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Tue, Jun 13


SEINZ Healing Center

The Body Tune-Up Training ~ Stress/Toxin/Management ~ Intestinal Rebalancing, SEINZ Wisdom Resort, Germany

The BTU is a 2-part system that utilizes Applied Kinesiology, Orthobionomy, and Breathwork. You will learn the art of 'muscle testing' to communicate directly with the body's intuitive wisdom. We can uncover what the body's needs and how to assist in its healing with Applied Kinesiology.

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The Body Tune-Up Training ~  Stress/Toxin/Management ~ Intestinal Rebalancing, SEINZ Wisdom Resort, Germany
The Body Tune-Up Training ~  Stress/Toxin/Management ~ Intestinal Rebalancing, SEINZ Wisdom Resort, Germany

Time & Location

Jun 13, 2023, 10:00 AM GMT+2 – Jun 16, 2023, 6:00 PM GMT+2

SEINZ Healing Center, Kurhausstraße 1, 82433 Bad Kohlgrub, Germany

About the Event

This intensive training takes place at the exquisite SEIZ Wisdom Resort Seminarhaus-Biohotel-Heilzentrum.

The BTU / Body Tume Up Training STM / Stress-Toxin-Management will offer you a profound experience of how the body can be 'turned-on' to 'hum', like the miraculos bio-computer it was meant to be. The STM Training is a unique approach to the healing of the LEAKY GUT SYNDROME. You will learn bodywork techniques that can arest the flow of recyling of toxin, which causes pain and inflamation, and restore peace to both the digestive and intestinal organs, and your nurvous system. 

You will also learn how a gentle 14-21 day meal plan can heal the colon lining from leaking once the intestines ihave been reset. This work has profound effects for anyone experiencing symptoms such as any inflammation, chronic pain, migraines, nausea, indigestion, acid reflux, upset stomach, hiatal hernia, anxiety, excess anger, high-stress levels, depression, mood swings, & autoimmune diseases.

Upon arrival to this Training you will receive a BTU / Stress-Toxin-Management Manual for home study.

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you purchase the Touch For Health, Final, Complete Edition, a few weeks before the training begins, 

to study the art of muscle testing, and become familiar with the 14 major meridians, their names and and muscle tests for strength.

In class, you will learn and/or experience the following:

  • The Balancing of 14 Meridians--the Pathways-of-Light--and the 'turning-on' of their corresponding organs
  • How the sphincter valves operate to keep the nutritional value of the food flowing into where it  belongs.
  • The pathway of digestion through the intestines and how to assist in it's optimal flow
  • A deeper explanation of how and why Leaky-Gut occurs, how to spot it, and what to do about it
  • How to 'seal' a Leaky-Gut using specific bodywork alignment techniques--an 'Intestinal Reset'.
  • How to implement and later come off the Meal Plan--repairing the holes in the large intestine
  • Practices that help to regrow the mucus membrane--where all your friendly bacteria reside!
  • How to maintain the peace that's been restored and then eat wisely for maintaining optimal health.

​TRULY: this knowledge can save someone's life!  Many have been saved from surgery, divorce and suicide within my 30 years of practice!

When the blood becomes poisoned from a toxic overload, the PRO-LIFE default within us can SHUT OFF--and suicidal tendancies can occur.

When our toxic waste is recycling, the list of symptoms ​ is infinite. Pain and inflammation occur as an immune response to a Leaky-gut syndrome. Mental, emotional and physical toxic overload can radically affect our nervous system, our digestion/elimination and our mood, as well as our entire outlook on life. Without the repair of the mucus membrane in the large intestins, the friendly bacteria that keep us safe from disease have no place to life. Without them, we have no protection from the unfriendly bacteria. The bodywork techniques you will learn will expedite the leaking-gut-repair. Then the MEAL PLAN offers a safe biom for the friendly bacteria to thive and flourish once more. This in turn restores PEACE to your nurveous system and will influence your behavior in all your relationships. WOW!

PEACE will always follow when these protocols are implemented correctly.

Here's a few inspiring links to explore: ​

The Leaky Gut Meal Plan

Body Tune Up System & Origin of Applied Kinesiology. (10 min)

BTU Stress-Toxin-Management. (2:40 min)


  • BTU Training Full Tuition

    4-Day Body Tune Up Training

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  • non-refundable deposit

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  • Balance Due May 28

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