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At Shamanic Bodyworks, the journey to attaining order and harmony within oneself begins with our Kahi LOA training.

Our profoundly stellar spiritual healer Wayne Kealohi facilitates every client to forge a "Miracle" of their own.

The process starts with confiding to the Ho'oponopono Sacred Circle, where every attendee experiences the intricate process of relinquishing emotional ties.

The spirituous long-forgotten self-healing method, Kahi Loa, incorporates the mysticism from Native Hawaii, with 4 Elemental spirits and 3 Kingdoms of Nature healing and nourishing the soul. Shamanic Bodyworks aims to guide every client on causing an energy shift and maintain balance within the body, thus fortifying connection to the spiritual world.

Our qualified practitioner does the meditative healing by implementing gentle movements to appease and pacify the receiver and extracting every stagnant and negative energy within their body.

The Shamanic Bodywork's Kahi Loa enhances the therapeutic development technique by utilizing the positive aspiration captivated by the senses.

About Shamanic Bodywork

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Create accountability & balance within your life while addressing your cycles & patterns, that may be holding you back from living your highest potential, through the Miracle of Ho'oponopono.

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Enhance mobility of your body and explore your unique signature of creativity and healing.


Learn the Ancient Art of Lomi Lomi for cleansing and clearing through emotional release.

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Utilize the Hawaiian healing of Kahi Loa to engage with the elements and kingdoms of nature.

Relieve yourself from stress  while integrating harmony through the healing journey of Lomi Lomi.


Dissolve tension in your partnerships and open yourself up to expansion through “The Way of Aloha”.


Harry Uhane Jim, Kahuna

"The mature Lomilomi practitioner, no matter the franchise, always lives within the current of authority to heal. The core relationship between the soul and the practitioner is the maturing process. When that happens, the healing that follows is immortal. The place we hold for Lomilomi is far-reaching, so many practitioners have far moved past the certificates on their wall and into their own expression. In that expression is the non-franchised, authentic relationship between soul and person, carrying the healing that is known as Lomilomi. And Wayne and Patti’s efforts in this book speaks to all lineages in a single voice."

Healer, Teacher, and Author of Wise Secrets of Aloha

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