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Healing Cherished Wounds

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Every one’s childhood is different, yet the same. We all grow up in a family which teaches us how to survive in this world, one way or another. If we have siblings, there will be a bit more dynamics in our relationship learning curve. The more siblings you have, the more opportunities to learn. Our parents carry what their parents carried, which is, quite often a lot of unfinished business lurking underneath their ethical, religious and moral beliefs. Of course we are all doing our best to evolve the family lineage we inherited, consciously and unconsciously.

If we pay close attention as we grow into adulthood, we might be able to clear and clean a fair amount of the leftover, unforgiven, cherished wounds within the family lineage. Of course, we share them beyond our birth family as well. We will encounter them everywhere we go, with every one we have a relationship with. Whether it’s a shallow friendship or a new lover, we will encounter an opportunity to uncover our most tender, delicately hidden, unhealed places.

Some of these tender bits inside have been there forever, far beyond our capacity to know how long. Other lifetimes, we died, sometimes very tragic deaths. These occurrences involved other souls who were with us while it happened. They may have even killed us, or held us as we took our final breath. We meet up with these familiar souls again in this life to carry the hurtful past to final resolution. It’s much like a good TV series, with episodes and seasons over lifetimes.

Understanding all this can shed some light on your current situation with someone you love or on a very intense brief encounter, that may have hit you hard and knocked you off balance with a strong sense of unmistakeable familiarity. I just experienced such a encounter with a young woman who had been a man in our last go around. Previously, we were in battle as advisories and she (he) ran a weapon of some kind right thru me and held me as life drained from my body. The current recognition began when I first touched her body in a bodywork training. Every time I touched her with my eyes closed, she was this man from before, I was in another time and place.

A cherished wound can travel thru lifetimes until the proper synchronicity, serendipity arises to complete, or resolve the deep pain and/or loss that the soul was imprinted with. This experience reenforced how a deep wound can reoccur from lifetime to lifetime for healing. And it drove me to set out on a very personal, self healing mission to uncover all such wounds in my soul and heal them once and for all. I see more clearly now that my experience of life is determined by these ancient wounds buried deep within. They will not surface unless there is someone to activate them. Then they will show up as a relationship challenge. We call these wounds cherished because they are being held or hidden so deeply buried in the heart, so that no one can see them or touch them. Yet, relationship circumstances will occur to draw them out.

Sexual intimacy will often bring our unhealed wounds to the surface very quickly. Intimacy is a very stimulating enticement for these wounds to arise and become reopened with tender loving care. Sex is such a strong motivator, it naturally reveals these tender bits, opening all our chakras/energy centers, drawing-in potent Light for healing. When love and lust merge, it can be extremely healing, and/or very confusing for the subconscious to deal with sometimes. Our animal nature and our angelic nature together, will bend polarities toward cosmic procreation, beyond limitation. This is how conscious sex can dissolve so much darkness with Light.

With unconscious sex, our human insecurities will arise, most likely, just before, (sometimes during), and soon after an intense sexual encounter. We can feel the armor that’s guarding our hearts unhealed places softening, wondering if we have chosen the right person to share our vulnerable damaged self with. We may wonder: why get involved sexually with someone if the relationship isn’t going to follow through to actually heal our hidden wounds? And, do I really wanna go that deep with someone, knowing that it could take many years, or decades, or even a child or two for this to happen? The daydream of a white picket fence, a warm hearth, good meals, gardens, kids, a hard working dad, and a nurturing mom who cooks and cleans is planted pretty deep within us. It all seems so perfect, until it isn’t.

It's the perfect imperfection, being human here on Earth. Heaven and hell are both present, always. To experience heaven as an inner peace within all circumstance is what we live for, yet a lot of the time we seem to be dealing with ‘damage-control’ issues in various uncomfortable relationship scenarios. We may be able to cruise for a while in a seemingly loving relationship, but when the sexual attraction wears off, we may wonder again if we still belong with this person. If we had children, we most likely will stay longer. But if we didn’t, we may wander into another attraction and just begin a new daydream.

The games of the unconscious mind are many. Most of them are socially playful and somewhat harmless. The ones that hurt, stem from our cherished wounds, our beliefs, and social morality: what’s right and wrong, holy and unholy. The misuse of sexual energy is a big one. All these human boundaries are here to protect us. A person who thinks of themself as a free spirit may ask, 'protect us from what?' Ourselves?' From being hurt and hurting others? From experiencing our own darkness, so we can project it onto another?' From using aversion from hell because we prefer craving heaven?'

To the an enlightened mind, there’s no preference of heaven over hell because it’s all just a delusional experience of boundaries being crossed or expanded in some way through personal filters. Separation is a concept that lends itself toward protection so that we will focus outside of ourself for the answers to our problems. There is no 'outside of us' in spiritual science or kahuna science. Everything is happening within your own mind. Always. Heaven and hell live only as filtered concepts in our human mind. Nowhere else. Our experience of them is merely a reflection of how our choices have manifested. This offers us the freewill to seek healthier pathways within for personal/spiritual transformation. Heaven and hell are simply choices we have made, either consciously, or in most cases, unconsciously.

Only a brave warrior in love would claim these potent realities to cultivate the enormous courage that is required to heal from any and all cherished daydreams—the cause of suffering. I am on such a journey, and I invite you to join me in this pursuit of reclaiming your whole, sacred Self as the CEO--Creative Energy Organizer of your life and build a Sacred Dream, on purpose for the co-creation of beauty.

Call out your cherished wounds in all your relationships and heal them now! As you do, over time, you will become in service to Primordial Light. Your family, your community and your close friends will feel the softening and opening of your heart. Everyone will be touched in some way by your frequency shift. 'Toward the One, the Presence of Love, Harmony and Beauty'.

We are here to prosper in loving ways. But before this can happen, we must consciously dig deep and clean out the basement of our minds and bodies, which may feel a bit like hell sometimes. But this is how we earn the right to experience heaven, by the ‘process of elimination’. Eliminate what doesn’t belong in the frequency of heaven within you, and you will prosper in loving ways beyond your imagination. Our Sacred Dream is at hand. A dream of everyone showing up, fully in integrity, with their unique talents, whatever they are, and sharing them selflessly to create more kindness and generosity. When all beings have clean water to drink and food to eat and shelter from the elements, this will be heaven for all humankind!

Ke Akua/God held nothing back in creating this 3-D reality for us. We are so fortunate living in North America at this time. Just look around at the children playing/laughing, the wisdom of the trees and the rivers, the freedom of a bird singing/flying, the vastness of the open starlit sky at night, the movement and shapes of the clouds, the vastness of the many oceans, the exquisite sunsets and sunrises. It’s all here for us to enjoy and share for the short time we are here. Let’s band together and take the best care of ourselves and each other. May all beings be happy.

An ancestor is watching and offering to assist
Healing cherished wounds offers freedom to our Soul.

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