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Aloha Mana Temple Style Lomilomi Training

Anahola Taro Patch, Anahola, Kauai, HI, 
July 14 - 21, 2024​

This 8-day training will take your breath away as you go deeper into the world of Temple-Style Lomi Lomi. Kahuna Bodywork is the most transformational healing massage on the earth today. Join the
Shamanic Bodywork STARSHIP LOMI LOMI and heal yourself and your community!


Learn a full-body shamanic bodywork routine of Temple Style Lomi using the forearms as the primary pressuring ‘tool,’ with some deeper elbow work for clearing the spine. The massage strokes are performed with a flowing, dynamic rhythm which creates waves of deep healing over the whole body. Using sacred geometric patterns to navigate the unique  'script' of the body, stimulating healing on a cellular level, opening new pathways of flow.


Temple Style Lomi strokes within a slow deep tissue massage with assisted stretching will open all the joints and the limbs. It allows the Receiver to experience a very deep transformational healing process, opening channels of energy flow with so much loving care and compassion, assisting in the soul's evolution through the body-mind complex

You will learn deep release joint rotations for the shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, wrists, and ankles. By slowly rotating each joint at the maximum range of motion, you effectively remove ancestral karma being stored deep within the joints. This will increas flexibility and range of motion exponentially.

TMuch of this training was taught by Abraham Kawai'i as a Rite-of-passage for adolescents coming into early adulthood. For many, it has been a complete rebirthing into a new way of living, up-leveling the maturity of their soul's evolution. Please be aware of how powerful this can be for you and your 'Ohana! Come join us, and find out! 

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Skill Sets included, but not limited to:

  • Temple Style / Kahuna Bodywork deep tissue forearm strokes, using sacred geometry for navigating the body’s unique script

  • Learn a full Shamanic Bodywork Temple-Style Lomi routine

  • Learn Deep Joint Rotations: Shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles

  • Learn Hawaiian Invocation Chants for creating sacred healing space and blessing a Healing Session

  • Learn "The Flight"--Ka'aleleau: a trance-dance for navigating around the massage altar with the forearm strokes

  • Haipule and Kalana Hula - a prayer manifestation ceremony

  • Study Kahuna Science--Hawaiian philosophy, and language

  • Sacred Sites Tour to Rivers, Beaches and Waterfalls 
    for communing with the 'Aina of Kauai

Students in Kauai Temple Style Kahuna Bodywork training practicing the Ka Lele
Kauai Lomi Lomi Training Retreat, Bamboo Forest Hike, Kahuna / Temple Style Bodywork Training
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"To give with every part of your body, and to almost completely expend oneself, and leave oneself empty for spirit to come in and work through us, what higher joy is there."

Tuition Includes:
8 days of Shamanic & Kahuna Bodywork Training, Sacred Sites and Beach Tours, and all training materials;


Lodging & Meals... We are camping at Anahola Taro Patch in Anahola on Kauai with mattress & pillows.


Possible Adventures:
Kayak Wailua River with Waterfall Hike; Waimea Canyon Waterfall Hike/picnic; Sacred Cave Tour; Kalalau Trail Hike/picnic


​ * Investment: $2121  on June 1st

Deposit: $418 (non-refundable)​

Balance due before July 1st

 * Earlybird: $1818  
Pay-in-full before May 31 ~ Save $303...


 * Returning Students: $1400  


Tuition Does not include:
Air Flights or Transportation to and from the Airport, or to and from Beaches at Lunch & evening breaks.
(cars can be rented for $25 per day and shared among students)


More info:  CONTACT US

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Kumu Wayne Kealohi Powell D.D.

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Reverend Wayne Kealohi Powell is  the Founder and Senior Instructor of Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork—an educational vehicle for creating optimum health and true wealth in all our relationships. Wayne is in service as a Holistic Health Educator, Applied Kinesiologist, Author of Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing, and  Songwriter, and Recording Artist. His music website is: Wayne Powell Music and he's also the Founder of the Global Ho'oponopono Alliance, a vehicle for extending the power of what he calls, "forgiveness technology" worldwide.


He has studied Hawaiian esoteric shamanism since 1985. Some of Wayne's teachers were: Uncle Harry Uhane Jim, Abraham Kawai'i, Sherman Dudoit, Anakala Pilipo Solaterio, LONO, Auntie Mahealani O Henry, Glenda Green, Mahara Brenna, Serge Kahili King and Susan Pa'iniu Floyd. 


Wayne began teaching Kahuna Science--the Way of Aloha, on Molokai in 1995. where he was living at that time and playing music in the Kaluakoi Hotel Lodge restaurant on Sundays and also jamming with a few Hawaiians who would teach him some Hawaiian music and help deepen his love for  all things Hawaiian: songs, dance , bodywork and language. 


Through the four decades of exploring the Hawaiian culture and Kahuna science, Wayne was drawn to study the work of a several kahuna such as Mornah Simeona---Self ID Ho'oponopono; Hale Makua,---The Bowl of Light: Ancestral Wisdom from a Hawaiian Shaman;  David Kaonohiokala Bray---THE KAHUNA RELIGION OF HAWAII, Uncle Harry Uhane Jim---Wise Secrets of Aloha and Serge Kahili King, Kahuna Healing and Urban Shaman.

Wayne created his healing practice by using what he learned from all the masters listed above. He has a gift to assist others to reclaim their power by letting go of expired contracts and unhealthy attachments. He loves  teaching the art of forgiveness and witnessing the deeper healing that arises when people become honest and vulnerable as they begin to take full responsibility for their lives, their thoughts and their actions.

Wayne is a Minister and Chaplain ordained by the four Bishops of the Spiritis Sancti Church in Sedona Arizona, in April 2003. He also received a Doctor of Divinity Degree from Christ University on the same day. He loves people and loves sharing his knowledge, and witnessing Miracles ripple into the family members and community of his students and clients, a chain reaction of goodness flowing in all directions. Wayne was also ordained an Alakai--(equivalent to minister) for the Order of Huna International in 1997.

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