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I had to give up my past, to BE HERE NOW

Updated: Jan 20

I began traveling and teaching many tears ago, but these last few years have taught me so much about my self and the process of SELF HEALING. My teaching was quite lifted up being in Europe for 9 months this past year. This was not a planned adventure. I left for England on a wing and a prayer for a NEW LIFE. That's the point!

The synchronicities that show up now are so miraculous!

There are so many beautiful people in this crazy world of ours. Every country I visit and work in, I meet the most genuine souls on a spiritual discovery mission, to find their authentic Self and figure out how to share it with others. Of course this enabled me to find my authentic Self while assisting them to reconnect with their whole Being.

I love traveling because it's a dive into the mystery of life itself, attracting exactly what's required for the LOVE to ripple forward and touch more people deeply. I never know who or what I will find out in the world, but I always prepare my self every day for peace, balance, guidance and living Aloha within and without, wherever I go.

This is a life worth living. Isn't that what we all want? To feel that our life has a REAL purpose and that we are helping others by sharing our authentic Self. This rabbit hole has no bottom. The more we can authentically show up as the Radiant Being that we are born to be, and assist those who need help, we are growing our super power into its full potential.

I have changed in so many ways that I really never thought I could. Holding space for the Divine to have It's Way and do It's Dance through me more honestly is so fulfilling!

I have been sharing a lot of Ho'oponopono sacred circles lately and watching people rewire their thinking, rewrite their script and change patterns that have hurt themselves and others. I have witnessed two families walk away from getting divorced because what I shared with them had such a healing impact on their lives. They call me the Love Doctor in the UK.

I have received so many glowing testimonies from the clients of my students, that have humbled and blown away my students how people are feeling so much aloha in their Being after just one ninety min Lomilomi healing session.

My teaching approach has changed significantly over this past year. I committed to myself and my students to be the very best teacher that I have ever been and transmit the divine download as clearly as I am able. Well, it worked better than ever before. The Spirit of Aloha along with Mornah Simeona and all my other teachers has showered us all with INFINITE BLESSINGS!

I am so excited about the Spring Tour in Europe beginning next month. It will OPEN and CLOSE in Ireland this time. We are assembling a Music Concert with Anna & Felicity and a lovely choir to be performed in Dublin, early June before I return to Kauai.

I am putting up two new courses in Kauai this year, one in July and one in December. Keep your eyes open for this announcement very soon! I LOVE all of you who read these blogs, and I am so very grateful to all the ones who have helped me become my authentic Self as a teacher a friend and a gentleman. All those who have fed me and put me up and helped me create Miracles for them and their community.

It's not easy traveling for a living. I never know what's around the corner, but I have come to EXPEXT THE BEST without attachment to how that will show up because it's' always better than I could have ever planned it my self. God is so good when you live in humility and gratitude as a life style in practice.

Thank you again for reading this brief accounting of the moment in my life. I truly feel that 2024 is the year we the people will rise up and create a better world for our children and great grand children to inherit! PLEASE get in touch with me if you would like some guidance on your path and authentic purpose of your life and how too cultivate and grow your relationships into a more prosperous and harmonious present and future.

Wayne Kealohi Powell +1 808 431 4549 WhatsApp

PS: I have been become the Personal Terainer for many. I am offering 3-5-9 hour Personal Training sessions to upgrade your healing and bodywork skills. Get in touch.

PSS: This year there will be two Urban Shaman KUPUA Navigator courses. I'll be teaching many shamanic healing shills from my book that have never been shared. Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing - Medicine Ways to Cultivate the Aloha Spirit. I look forward to meeting you on a zoom call interview and welcoming you into one of the advanced courses that are being offered in Germany and Kauai.

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