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Kahuna Navigator Adventure

Kilauea Estate Mansion, Kauai, HI, 

November 11 - 21, 2019​

This 10-day training will take your breath away as you go deeper into the world of Temple-Style Lomi Lomi. Kahuna Bodywork is the most transformational healing massage on the earth today. Join the STARSHIP LOMILOMI and Heal thyself!!!


Learn a full-body routine brought to the world by Kahuna Abraham Kawai'i. Temple Style Lomi uses the forearms as the primary pressuring ‘tool,’ with some deeper elbow work. The massage strokes are performed with a flowing yet dynamic navigational rhythm which creates waves of bliss over the whole body. Using the forearms and elbows tends to save the giver’s wrists and hands over many years of issuing deeper pressure.


Temple Style Lomi can go from light flowing strokes into deep slow massage, with assisted stretching and opening of all the joints and the limbs. It takes the Receiver thru a very deep transformational process, removing what no longer belongs!

You will also learn deep joint rotations for the shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, wrists, and ankles. By slowly rotating each joint at the maximum range of motion, you effectively remove all the stored baggage from the joint. This increases flexibility and range of motion and releases trauma and stuck emotions, which can be stored in the joints.

This training also includes a strong emphasis on studying the principles of Hawaiian Spirituality and Healing and usually includes a Ho'oponopono Ceremony.

Student of Shamanic Bodywork offering Temple Style / Kahuna Bodywork or Massage
Patti Miller of Shamanic Bodywork offering a hula prayer

Skill Sets included, but not limited to:

Temple Style / Kahuna Bodywork deep tissue forearm strokes, using sacred

geometry and the Flight dance steps for navigating the body’s script

Learn a full Shamanic Bodywork routine which includes Deep Joint releases

Learn Deep Joint Rotations: Shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles

Learn Hawaiian Invocation Chants for creating sacred healing space

Learn the Flight--Ka'aleleau and Ka Uhane Nui (hula) Kalana Hula/Haipule

Learn Kahi Loa Lomi--the Magic Touch of Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork

Study Kahuna Science, Hawaiian Hula, Culture, philosophy, and language


Tuition Includes:

14 days of Shamanic & Kahuna Bodywork Training, Shamanic Journeys, and all training materials; Lodging & Meals are included / Mansion suites are on a first-come-first-serve basis / Glamping Tents accommodate everyone else.


Possible Adventure Tours:
Magical Bamboo Forest, Kayak Wailua River with Waterfall Hike;

Waimea Canyon Waterfall Hike; Sacred Cave Tour; Kalalau Trail Hike/picnic

Investment: $3,333 / Early Earlybird: $2,929 / Earlybird: $3,030

Pay-in-full by July 11 ~ Save $404 ~

Pay-in-full by August 11 ~ Save $303


Deposit required to register: $333


Does not include:

Air Flights or Transportation to and from the Airport, or to and from Beaches at Lunch break. (cars can be rented for $20 per day and shared among students)


More info:  CONTACT US

Training Location is a 5-acre Mansion Estate in Kilauea, Kauai, HI. 

Students in Kauai Temple Style Kahuna Bodywork training practicing the Ka Lele
Kauai Lomi Lomi Training Retreat, Bamboo Forest Hike, Kahuna / Temple Style Bodywork Training
Kauai Mansion is the location of Temple Style / Kahuna Bodywork Training Retreat
Glamping Tent at Kauai Temple Style / Kahuna Bodywork Trainign Retreat
Patti Miller, teacher of Lomi Lomi Temple Style / Kahuna Bodywork

About Patti


Patti Miller is a promoter of joy, bliss, and deep healing.  Her experience is extensive in Hawaiian Healing techniques, and she has practiced and taught Hawaiian Massage and Healing for over 15 years.  Patti is a Singer, Chanter and Hula Dancer. She will show you an ancient hula and teach you a Temple Style massage routine with deep joint rotations and Kalele dance steps for navigating around the receivers' body.


Patti offers Hawaiian massage sessions at Casaroma Wellness Clinic in Gibsons BC Canada.  She also assists customers with a variety of stress and pain reducing treatments.  Patti teaches workshops on Hawaiian Massage and Healing in BC Canada and in Kauai, HI.

Wayne Kealohi Powell on Kauai beach during Lomi Lomi training retreat
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