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Leaning Forward...

I hope this blog finds you well and happy in your body and in your life's Dream! I wanted to share a few thoughts about how to create our best case success scenario this year.

As I look upon the horizon of humanity at this time, I feel a lot of insecurity, suffering, and vulnerability flying around. Of course, there are also a global. playful, fresh creative communities forming as well.

People seem to be polarized into one of two ways of believing and doing things in their lives. 1) "The world is a dangerous, unsafe place, It's here to test my strength by knocking me down"

2) "The world is a loving, safe place. It's here to support my creative Gifts in service to humanity"

Do you believe that both can be true? Can your feelings oscillate between the two beliefs?

Ask yourself these questions:

When I wake up in the morning, what are the very first thoughts that come into my mind?

What do I do with those thoughts? Do I allow the feelings that come with those thoughts?

Or do I purposely redirect my mind into an UPWARD SPIRAL and experience new feelings?

For me this is where 'my day' begins.

Whatever thoughts I allow when I wake up will often determine what kind of day I will have.

Do you recall a time in your life when you woke up feeling so positive, you were excited to jump out of bed and get into a brand new day of infinite possibilities!

Now, after2 years of lockdown and everyone wearing masks, so we couldn't see who was smiling, FEAR seemed to be the main-course on life's menu in the 3D. People lost their jobs, their means of support, their marriage, their child, their parent or grandparent, and some, their home. These experiences have created a deep scar, especially in the little ones, whose first impression of humanity was a masked face on everyone outside their house.

Now ask yourself these questions:

1) What can I do for myself and my family to support a NEW beginning that works?

2) What business or dream can I breathe LIFE into that is Healthy for us all to empower?

3) What God given Gifts can I offer to bring more harmony into my family & community?

Once you have answered these questions, go grab your journal and write down the steps required to begin this journey into a NEW WAY OF BEING with loved ones, one that will create more prosperity within and around you and all the ones you come in contact with.


We originate from a Source beyond our comprehension. When we contemplate or meditate within this Source, we can experience a ONENESS with ALL THAT IS.

This takes a lot of disciplined practice to quell the mind's chatter while unplugging from the iPhone, iPad, TV and computer. But you know what? IT'S REALLY WORTH IT!

Every morning I medicate with meditation. I wake up around 6:30 and sit up in bed, breathing slow and deep into an image in my mind of connecting with the Divine, above, within, and all around me. INFINITY is what I want to experience in my body and mind.

I train my monkey mind to stand down by noticing what thoughts arise and then letting them go. Then I direct my thinking back to the INFINITE DIVINE PRESENCE who gave me life in this body. I persist in this for one hour, or until I feel a very jovial presence within me that makes me smile.

Next I will conjure up the FEELINGS of what I want my future to be. I imagine that its already happened and I am whistling a happy tune, so filled with Gratitude, Health, Prosperity and Love. Love is actually who I am. I have merged with INFINITY--the Quantum Field of creation.

With these feelings I can jet into my day and carry them into all that I choose to do.

When I feel like my FUTURE HAS ALREADY OCCURRED WITHIN THIS PRESENT TIME, I can attract all that's required to make it so in this 3D world, NOW. This is how the LAW of ATTRACTION works! FEELINGS are the KEY to attracting who you are becoming.


As I prepare to move to England for a while, synchronicity has kicked in BIG Time by me joining with this process daily. I have been offered a Sacred Healing Temple space to do Shamanic Healings in England, less than an hour away from London and Birmingham.

As I work on clients in BC, Canada, I can close my eyes and actually feel the presence of the new clients in the UK who I have yet to meet, on the massage alter here in BC! The medicine I carry is being so well received in the future, I can feel it in the present.

This has caused my vulnerability and fear around moving to England to utterly stand down to the passionate feelings of A NEW BEGINNING, SHOWING UP IN THIS MOMENT NOW!

NOW, Germany has invited me to teach there in June. Stay tuned for those dates and locations. If you live in Germany what Shamanic Bodywork courses would you like to take? If you know a Healing Center that would like to host a Training, let us know!


I also FEEL A PULL to work in France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Italy. If you live there and know a Healing Center that would be willing to host a Training, PLEASE, let us know!


Early Registration saves 90 GBP before March 14. Only 9 spaces are available in this combination training of two awesome modalities. If you are interested, contact Wayne to apply through a video interview application before registering.


I hope this blog finds you well and happy in your body and in your life's Dream! I wanted to share a few thoughts about how to create your best case 'success -scenario' in 2023, for you to grow and prosper within the human collective that is Healing!

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