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The Sacred Apology

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

The Sacred Apology is a revolutionary concept that I explored and developed over many years of teaching ho’oponopono one-on-one and in larger groups. What I discovered through observation was; the cosmic Light we all come from—that sparks our very existence—is always ready willing and able to assist us in letting go of what we think of as mistakes that harbor guilt, resentment, judgment, tension, and pain.

From a cosmic point of view, we are the Crown of Creation—the fruit of all star-filled universes. So, when we cultivate an intimate relationship with our Divine Origin, we become fully conscious--awake within our body/mind complex. Now we can utilize cosmic radiance more effectively in our daily lives for healing ourselves. This can be easy and without effort. Although it does take a lot of practice. I refer to this application as Going Vertical!

The success I have had of teaching this application led me to investigate other familiar concepts that are embedded in the collective consciousness, that would also assist people to allow and observe the flow of healing miracles into their daily lives. As I was comparing the roots of several theologies, I came upon the common denominator of all spiritual paths, which is often called, ‘the Way’, or ‘the Middle Way’. Ho’oponopono, the Tao, Zen, all point to this ‘neutral zone’, where balance, harmony, and peace reside.

In order to find our way through the mind-field of our programming and conditioning, we need a guide. One who knows the mind-field well and can help us navigate ‘the Way’ through the field without blowing ourselves up. The guide I have elicited is often called spirit. Divinity, which resides within me and above my body/mind is now my guide. And when I ‘go vertical’, access to higher frequencies and dimensions become present to aid in my healing process.

As I am practicing the Self-ID ho’oponopono process alone, I’ve noticed that miracles are showing up more consistently, every day. Serendipity and synchronicity have become a way of life. And I could see what my ‘self-maintenance’  process has become lately is quite different from what I used to do, and from what I was taught by others. I could now drop-in and connect directly with the Light of my soul—divinity, and speak my apology directly into the Light above me— declaring an apology for my human mistakes.

So, now, my process has become apologizing to Divinity, which is not separate from me, for my human inability to be kind and loving to myself and everyone else all the time. This process has become a daily spiritual practice. And it feels very much like a personal, intimate, confession—an activation of full release, of what no longer belongs in me,  into Source, into the Light of my soul for absolution.

When we are kind and loving, we feel more light within.  “Love is the feeling of Light in the body.’

The self-confession process

As I breathe vertically with my soul’s Light pouring down in through my eighth chakra, my eyes are closed as I open my heart to GO-VERTICAL—allowing more Light in from above. Then I say out loud what I’m declaring forgiveness for. Not asking. Declaring. There’s no need to ask Spirit for forgiveness because Divinity has no capacity to judge us for what we do, think or say. Yet, I choose this humble posturing with Divinity for releasing my human feelings being held within my body-mind complex.

For example:

I apologize for the way I treated so-and-so;’ I apologize for what I said to so-and-so,’ I apologize for not loving myself as much as You do!’ 'I apologize for thinking I’m unlovable or ‘not enough,’ ‘I apologize for acting self-centered, selfish and arrogant,’ I apologize for trying to manipulate someone else's life,’ I apologize for trying to rescue my spouse, child, parent or friend,’ I apologize for burning my hand on the stove,’ I apologize for making the coffee too strong!’ You get the point. Always remember to B-R-E-A-T-H-E deeply from your belly—your feelings—into the Light above as you and upload each declaration into Spirit’s warm, receptive embrace. This clear resilient radiance will envelop and incinerate the negative feelings into divine Light...

I simply love this process because it works so well—every time. As long as I approach Source with humility and loving sincerity, with no worldly agenda for anyone else, it works every time to relieve my suffering. In this way, it is truly a praying work of art.


I have come to find that this private, personal confession with Divinity is quite habit-forming because I feel so free with such a profound lightness-of-being when I let the Light bloom within me fully. So, now, I must consciously choose to refrain from any clinging to divinity as my savior. Instead, I invite Infinite-Love to become my best buddy. Being bathed in the presence of the Master (we all are), the one who knows what’s wise to do and to say in every situation, leaves me feeling filled with warm compassion. This experience can be programmed to occur in all human circumstances, under all conditions. As a default application, download it into your human bio-computer and into your psyche's running system.

We all are in training to resource more Spirit through our human form and in all human encounters and experiences. Releasing the negative thoughts and bad habits of small, separation thinking, is the spiritual discipline or personal practice that allows a more mature romance with Divinity to bloom fully within us. Once this takes place, there’s no turning back. The end of suffering is clear and accessible at any time, anywhere with anyone.

Identifying ourselves with our humanness is rooted in the idea that; ‘we are our body’; our job, our religion; we are the roles we play such as; father, mother, sister, brother, uncle, aunty. Yes, we do have a body, and we do play roles in our life, but it’s not who or what we are. We are stardust—carbon-based units—designed to hold cosmic Light in residence and experience ourselves as honorable stewards of this beautiful blue planet. We have the capacity to learn from all of our choices what is righteous, and what isn’t by the way of our feelings in harmony with natural law.

From doing this practice daily, often moment-to-moment, I have cultivated an up-grade—a higher frequency running system within my psyche, offering me a deeper joy and peace that is showing up in all of my human experiences. A peaceful, loving-kindness is the byproduct of this deeper spiritual practice. Shift happens, and I am free of suffering.

Practice devotion, discipline, and dedication....

Anyone can download this application and run the program. It takes devotion, discipline, and dedication to run the application successfully. Lots of consistent practice, daily. But you know what? It’s worth it. The end of suffering is at hand. You can be fully present with any challenge and be a ‘still’ observer, feeling the emotions fully and witnessing your human responses and reactions. After running the new program during an intense emotional encounter, the way you feel will inform you of how well you are doing with your new spiritual practice—invoking divine compassion into each experience throughout your day while viewing your impersonal drama from above it.

I have been witnessing young and old alike doing this practice and creating so much harmony where there once was chaos and confusion. They simply Go-Vertical and run the program of self-confession as a Sacred Apology while breathing Light with Divinity.

Opening to be totally vulnerable with deep humility in communion with God has elicited profound releases for the many that I have had the privilege of sitting with. We tend to hold ourselves away from clearing with loved ones because we are afraid of confrontation, so we default to a belief that ‘time heals all’. Yet this thought requires ‘time’ for healing to occur. This thinking offers us a way to avoid verbal communication of our feelings through confrontation but suffering will continue until the feelings have been processed in a healthy way. This seems to be the current running system with most people having issues with others—at all costs, avoid verbal communication of feelings, because confrontation hurts.

The Sacred Apology is by far the best way I have found to counteract this avoidance-program because you don’t have to confront anyone else to heal your own hurtful issues NOW! Guilt, resentment, shame, and blame can be absolved within a Sacred Apology in several minutes, in the privacy of your own home, at your prayer altar, in concert with Divinity, instead of taking hours, days, months, years or lifetimes to heal

Your mission—should you choose to accept it—is to end your suffering and pay-it-forward by assisting others to end their suffering. Use whatever means works for you and your loved ones. This will shift the frequency of your entire lifestream into operating more fully within the laws of Nature for your well being and peace of mind. Your heart will learn to stay open through all emotional upsets and within all the challenging situations life offers you. Truly a worthy pursuit for everyone growing into more Light and desiring to learn and share an effective technology for self healing of cherished wounds.

May all beings be happy!

Wayne Kealohi Powell March 7, 2020 Saint Thomas Virgin Islands

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