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Wayne Kealohi Powell

I have created and recorded seven albums, two vinyl pressings, two tape duplications, and three CDs. I began recording my songs in 1978 in a home studio in California, and my first album, Fantasy Ride was released on vinyl in 1981 when our first son was born. My music was full of urgency in the 1980's, protest songs and love songs were the two categories that I felt really passionate about. Then our second son along came with my second album, A Glint of Light in 1984. 

Voice of the People (vinyl), my third album was recorded; and in 1987 my forth album was born called Temple in the Tress and a single was also recorded for the disco market that was beginning to emerge called Detective For Love. 

In 1999, I began recording the spiritual songs that never got recorded before. In drawing from previous recording made earlier and adding new songs, my first spiritual album came out call: The Secret of You. 

In 2003, I began recording the Country/Folk/Rock album of my dreams. The TRUST album came out in 2004. Finally I had created an album that I knew would bring many songs to many people. My voice had matured to a level of popular acceptance with a killer band from Vancouver,BC.

In 2005, I returned to the church market with a duet album, introducing my wife Patti Miller as a singer. She sings two solos, I sing two solos and there's four duets with three instrumentals, all performed by world class musicians on GREAT LOVE ~ ALOHA NUI.

In 2015 I returned to the studio and 26 months later, my newest album was released. KALE'AOKALANI ~ Mystical Environments for Massage, Meditation and Healing. Each track is designed to create Peace & Joy in your nervous system!!!

Now I'm back in the studio producing my next album... more to come... stay tuned!

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