Space is a clearing house for static in my mind and body circuits. This 'drop-in' nourishes my seeds with mana--divine power. Then my heart gets involved and as it opens gracefully, joy begins to spring forth from my very being, as clear waves of aloha mana--divine love--eminate through my life. I allow being in my sacred heart chamber to cleanse my body, mind and feelings and my whole day grows from this sweet communion with the divine within.


We are all planting seeds in every moment with every thought, gesture and glance. To be aware of what creations we are watering each moment, is self mastery. Huna--the secret knowledge of Hawaii--would say, "focus on what is working in any given circumstance and it will grow." Because whatever we place our attention on becomes our life experience. Just like in the garden with grandpa, everywhere he placed his love, things would grow very well. My life is the same way. So many times when I'm separated from my loved ones, I feel alone and disconnected, just like the bulbs waiting for the cold snow to thaw. But then while in my sacred heart chamber I can feel so connected to others and one in spirit through the coldest, most painful circumstances.


In ancient times the Hawaiians knew how to manifest or create things to happen using their ability to merge with the spirit in all things. Using their breath and imagination was very powerful to bring about change. They knew that belief was the key to receiving. If they believed deeply enough anything could be received. This is aloha mana, the divine power of love, God's gift to us. We can actually have anything we truly believe in, so be aware of each seed that you plant and nurture the ones that warm your heart and set you free. Nourish the ones that heal everyone they touch and bring joy to the world.


Is there someone who needs your love right now? Is there a seed within you that has seen a long winter that's ready to come up. Breathe deep and connect with the waters of life to bring forth a healing, or a new vision. It's so easy if you believe. The world is our laboratory to experience our beliefs.


Hawaiian Lomilomi is an ancient art, healing separation through the touch of Aloha Mana-Divine Love. It is a dance, an intimate loving massage and a right-of-passage to the stars. Many have truly transformed themselves, just as you could. Are you ready to create a new life of healing and intimate Joy with the Divine in you and others?


Wayne Powell teaches Aloha Mana Lomilomi Training where you can experience this divine power of love move through your body and transform your life. Experience your seeds and beliefs growing and revealing whom you've chosen to be in this world.


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