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Looking Back ...

WOW! What a year we've had! I know that all of you are charging up for the best year in 2023.

I would like to hear about what you are grateful for, all the ups and the downs, come on, spill 'em out! Share them with me, please. It's good for us to realize all the realities of 2022 on our lives. This will give us insights to understand and better navigate what we are building upon in 2023. Here's my report so far. I'm sure there are more but this feels like 'enough'.

The Ups for me:

  • Completing 2 new EPs - 10 new songs, creating 2 new albums

  • Completing 3 new books on Forgiveness

  • Completing 4 Audiobooks; Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing, & the Sacred Apology series

  • Completing a Shamanic Bodywork SUPER BUNDLE with 10 Video courses & Lectures

  • Completing a BTU Meal Plan Testimonies Video of 4 people with GREAT stories

  • Teaching Kahuna Bodywork in Vancouver, BC in September

  • Teaching the Body Tune Up Training and facilitating 10 Healing sessions in Whistler BC

  • Spending Christmas with my son, Jarod at his new home in Tri-Cities Washington

  • Teaching 3 / 10 day courses on Kauai with fabulous students who love to camp and cook

  • Playing 22 gigs this Summer on the Sunshine Coast, BC

  • Playing 2 Concerts, one at CSL Victoria, BC, & one at CSL Eureka, California

  • Launching the UNIVERSE WE ARE album on KKCR LIVE Radio on Kauai June 5.

  • Receiving Royalty payments from both Amazon Audible and Llewelyn Publishing

  • Receiving a fat refund from the refiling of my 2018 IRS tax return.

  • Going Sailing twice in one weekend in August in BC

The Downs for me:

  • Falling on a wood stairwell and cutting open my heal, needing 12 stitches

  • Wobbling around, dragging my right leg because I couldn't put weight on my foot

  • Being short of breath and diagnosed with a lung infection

  • Spending a fortune on my music career and discovering the I AM NOT A GEEK.

  • Having a drunk pull out in front of me while going 100k on a highway...

  • Driving over a tree stump that I couldn't see and crashing the running board of my truck

  • Getting covid for a few weeks and having a cough for several months after. Bummer!

Now I find myself once again over come with a strong celestial wind that's blowing me to live in the UK for a while. It feels like a new life is being born. There's no security, no guarantees, no long range goals or plans. As usual, I am following the promptings of the Holy Spirit, 'in service' to uplift myself and everyone I come in contact with for healing and preparing for ascension. .

On this note, I am offering you a Shamanic Bodywork Super Bundle at 50% OFF. Nine trainings with a Kahuna Lecture by Abraham Kawaii. PLUS, three FREE Bonuses! Books, personal counseling, and one more massage video of the Face and Belly.

There's over 15 hours of video footage showing you how to align and massage the body in four different Lomi lineages of knowledge and the Body Tune Up with Touch for Health courses. Serge King, Abraham Kawaii, Sherman Dutoit and Myself, Kealohi, are presenting our very best! Patti Miller is also presenting Lomi Pule O'o, with her favorite Lomilomi techniques.

We are extending the DISCOUNT PERIOD for three more weeks. You will SAVE $450 if you purchase it now. This is the BEST DEAL we have ever offered in 25 years of teaching! All the videos were shot in classes, so it will be as if you were there with the ones who paid $3,000 or more for each course. Watch the video below or check out the link here.

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