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Sailing Home to Myself!

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Aloha Everyone! This is my first Blog from the new web site. For 3 months now I've been on a pretty intense personal/spiritual healing mission. I have been addressing some ancient wounds within that came up during the trainings last Fall. So, I've been cleaning and rebooting my bio-computer. It's been a wild ride to say the least. Much sorrow came from realizing how much I have NOT been fully present with a few who I love and serve. Core-splitting honesty within created a raw vulnerability that melted away guilt, shame and blame patterns that I had to face and overcome to find the way Home to my true authentic Self: Kealohi--the brightest, the shimmering, the sparkling one.

Now, there are so many changes, internal and external, happening that it's hard to keep up with all the feelings there are to manage the deepest healing that's taking place within my core. First, I embarked on a few core-counseling and rebirthing sessions that stirred up some impurities for cleaning and clearing. WOW! Intense, Powerful medicine for dark stuff. Then I went on to complete my 2nd 10-Day Vipassana Silent Meditation Retreat in Merrit BC and this was the turning point for me to clearly see what I have been doing and why, and commit to becoming a better man, father, friend, teacher, healing facilitator, and singer.

Right now, I am in Holland, preparing to instruct some Hawaiian Magic and both Body Tune-Up Trainings, 1 & 2. Then after 3 weeks here I'm off to the Greek Islands for a 2 week meditation and Yoga Retreat. Then I fly back into Bellingham, WA, and drive into Canada to find a place to live and grow my musical career in Victoria, BC. I love this city. I have several long time supportive friends on Vancouver Island who welcome me with open arms.

There's only so much one can do in one lifetime, but I'm for sure challenging the limits of this equation. I am moving to Victoria to play my soul's music, singing some gigs and starting a band to make some music videos of my songs. I'm very excited to finally become the performer I always knew I was deep inside!

Because I am writing my 2nd book, The Way of BIRTHING MIRACLES, and mastering another album DEEP INSIDE, and working with Patti on remodeling SHAMANIC BODYWORK, there will be no trainings on Kauai this year. The new Shamanic Bodywork team, Benj Spound, Sara Paton, Tad Beavers, Patti Miller and James Boskovic are all doing their part to create the best Holistic Health company that we can, offering a variety of holistic ways for healing your self and improving your shamanistic healing skills for your holistic health practice.


So happy to have Patti Kale'aokalani back on board assisting in the creation of some new training programs and redesigning some programs we already offer. There are several new video classes that we have already filmed and are putting up for sale or rent which include: The Body Tune Up 1 & 2 (each BTU Training (as a feature length teaching tool) ; Lomi Pule O'o ~ Lomi of Powerful Prayers, with Patti Miller instructing (which is 3+ hours in length). Editing all these teaching tools for sale or rent is the main focus of our creative energy this year.

We are also bringing you 2 more shorter films on video this Spring that will improve your healing practice exponentially: Hai Pule ~ Hawaiian Prayer Offering ; Golden Cocoon Meditation.

These 2 offerings are profound Shamanistic healing tools that you will enjoy learning and using many times on your friends and family and your clients with great success!


On top of all this, I am now 'mastering' a new album entitled DEEP INSIDE, featuring the singing of the Humpback whales that I swam with in Hervey Bay, Queensland in Sept, 2015. This is a 20 minute three song production with Anton Mizerak that will be published this April. I have returned to my folk-rock roots on this new album with a full rock-n-roll band on the title track DEEP INSIDE, with some really amazing players on all 3 tracks sharing the sweet sounds of tabla and singing bowls, violin, pedal steel guitar, percussion and exquisite harmonies with Patti Miller.

Well there you have it! So much transformation going on while creating another book, another album, 5 new Shamanic Bodywork films, a band, a much more here-and-present me, and moving...well, I think you get the picture. All this blooming within one Spring and Summer!

I am still available for private healing sessions if you really need one. My work has grown so much in the midst of all this cleaning, clearing and renewal, that the healings are more profound than ever. In other words, just reach out if you feel an inner calling to do so. I love you all very much!

From Holland,

Aloha pau ole,


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