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Emotional Toxin Review ~ Are You Feeling Not Quite Yourself?

Intestinal Balancing & Digestive System Reset

Several medical doctors who also work in what they call the, "effective medicine field", say that the LEAKY GUT SYNDROME has become a major epidemic in our world today with more than 85% of North Americans suffering from some form of it. Many of us don’t even realize that we have this condition until we experience some form of nervous insecurity, deep depression, nagging heartburn, acid reflex, or unusual emotional outbursts.

When we take-on more stress than we can manage for a prolong period of time, it upsets the correct toxin flow within a few of our running systems. Since 'stress' is primarily managed through our digestive and intestinal tracks, this prolonged stress can overwhelm specific valves, or organ junctures in both systems. If the intestinal valves don't work properly, toxins will recycle back into the bloodstream and poison the blood.

Our Body Tune Up Meal Plan has proven to be a highly effective approach to relieving many chronic health issues that originate in the digestive and intestinal tracts caused by high levels of excess stress. The Meal Plan treatment focuses on regrowing the delicate mucus membrane on the Large Intestine wall, which will assist greatly in healing the condition known as “Leaky Gut”.

What is Leaky Gut?

A leaking gut allows bacteria from the large intestine to leak back into the small intestine and also through its compromised mucosa, into the bloodstream where it doesn’t belong, causing various forms of inflammation, emotional chaos and other symptoms that occur from an elemental imbalance in the gut. There’s simply too much fire down below.

Therefore, when toxins are recycling within your body instead of being properly released, your immune system becomes compromised.

Symptoms of a Leaky Gut

This imbalance can lead to a myriad of symptoms which include: chronic pain, headaches or migraines, nausea, indigestion, acid reflux, upset stomach before and/or after eating, hiatal hernia, heartburn, IBS, chronic depression, radical mood swings, autoimmune diseases, diarrhea, constipation, nagging back or shoulder pain, skin disorders (including rashes, acne, cold sores, etc.) and all other conditions that “just won’t go away” with conventional medical care, antibiotic medication or standard medical treatments.

The Cycle of Life: Stress–Tension–Relax–Release

The natural flow of our life cycle is the process of: Stress–Tension–Relax–Release. This process keeps repeating itself to keep us in balance through life’s ups and downs. When we minimize the ‘relax-release’ portion of this cycle, we overload or overheat our various intestinal valves or “fuses” that regulate the proper elimination of toxin. Our immune system begins to sag, meridians run sluggish, and symptoms begin to appear in the body.

Feeling rage, violent outbursts and thoughts of suicide can be for many the outcome of a toxic overload that is recycling in the body. The excess toxins can (over time) poison the blood and cause an endless list of symptoms and diseases, as mentioned above. Simply, when there is no peace in your intestines, there can be no grounded peace in your life.

In a Body Tune Up treatment, AK--applied kinesiology techniques are utilized to check if the function of the valves, or organ junctures in your intestinal tract are good, and reset those that are needing some assistance to regulate properly. By arresting the leaking flow of toxin and then implementing a very specific MEAL PLAN for a few weeks, your body can relax, heal, and rebuild itself, improving mental and physical health, restoring tolerance and emotional stability. (See Meal Plan)

How the Body Reacts to Trauma, Sudden Death, and Injury What occurs when the bacterium in the large intestine is out of balance is very simple. There are several layers of mucus membrane on top of the large intestine wall. When this membrane is soft and vibrant, it will filter out toxic waste from entering back into the bloodstream and distribute what remains of the food value to the various organs as nutritious leftovers. But even more importantly, one of its primary functions is to house an army of friendly bacteria as the worker bees, maintaining a productive, and peaceful biome.

After there has been a significant spike to the nervous system...

...such as a trauma, a breakup, a death in the family, or a serious injury, the gut receives this as an electrical spike of adrenaline, or a burst of 'fire'. This often forces the gut into a contraction and the body can get stuck in the ‘alarm’ state, playing havoc with your mental and physical stability. When ‘damage-control’ isn’t administered in a healthy, knowledgeable way, the sensitive ileocecal valve often gets stuck open. Leaky-gut begins, and slowly but surely the fearful thoughts and emotions will overwhelm the digestive and intestinal organs and various symptoms will occur and won't go away!

The acidic quality of specific foods and fearful thoughts, over time, will contribute to the erosion of the healthy mucosa in the large intestine. This condition is so very common and yet goes completely unnoticed because it’s such a gradual process of mucosa erosion. Until we have heartburn, acid reflex, bloating, constipation, headaches, diarrhea, shoulder, or back pain, we just don’t notice it. Even when these things occur, we still don’t relate it to our intestines, unless we have pain there too. We just feel ‘low energy’, so we drink more caffeine, which pours gasoline on the intestinal fire.

After a while, because of toxic erosion of the membrane...

...the friendly bacteria which protect us and our immune system from compromise have no place to live. And the acidic foods now will create all forms of disfunction without a mucosa. The ‘not-so-friendly’ bacteria live in the wall of the large intestine, underneath the mucosa, so they can still thrive in this toxic scenario. The toxin is a form of fire, that’s why it creates inflammation and pain.

When the imbalance of friendly and unfriendly bacteria becomes extremely "out-of-balance", the immune system will have a hard time functioning properly, if at all. Once a physical treatment has been applied, and a strict meal plan is implemented to regrow the mucus membrane, healing can take place—slow and subtle, yet profound. Every 3 days on the meal plan, another delicate layer of mucosa will appear. After several days, one begins to feel more peaceful and not so easily triggered as before. The ‘Meal Plan’ is specifically designed to regrow the mucus membrane in the large intestine. This process can take weeks and must be carefully implemented! Deviations will halt the gardening process.

If you are reading this, chances are that you would benefit greatly from eating foods with less (or no) acid, 'fire' and fiber for a few weeks as you watch the symptoms you are experiencing diminish or disappear, returning you to a healthier experience of living in a body and enjoying your life! If your body has been recycling toxins for a while, causing you pain or discomfort, it's a sure sign that your Ileocecal valve and possibly the Houston fold have been stuck OPEN, (or closed), for some time.

These are the most common symptoms we see in our clients:

* Nagging Shoulder or Neck Pain * Lower Back Pain * Headaches & Migraines * Acid Reflux * Indigestion or Upset Stomach * Excessive Gas & Bloating * Swift Mood Changes * Unusual Crankiness * Chronic Depression or Anxiety * Low Energy or Fatigue * Dark Circles Under the Eyes * Excessive Anger/Short-Fused * Constipation or Diarrhea * Suicidal Tendencies * Any Infection that won't go away (even after antibiotics) * Skin Disorders, Itchy Rashes, Cold Sores, Pink Eye, etc. * Autoimmune disorders, IBS, Hashimoto's, Crohn's, or Rheumatoid Arthritis

If you have any of the symptoms listed above, it would benefit you to consider a Body Tune-Up, and a 14-21-day Meal Plan is advised to give your digestive tract a break from all the spicy foods. caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, popcorn, and sugar, so it has a chance to heal and offer you a fresh start, with more tolerance, emotional and mental stability.

Trust the Process

After beginning the Meal Plan, you will feel either so great and energized, or so terrible and tired that you will want to quit. If you stay with it, if you TRUST the PROCESS, and stay the course, you will be so very glad you did! Just can me on WhatsApp if you need some support. +1 (808) 431.4549

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