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Wayne Kealohi Powell D.D.​

Wayne Kealohi Powell is the Founder and Senior Instructor of Shamanic Bodywork—an educational vehicle for creating optimum health and true wealth in all your relationships. Wayne is a Holistic Health Educator, Applied Kinesiologist, Author of Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing, and  Songwriter, and Recording Artist/Producer of spiritual music. His music website is Trust Love Music and he's also the Founder of the Global Ho'oponopono Alliance.


He has studied Hawaiian esoteric shamanism since 1985. Some of Wayne's teachers were Serge Kahili King, Harry Uhane Jim, Abraham Kawai'i, Sherman Dudoit, Anakala Pilipo Solaterio, Glenda Green, Mahara Brenna, Satyen Raja, John De Ruiter, and Susan Pa'iniu Floyd. He began teaching Huna on Molokai in 1996. Wayne was ordained an Alakai for the Order of Huna International in 1997 by Serge Kahili King.


Wayne is a Minister and Chaplain ordained by the four Bishops of the Spiritis Sancti Church in Sedona Arizona, in April 2003. He also received a Doctor of Divinity Degree from Christ University on the same day. He loves people and loves sharing his knowledge, and witnessing Miracles ripple into the family members and community of his clients, a chain reaction of goodness flowing in all directions.


Wayne loves people and loves sharing his knowledge, and witnessing the Miracles that ripple through the families and communities wherever he is guided to show up. Wayne has three sons: Ethan, Colin, and Jarod; and a beautiful granddaughter, Alesia. 

Wayne has written and produced nine albums of original songs, four of them are available for download.  His latest album, DEEP INSIDE, was released on December 21, 2020. It is an ANTHEM to the Earth with a special tribute to the Humpback Whales of Hervey Bay, Australia who sing their song loud and clear for your interpretation and enjoyment. Truly an AWESOME track!