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The Eagle Has Landed

Once upon a time, I had a profound dream. The dream was about a world fully engaged in Peace. All of humanity was living in harmony and sharing skills and resources openly and equally. When I woke, I was surprised to find so much greed and inequality among many of the peoples of Mother Earth. Then, I remembered that we are a young species, still struggling to find balance between Heaven and Earth, learning about judgement, possession and freedom.

So, then, I asked myself; "what can I do to help the human race mature?" I was feeling very concerned that we, as human beings are not living up to our full potential. We have all the resources and technology required to feed, clothe and house everyone in this amazing world.

As I sat quietly awaiting the answer to, what can I do to help? I wasn't too surprised when I heard, "Assemble a rock-n-roll band!". Uuuu-la-la, I said. "Rock-n-roll has always been a viable platform for truth fueled by passionate massagers." Then I asked, "What shall we call it?" They replied with, "I.C.U." "Ooo, I get, it,", I said. "This is what the Avatars would say to each other when a substantial soul recognition was deeply engaged through eye contact.

"That's true," they said. "And, what it also means is, INTENSIVE CARE UNIT". They continued, "Don't you care intensely about humans and the fate of the human race on this planet? And don't you feel that what's required at this time is some intensive healing for our world at large?"

I said, "OOOOH, YES INDEED, I DO!".... "Then this is the purpose now of your life," they said. Build a band that emanates the truth of why we came to this planet, to learn, grow and heal ourselves and each other as one world of many peoples learning how to love and share what we have learned and what we were given to make the world a better place for all life to exist."


Well, here I am in England sitting on my bed after meditating, wondering how this will happen and I suddenly started laughing out loud... I always wanted to play LIVE gigs with some GREAT musicians, like the ones on my records, who share the same dream, engaging with the powerful messages in many of my songs, which were actually written to be performed LIVE!

Then I recalled how so many inspiring rock-n-roll bands have lit the world on fire, many times over, which came from the UK.


I have JUST been invited to play and sing at the local pub across the street from where I live in TITCHMASRH, Kettering. So, after meeting the owner and hearing their preferences, I've decided to learn a few more Elvis songs to quench their desire for covers. I do have a passion for playing to LIV E audiences, mixing my original songs with a few covers here and there.

So, if you know any GREAT musicians in England, who might be interested in being in a world class, multi-media, multi-genre, rock-n-roll band, give them my contact number please! There's no greater purpose in this world than sharing one's heart through uplifting songs with heart-felt messages in a LIVE performance....

BTW: I will be performing a few 'House-Concerts" here in England and in Germany alongside my Hawaiian Lomilomi & Bone-setting trainings. I am also booking Private Healing Session appointments in both England and Germany, before and after the training days.


So, I ask you now, "what can YOU do to help the human race heal, mature and fulfill our destiny and potential here on this beautiful blue planet we call HOME?

Are you living YOUR full potential in going after your most cherished Dream?

What might that dream of yours be?

How do you envision ENGAGING with your dream for it to manifest fully?

Make a list of steps to engage with and give each step a timeline.

This will help you to focus on the progress of achieving your goals!


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