2 Power Packed Body Tune-Up Trainings

stress/toxin management & passive structural alignment

Learn to Heal Leaky Gut and Passively Reset the Bones!

November 1 - 7, 2019 
Princeville, Kauai

Learn the art of Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine how you can best accelerate the body's own healing ability. You will also learn a passive form of aligning the body's structure. The best Holistic Health tools you can have as a Holistic Health Practitioner or Bodyworker! Our health is sustained
LEARN HOW TO HEAL LEAKY GUT!!!  This has become the epidemic of our modern culture in all countries worldwide!!!
thru sacred alignment of our digestive and intestinal systems!


2 Body Tune-Up Trainings ~ Stress Toxin Management & Passive Structural Alignment~

The BTU is a 2-part healing system that utilizes Applied Kinesiology, (muscle testing) to determine what changes need to be implemented to alleviate pain and improve health. You will learn the art of muscle testing to harness the body's intuitive wisdom.

BTU~1 / Stress-Toxin Management

A unique approach to healing LEAKY GUT SYNDROME. Learn simple bodywork adjustments that stop the flow of toxins from recycling, and restore peace to the digestive system and the nervous system. You will also learn a gentle 14-21 day MEAL PLAN that allows the colon lining to regrow the healthy mucous membrane after the intestinal valves have been reset.


This work has profound effects for anyone experiencing symptoms such as inflammation, chronic pain, migraines, nausea, indigestion, acid reflux, upset stomach, hiatal hernia, heartburn, anxiety, insecurity, excess anger, high-stress levels, depression, radical mood swings, autoimmune diseases, diarrhea, constipation, and many more.


BTU~2 / Passive Structural Alignment ~

Learn a gentle, yet profound technique to bring all the vertebrae in the spine, as well as the ribs, hips, sacrum, cranial, occiput, and more into PERFECT ALIGNMENT!


Classes will draw on the sciences of Applied Kinesiology (AK)—Mindful Muscle Testing / Balancing the Meridian Systems / Practical and personal experience of Strength & Weakness Based Adjustment Techniques / Intestinal Recalibration / Postural Assessment and Passive Realignment Techniques and more.


Students Will Learn To:
--> Engage muscle testing (evidence-based mind-body techniques), for a holistic assessment of your client's overall energy and toxin elimination.
--> Utilize a sub-conscious dialogue with the body’s various organs and corresponding meridian systems to offer a rejuvenation of their energy systems with an acupressure massage of their neural lymphatic system.
—> Detect a LEAKY GUT and determine what’s required to heal this condition: mentally / emotionally / physically.
--> Apply a practical based Meal Plan for healing LEAKY GUT, which is linked to an imbalance of the elements in their body and a sensitivity to too much fire in their gut, causing inflammation, suffering, and pain.
--> Initiate a personal healing inquiry for rationalizing attachments to food addictions/habits—social and psychological, opening a transpersonal exploration of what is actually optimal for them to eat, drink, and think during their healing/rejuvenation process.
--> Navigate the diversity of various clients during the Class Practicums.
--> Become part of a worldwide community of integrative BTU Practitioners.
--> Support clients in opening up and connecting to their body's wisdom, sensations, and the expressions of their body's willingness to heal.
--> Guide client into mobilizing unprocessed, unconscious foods and psychological imprints and removing them with unique shamanic elimination techniques.
--> Guide clients through a holistic process of learning about how their poor habits are effecting their energy flow through the physiology of food-based medicine as well as mental habit patterns.
--> Identify where there is a strong emotional/physical flow in your clients and where there are obstructions that inhibit that flow. 
--> Facilitate a regrowth of the mucous membrane of their colon for optimal absorption of nutrients.

This 42 Hour Certification Course Includes:
--> Live In-class Learning with only 7 students! 
--> 10 Hours of Practicum Experience during the BTU Courses
--> Full Access to ALL BTU Online Educational Vimeo Classes
--> BTU related Readings & Assignments
--> Q&A Sessions with Faculty


Tuition Includes:

Body Tune-Up 1 & 2 Training,

Lodging and Meals 

TUITION:   $2,555  


Deposit required to register: $555



Does not include:

Air Flights or local Transportation.

(cars can be rented for $20 per day and shared among students)


Ready to sign up? Each student will be selected after a video interview with Wayne; to ensure that everyone attending belongs together in this training. ONLY 8 SPACES ARE OPEN. Apply now to request an interview with Wayne or for more information before registering with your deposit.


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