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Aloha ~ E Komomai Mai ~ WELCOME to HSB!
Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork - A Healing Arts Mystery School

   Learn and explore Traditional Hawaiian   Lomi, the Way of Aloha, Temple Bodywork,   and two forms of The Body Tune-Up
   Experience Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork,
  Discover how it can assist you & your family
  to heal and live a more healthy life. Learn
  how to Forgive with Grace and Peace

   Become Ohana! Come and join our   growing International Lomi Family~Ohana
  and live the Way of Aloha. We have many
  kinds of courses to fit your personal needs

Our Mission:


Awakening and
Personal Growth,
lifting you up toward
your Creative Potential


Sharing with you
effective tools to
attract and create
a more peaceful
and prosperous life,
anchored in your Joy!  

YOU TO INFINITE POSIBILITIES ~ Sharing the Knowledge, Grace and Power of Aloha Mana~~Miracle Love with you through Several lineages of Lomilomi, Shamanic Healing and Bodywork with Orthobionamy and Applied Kinesiology as art forms of Sacred Alignment

2 Part Summer Training ~ June/July ~ KAUAI, HI

WE WELCOME YOU to this site WITH AN OPEN HEART!! A mystery school is a university of the soul, a school for the study of the mysteries of life, the inner nature of humanity and of the universe. By understanding these mysteries, the student experiences his or her intimate relationship with their own inner divinity and with the Universe at large, as a family.

We feel things shifting in many people at this time. We see that it is time for everyone to reclaim their personal power and spiritual sovereignty. We love assisting to lift the veils that keep us from finding and becoming our true empowered self. Lots of people are turning to shamanic healing for medicine because it is ancient and effective! Trust yourself! Reach out----beyond your small self. OPEN to infinite possibilities. We will cradle you in the highest Aloha Light possible. We will change this world TOGETHER, through changing our own selves, one moment at a time!

Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork was born on Kauai where Kealohi began his journey learning
Temple Style Lomi Lomi several years after meeting and working with a powerful Kahuna named Abraham Kawai'i. Kealohi has been so blessed to have studied with four other Masters as well: Serge Kahili King, Sherman Dudoit, Harry Uhane Jim and John deRuiter. He began teaching Huna on Moloka'i in 1995 and teaching Lomi Lomi in 1997 in the US, Canada, Costa Rica, Fiji, the UK, Europe and Australia. Kealohi has just finished writing a book on Hawaiian and Shamanic Healing and Bodywork for April 2018 release with Llewelyn Publishing. Kealohi's BIO  
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~ Marianne Williamson ~

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we offer many forms of healing and bodywork that are ideal
for practitioners, the purpose of our training retreats is really to OPEN you up, CLEAR you out and FILL you up with the awareness and presence of Infinite aloha, Love without end! In this regard, many of the folks that come to our longer events are not really interested in becoming a massage therapists or a bodywork practitioner. They come to discover who they are and to reconnect with their personal/spiritual source of supply, their Light, and reinvent themselves and perhaps rebuild their lives to experience more self esteem, Joy & Peace.

Many come just to retreat from their normal every day busy routine. They come to experience a new beginning, a fresh start in life. They come to experience intimacy with their own soul and to OPEN new pathways of FLOW in their body and in their circumstances. They come to transform their body and to be touched by Thundering Grace, and to connect with their ancestors.
They come to experience the awesome power of residential Conscious Community living. The young come through feeling more mature and the old come through feeling more young! The youngest to come so far was just 17 years old and the oldest has  been 65. They come from all occupations to reconnect with their inner beauty & the bounty of life, to discover, reassemble and recharge their own unique purpose for living.

Some of them are school teachers, spa owners, single moms, Realtors, accountants, nurses, architects, secretaries, construction workers, contractors, doctors, musicians, bus drivers and finally massage therapists. We share with them a new way of being, a new way of looking at life. We teach you practices of how to attract what you want most into your life, instead of chasing after it.

We are all here on earth to heal and grow through relationships. Attending our training retreats is an excellent way to do both. Some folks even meet their new partner at one of our events. We welcome you with open hearts and support your well being in every way. We promote and build Ohana-family, loving support team players of the Master Game: the game of consciousness and awareness of Infinite Love that supports all life, and exists only to be extended as Itself.


ALOHA ~ E Komomai!  
Welcome to our web site!

Bring Hawaiian Healing and Shamanic Bodywork to your city!

We love to travel and bring our Lomi Temple for healing sessions and training.
Kealohi has taught all over the world: in the USA and Canada,, Costa Rica,
Fiji, The United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

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