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Sat, Sep 28



** Hawaiian Healing Intensive ** 2-Days of Transformation: Ho'oponopono | Laulima | Haipule ~ Glastonbury, UK ~

This is a power packed weekend for a much deeper dive into healing, through forgiveness technology, so you can experience the freedom and innocence of your soul, then you will design a new dream for your life after a shamanic LAULIMA healing, with HAIPULE

** Hawaiian Healing Intensive **    2-Days of Transformation: Ho'oponopono | Laulima | Haipule ~ Glastonbury, UK ~
** Hawaiian Healing Intensive **    2-Days of Transformation: Ho'oponopono | Laulima | Haipule ~ Glastonbury, UK ~

Time & Location

Sep 28, 2024, 10:00 AM GMT+1 – Sep 29, 2024, 5:00 PM GMT+1

Glastonbury, 2 High St, Glastonbury BA6 9DU, UK

About the Event

Welcome to a Hawaiian Healing Weekend of two FULL Days of Transformation into a deeper connection with your Higher Self---for healing Spirit-Mind-Body, using both Hawaiian Forgiveness Technology and Hawaiian Magic, guided by Wayne Kealohi ~ BIO

WE do hope you will join us as we venture into communion with your Soul's Light, your I AM Presence, for healing and rejuvenating your relationships with Grace and Gratitude, using profound Forgiveness Technology, Reclaiming ORIGINAL INNOCENCE for everyone!

Here are some things for you to consider:

Hawaiian Healing Weekend is for everyone who would like to discover and release burdens like shame, blame, guilt, resentment and lack, and increase the FREEDOM of their Spirit. This weekend will set you up for a new way of looking at the world and your life and a new way to meet and treat others. It will enrichen and bring peace to your relationships when you do the meditation practice daily!

This forgiveness technology comes with Wayne's new book and an Audio Mediation album, Reclaiming ORIGINAL INNOCENCE.

As soon as you register you will receive an eBook for studying and for practicing the Audio meditations before you come to the Training.

The first day will be centered on learning and practicing Ho'oponopono, the way Mornah Simeona--the Matriarch of forgiving through self-responsibility--intended it to be. This form of healing is a praying work done with your Soul’s Light.

The  2nd we will experience LAULIMA, the laying on of many hands. This can be a powerful visit into INFINITY or Heaven! The Waterfall of Aloha pours through you while you receive the transmission from many hearts coming through many hands, cascading Aloha Light into and through your body/mind.

WE will top off the 2nd day with HAIPULE ~ Hawaiian Manifestation Ceremony, and INVOKE the Elements and Kingdoms of Nature to impregnate the Universe with your new VISION, weaving it into form with Hawaiian style Magic. You will learn the Hawaiian names for the natural Elements and Kingdoms of Nature for invocation and praise. and You will also learn a Hawaiian Blessing Chant to PLANT THE SEED PROPERLY .

Make no mistake. This is a powerpacked Hawaiian Healing Weekend, bar none! All participants will be shifted into a new reference for living their life, that supports who we all are as THE SPIRIT OF ALOHA IN A BODY!


  • Sat & Sun | Both Days

    2 Days of deep Hawaiian style healing / Ho'oponopono - Laulima - Haipule


    Saturday ~ Ho'oponopono Healing Circle






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