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Living Your Dream, or faking it?

Aloha Dear Reader,

There comes a critical time in everyone's life where they have to make a progressive choice about their future, which really upsets their comfort zone. What you have done before just doesn't float your boat anymore. It's become a routine of familiar sameness, dull and uninteresting. You may even be pretty good at what you've been doing. And the money may have been pretty good too, but your heart has abandoned ship a long time ago, in wonder of where the passion went. 

Wayne Dyer has said that the only regret he possibly could have when dying is if he hadn't sung his song; the song that he came to sing. (of course, he did! Books, Movies, and Lectures)

I have taken this concept to heart lately and wondering how many of you are also thinking about fulfilling your deeper life's purpose--your true destiny here on earth. What song did you come to sing? Have you sung it lately? Have you sung it fully?

Some folks seem to take this pretty lightly and get by. Others who knew what they came here for quite early in life, seem to take it very seriously--striving toward mastery. Then, there are the achievers, who are living their dream. Always waking up each day in wanderlust, seeking how they can excel at being a better human-beaming, besting what they have done before as a human being.

Then, the thought arises, what does it mean, to be 'human?' The word, 'Hu' means Spirit/Light. The word 'man' refers to flesh/bone. Are we not Spirit/Light in flesh/bone? 

Some would say that to be kind, gentle, radiant, and full of grace, are characteristics of 'Hu'--Divinity. That must be why we are kind, gentle, radiant and graceful only some of the time. The rest of the time, well, we're just being 'man'--flesh/bone.

The cosmic paradox views us all as---One--perfect imperfection:  the unsolvable mystery; the unresolved riddle; the unsung song; totally dysfunctional, arrogant, judgmental, selfish, jealous, self-centered, mean, ignorant, and insensitive to the feelings of others. These too are characteristics of being really human. I have been all these expressions many times. And even though I learned a great deal about myself in those uncomfortable circumstances, I usually regret having to grow through it once more, especially when others are hurt. 

At this stage in my life, I simply want to live in harmony with all of life; with the earth and all others. Cleaning up any karmic errors that relationships have created, making peace with my true self, my family, and with our environment. Thisfeels like integrity. This feels Pono.

CLEARING THE WAY ~ ~ ~ As I share more and more sacred circles of forgiveness technology, I have come to witness how some people generally don't want to forgive specific people for certain things. This gives their life meaning within some moral program they are running. It makes them feel empowered somehow--to be right and taste self-righteousness.

I have noticed the adrenaline rush that people get from really being hateful, angry at themselves, or someone else. It's like a flaming fire that rages wildly out of control, without any regard for the damage that hate can do to oneself or to others. They believe they have the right-to-be-right and are projecting this onto another, who must be wrong. 

Oprah says, "You spot it, you got it!'

Sri Ramana Maharshi was asked once, "how are we supposed to treat others?" and Sri Ramana said, "There are no others".

I have also noticed that assuming full responsibility for all my feelings, my thoughts, my behaviors, and my experience is NOT at all easy or achievable without a strict vigil of compassionate disengagement. Observing every thought, word, and deed, and becoming aware of the ripples as I think, speak and act. Then breathing vertically to release any mistakes I may have made, that were not kind or loving in some way. Then, sometimes being stern can be a kinda 'tough love' as a conscious parent or teacher, stretching a child or student's boundaries for their own growth.

Most people understand this concept very well because they've heard it so many times. But as soon as they leave the forgiveness circle, most folks automatically return to the blaming and shaming game of separation, comparing and condemning--trying to control their experience by controlling others who don't live up to their expectations. The irony is that it's all just programs running. Every disagreement has programs running that are not reconcilable. If we could see this, we wouldn't take things so seriously, so personally.

Sometimes leaving those people behind as I grow out of those relationships becomes the new Wayne, with a new life that has more potential to live more freely in my own way, within a new circle of support, a new way of being autonomous:just being my spontaneous creative, sovereign self.

The people who wanna be IN your life will let you know. The people who don't wanna BE in your life will also let you know. Why chase them? Let them go! You don't need their approval or their negative attention. Just. LET THEM GO, without closing your heart to them!

I have observed recently, that the ones who actually have the courage to heal, to actually do the work of "self--loving--Self & Self--healing--self; these folks become quite humble and without judgment. Because they train themselves to observe the programs running and interacting. They eventually erase their own 'program' of projecting their cherished wounds onto others. They slip off the wheel of sacrifice, the wheel of creating negative karma. Tears will flow as this unfolds like a cosmic blanket of warm innocence. 

Judgment simply costs too much!

My experience is this:

When I can feel the enormity of love there is to share, within and without, tears of joy begin to flow!

Wayne Dyer has stated many times:

"When you change the way you look at something, The something you are looking at, changes."

As I move towards fully singing my heart's songs, I am offering my last two Lomi training classes this fall/winter, along with a Kahi Loa MasterClass on Kauai. After that, I will be focusing on creating and sharing my music, as well as continuing to offer Forgiveness circles, Private healing/counseling, Educational Webinars, and Shamanic Adventures. You can find more info on these courses here.

May you find yourself immersed in your own way of loving so deeply, that you engage your soul's light so passionately, that you are making a difference in this world that can shake the coconuts from their trees to give to those who are thirsty.

E Aloha Pau Ole, Wayne Powell

PS Did you know that we have six Instructional bodywork videos on our website? Learn the basics of Kahuna science and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi in the comfort of your own home. 

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