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Patti Kale'aokalani Miller

HSB Kumu Lomilomi
Instructor and Practitioner of: 

 Hawaiian Healing and Ho'oponopono,
Aloha Mana Lomi, Heartworks Lomi;
BIG Island Massage and Lomi Pule O'o 

Patti Miller is a promoter of joy, bliss and deep healing.  Her experience is extensive in Hawaiian Healing techniques, and she has practiced and
taught Hawaiian Healing for over 10 years.  
Patti offers Hawaiian massage sessions at
Hawaiian Healing Arts Studio in Gibsons BC Canada. 
Patti is co-author of the book Hawaiian Shamanistic healing, and offers online classes in Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing.  She teaches live group  workshops on Hawaiian Massage & Ho'oponopono.

Jeannie Johns copy.jpg

Jeannie Elisa Johns
Maka Nani Laka

HSB Kumu Lomilomi 
Instructor and Practitioner
Lomi Lomi ke ala Hoku Practitioner 
Shamanic Bodywork Healer 
Body tune up Practitioner 
Bowen Therapist

Jeannie began body work many years ago. Her passion for body work, coupled with her dedication, and strong desire to pursue the ancient sacred healing practice of Lomi Lomi lead her to further expand her knowledge and obtain training on the islands of Maui and Kauai. She has studied with Gary Kekoa Dillon, Linda Wailele Lopez and Kahu Wayne Kealohi Powell. Jeannie opened a Lomi healing Temple for her community to come and receive relaxation and nurturing. The Aloha Spirit guides her every move to release all that may be in the way for you to arrive at your full potential. Her loving spirit graciously comes through her work as she assists you into more healthy ways of being." Kahu Kealohi

Lori Massage poto M4web.jpg

Lori Lynne Bru
La'akea O Laka

HSB Kumu Lomilomi
Aloha Mana and Kupua Mana 
Lomi Instructor and Practitioner

Summer of 2009 is when Lori first experienced the power and beauty of Lomilomi. Lori is very passionate about sharing this heart centered practice. Integrating the long Lomi Heartworks strokes and the deep joint rotations of Temple Style Lomi, she encourages you to become aware of your body and breath, surrendering deeper into self. Lori supports her clients with a space of unconditional love and acceptance, releasing old patterning and replacing it with pure light and love of aloha nui.
“For me it is a blessing and an honor to share the sacred art of Lomilomi, surrendering into a receptive space, listening for guidance and support and then offering to each sacred body I touch, the nurturing embrace of aloha.”

Linda Wailele Lopez

LMTHI Lic.MAT11111 

HSB Kumu

Lomilomi Instructor and


Body Tune Up Practitioner

The art of Hawaiian Lomilomi creates a deep energy shift within the self, which is inspired by the presence of the giver, a compassionate witness. In this dynamic dance, the receiver leads me to raising the vibrations towards the harmony of love that is pure Aloha.


In my experience , the art of lomilomi is a kind of spiritual companioning. It’s a way to be fully present and support another individual and "listen" as they open themselves into truth and clarity. I simply act as a midwife to the birthing of the souls that trust themselves in my hands. 


Practicing as a LMT-licenced massage therapist, Childbirth Doula, Massage Instructor and Holistic Health Educator for twenty one years, has offered me a wealth of knowledge in healing touch therapies and a profound respect for our innate wisdom. From the foundation of meditation and contemplative practices, I’ve learned to be silent and follow a Higher guidance. 


I have chosen to immerse myself in Hawaiian culture here on Maui and have a private practice in Haiku. I invite you to join me in this joyous dance to expand your well being. Aloha nui!

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