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Goodby 2020

Letting Go of 2020

This has been quite the year, to say the least. I am so grateful for the deeper lessons, some very painful and some very blissful, and some were both. Mostly, I am grateful for my friends. The new ones and the few that are hanging on. Gratitude is the very best way to let go of anything or anyone. No matter what has happened, it all happened for a reason that brought us to where we are right now. And right now, we have more opportunities to choose differently. I HOPE that each of you reading this managed to navigate through the extreme challenges that we all have been facing---holding it all together---for ourselves and those who we love in our orbit. A pretty wild ride to say the least. HELP! How are you? I've had to ask myself this question several times a day, for months now. WOW! Checking in with my being. Opening my energy, and observing how it wavers from being really high to really low. Sometimes very fast, sometimes very slow. So, I have been cultivating a few PATHWAYS-OF-FLOW, to journey, pray, and meditate more deeply. This keeps me connected with love-ones through my Sacred Heart---the INNER--NET--and somewhat sane. Of course, we have worldwide unlimited video calling FREE and trips to Costco and the health food store, but you can feel fear within people's energy fields and pervading realities, it's like walking in a FEAR stew with a mask, hoping not to sink in. Ya know, I think we're getting used to it this way, as frustrating as it is. It feels to me like we have all become EXTRAS in the latest Stephan Speilburg film that's being shot all over the world simultaneously. The corona DRAMA that's being played out is featuring sadness and quite humbling to witness. Some people's lifestyles are being destroyed, causing them to RECREATE themselves. Other lifestyles are being enhanced, business has never been better. The extreme polarities are being amplified. Everyone has their role or roles to play and to live; very carefully. Our FUTURE is NOW in CHOOSING. So, I ask again, friend... How are you? Really, how are you? Have you checked in with yourself lately? We care about you and would like to hear from you. How may we offer our service in a way that best suits you? Please. Stop what you're doing RIGHT NOW!!! REALLY.... PLEASE... Give yourself a HUGE HUG from Patti and Wayne. We appreciate you more than you will ever know..... Unless we have the opportunity to meet with you on Kauai this May. Then we will show you what ALOHA feels like running through all your ENERGY CENTERS and your entire SOUL CLUSTER... overflowing to the sea.

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