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'A Change of Heart...'

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

There's a deep longing in each of us to find what is uniquely ours to bring to this world in service. We so often get caught up in 'what we think or feel we should be doing', instead of taking the risk of living what we KNOW our true calling is. Can you relate??? I have come to such a deep inner quandary many times in my life. I have had several successful home-made businesses, all of which had their cycles of birth, adolescence, adulthood and maturity, then I sold them or just let them fade. The passion had expired.

As I look back on the last 32 years of growing Shamanic Bodywork into a successful healing-dream-come-true, for Patti and I, and for so many others, I have no regrets. Most all the ones who came willing to train and heal, got what they came for, plus so much more.

Shamanic Bodywork is my baby. It's been the primary passion for my life. Letting go is not easy. There've been thousands of willing clients and hundreds of hungry students who I have journeyed with, to reclaim their passion for life and own their own Healing. The ripples from these experiences are beyond infinite. They will flow down through the generations.

In leaving the Lomilomi and Shamanic Bodywork world behind, I have created a bundle of 10 video trainings to keep the legacy alive. Serge Kahili King, Abraham Kawaii, Sherman Dudoit, Patti Miller, and myself are the instructors to several profound healing modalities on vimeo.

For the past 20 months I have been mostly in isolation, staying healthy and creative, (although I did finally get the latest mellow strain of c-19 a few months ago). In this time, I've managed to complete 3 new books, 9 new songs--which are becoming 2 EPs, a lovely Music Video of Kauai's north-shore and a Vimeo Shamanic Training Super Bundle with 10 assets.

To be honest, if it wasn't for the several small Lomi Trainings here in Edmonton, I would have died of aloneness. Yet, deep bonds have formed with my new friends and students: Lisa B, Mark C, Maxine, Sandra, Hope, Scott and Bodhi. This was the GOLD in the chaos for me.

Living in my little 3 bedroom house, all alone, just working on the computer and going to the recording studio, and then watching Netflix when loneliness swallows me, has been hard for me. I have missed the beach and the Tradewinds and the weather more than I knew I could!

BONUS: I've learned how to narrate audiobooks while in exile from Hawaii. I first narrated Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing--Medicine Way to Cultivate the Aloha Spirit. Then I went on to narrate the 3 new books that I've just finished writing, on Forgiveness Technology:

  • Original Innocence--The Journey Begins

  • The Truth Dialog--Embracing the Unlimited Self

  • The Sacred Apology--Healing Cherished Wounds with Compassionate Self-Responcibility

A 'TURNING' INTO MY MUSE ~ the PASSION has moved-on from bodywork...

As many of you know, I am a Songwriter, Recording Artist & Producer. What you may not know is, music has been the #1 passion of my heart since the Beatles arrived in America in 1964. I've recorded 13 albums and I am finally stepping up to the plate to hit a hOMe run!

For 4 months now, I have been working with a clever grass roots company called Modern Musician. They ride the cutting edge technology waves of virtual tours on social media. They have trained and assisted many songwriters into earning 6 figure incomes using music.

My Fan Magnet has attracted a few hundred fans so far. I need 1K fans to actually have an income that supports my simple lifestyle. Keeping up with 50 new contacts a day requires lots of automation. And of course, I need to maintain and service all the various automation systems as well as the Ad Campaigns; organize the funnel system offers, mail out free Starter-Pack Merch bundles and chat with the fans who have outsmarted the AI bot!

So, I hired a few Jedi to help me integrate the new programs and build a new website. Now I can grow a simple following of Street Team Members; offering FREE--Merch +Shipping Give-a-Ways; VIP Bundles, an Inner Circle Community--Patreon, and some High-Ticket Adventure offers to Hawaii and Saint Thomas VI, are all part of my new J.O.B.= Joy Of Being. Oh, and did I mention LIVESTREAMS once a week on Aloha Friday!

Because I AM NOT A GEEK, all of this is extremely challenging for me. I often fall asleep watching the replays of the video classes. What takes a geek 2 mins for a task, takes me 25 mins just to figure out how to do it---this is even after I've watched all the video tutorials on how to do it---twice! HELP ME!!!

Ladies and gentleman, friends and family, lovers of good conscious music that is uplifting, relaxing and from a deeper heart, I need your support to make this transition into my musical career! Are you willing to help me?

All I ask is that, if you wanna ride this wave with me, open the link to join my Street Team... It's FREE! And you will get email updates with one of the nine new songs--one song per month.

Keep in mind that I write a very diverse variety of songs in 4 genres! Chances are that you will resonate with at least one of the nine songs as your song. That's why I write in so many styles of music, to capture your attention in different ways, like the Beatles did.


I have seen 71 summers in this lifetime, and my heart is filled with a burning desire to leave my 3 sons and their children a royalty legacy from my time spent here on Earth. I feel so much goodness in this mission! I humbly invite you to join me in healing the world with loving, conscious, uplifting music. The rewards are many that will ripple through your family--fulfillment is assured!

It's very easy, and it's totally FREE! Hear all the new songs before anyone else! The Street Team Members are the ones SHARING the songs with others and allowing the music to RIPPLE through their family and friends lives. These songs have the power to heal!

This is a good start! FREE Merch +shipping. You get 2 autographed CDs, a really cool Fridge Magnet, and 5 TRUST LOVE stickers. $45 value, for free!

Start with a VIP Merch Bundle - loaded with goodies! Here's where you will save $130 on valuable merch, downloads, t-shirts, fridge magnets, an autographed KALE'AOKALANI-The Joy of Heaven CD, and a 1-on-1 Meet & Greet zoom call with Wayne!

Subscribe to my ~INNER CIRCLE for monthly rewards on ~Patron

There are 6 levels of monthly subscriptions that you may choose from. Each one has a value ladder. There's so much cool product that no one knows about here--it's all available for you to harvest and ENJOY! Be the first to check out these six tempting offers...

There is really no purpose in doing any of this without you in my life. I have come to realize that I am here to connect with YOU! Please don't be shy! I really would love to hear from you about the offers here and what you really would like from me as a songwriter.


I perform every Friday--Livestream, ALOHA FRIDAYS at 5 pm PT & 8 pm ET. Join me on LIVE FB-feed. When you join the Street Team, I will have your email and I will notify you of all the coming attractions--new songs and music videos--once-a-week.

The FIRST 'SINGLE' LAUNCH... March 22, Tuesday

My new 'single', LOVE WILL COME THROUGH, will launch next week--March 22.

If you are onboard the Street Team, you will receive it first! It's a VERY UPLIFTING SONG!!!

Here's several recent reviews from new fans:

Barbara Jennings

"What an amazing song! I smiled with tears in my eves through the whole song. You have a hit here. for sure!"

"Was a very heart warming beautiful song. I will look forward to getting more and listening to his music"

Nancy Hudak Davis

"Absolutely AWESOME! You have a GREAT tone in the song! I could listen to you sing for hours!"

"I love your song, thank you for sharing it!!!"

"Love your beautiful music and keep up the good work"

"Love the song keep up the great work I love that song"

Thank you for reading this far. I look forward to a sacred and FUN musical journey with you.

May your life be filled with abundant Health, Safety, and Peace.

Infinite Blessings,


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