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S-T-U-D-E-N-T emails and letters

October 3, 2018

Receiving my final transmission of the 10 day Temple Style Lomi Massage training from my Kumu (teacher) Kealohi Wayne Kealohi Powell. This initiation began with a full day forgiveness Ceremony because that is where healing begins. The letting go & softening, making space for new growth. The whole training we each (13 students) journeyed deep & opened to our unlimited potential as self-healers & practitioners of Aloha Mana / Love Spirit Energy.

It was incredibly challenging at times & incredibly nourishing. We went through our own healing processes as we studied & practiced the Temple massage dance & gentle joint rotations.

I am grateful to the Hawaiian ancestors for calling to me when I was pregnant with Naïma 5 years ago, for reaching through the Ether & guiding me to this lineage. Thank you Kealohi for coming to Vermont last year to begin the Lomi initiation & for returning to guide us further. I’m grateful for my Kumu’s teachers, the Kahunas & Medicine Womyn of Hawaii who passed on the traditions of Lomi Healing with love & trust, even to people from different lands.

May I continue to carry this knowledge forward in a good way. May my hands & heart remain strong & clear as I channel for myself& those in need. May we all awaken to our divinity as light beings rooted in Mother Earth.

Maria Carvalho Sandoval
Fairlee, Vermont, USA

April 30, 2009
Aloha beautiful Patti and Wayne
It is already a week and then some since I landed in Paris and it has taken me that long to actually "land" and come back here... or have I really ?
There is so much love and gratitude in my heart for you and all you you have provided for us during those last weeks in Molokai. Thank you ever so much for being who you are, I love you with all my heart and soul. And meeting you, Patti, was such a treat, an inspiration, a joy. I look forward to more connecting and giggling and hugging and sharing and dancing together.
These two weeks have been life changing for me. so much so that I was shaken and in such a weird state during my stay. I am feeling the aftermath and I know I will be feeling it for a long time and how magic it is !!!!!
I also want to express again my gratitude for being invited into the instructor's training programme. How wonderful ! I feel really honored and excited and joyful. My heart is set on making it all happen !
I fully trust that I will be able to manifest my trip in november to see you and train with you and uncle Harry and then next years Kupua Mana OF COURSE !
hmmmm so that is it for now...
 Please receive all my tenderness and love


Hello Wayne!

Thank you again for the beautiful 1-2-1 saturday 6 hours or was that infinity... and beyond!?!

So much has shifted and so much makes sense now, things that i didnt even know were an issue for me got aired and resolved in that amazing energy space. I cannot begin to explain, but I know you know.

The re-birthing mana breathing was extraordinary - i just wished i could have stayed in that space forever and let that energy buzz through my body at what felt like a million volts - it was very hard to pull myself back to our relative reality!

I am so happy we met, and the Body Tune Up has had an amazing impact on those around me .... what is it with the universe?! people keep saying things like " i have a pain right here (pointing to illoceqal valve!!)" or "is it normal to get heart burn the whole time" and "my doctor recommended i dont eat fibre at the moment to try to help deal with this Crohns Disease" and "oh i really recognise that pain (when pressing on Houston) that's obviously something I get alot" and so onnnnn... bless you for all the knowledge you have shared with us.

i have given several body tune ups and lomi lomi treatments to friends, have sorted my treatment room into a beautiful space and have designed a lovely leaflet to let the local community know what I have to offer them.... so, i'm pretty much ready to rock and invite paying bodies into my home to really start spreading that Aloha!

My energy has shifted so much, thanks to you and the work we did - I am really feeling a connection and chanelling which is getting stronger all the time - I know I said it before, but THANK YOU for coming to England ... I am so happy that we met and you enabled me to shift those blocks.

Mahalo dear Wayne-bow!

I treasure the seed pod you brought with you from Hawaii to me. It is very symbolic for me.

with much love from
Jacqui x
England, UK

Aloha Wayne & Patti!

Greetings and love from Nanaimo.............I just watched the Lomi-One DVD for the hundredth time and I have to say Wayne, that I continue to see new moves, layers and insights..........You SIR are poetry in motion.......its incredible to watch the "flow" of where you go.......I am so moved and inspired..........Patti......you must enjoy the benefits of his remarkable universal rhythms........he feels, moves and breathes it for real....even if sometimes its a struggle to get in the groove, there is no mistaking his deepest intuition and highest soulful delivery of pure aloha love.........I am moved, I am honored, I am humbled and inspired.....and yes, oh so grateful.............

I have just completed my last practicum session and am lining up paying clients!!!!! wahooooooooooo....unbelievable where I have journeyed in the last couple of months.....so many layers peeled away.....now I stand in my clearest vision of self......EVER!! and......I am manifesting a lifestyle of assisting in raising the planetary vibrations one body at a time.........what a blessing and joy.......mahalo for opening and encouraging me........

love, sister Deborah
Nanaimo, Vancouver Island B.C.

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Aloha, Wayne!

I've just been looking through your web site again this morning, reading the bits and pieces there, and appreciating once again with real humility how fortunate I am to have crossed paths with you! You can never know how grateful I am to have received the transmission of Lomilomi from you and by your example, because of the undeniably huge impact that this has had on my life. Just yesterday I did two Lomi sessions and three the day before that--twenty-six in the past two weeks, and now well past 500 in the three years since the Hummingbird Lodge Lomi training. In part I have the Haven Institute also to thank for being a base of operations where I could practice and deepen with the Lomi and get precious experience by having my hands on so many diverse bodies/spirits in such a relatively short timeframe. I have not had to struggle, as I did in another, earlier phase of life, to find many willing clients, nor to see the swift expansion of my own reputation or influence as a representative of this lineage to many who otherwise have not contacted it. Everyday that I work with this, every time I enter the temple space with someone, I bless you and this lineage!

I hope and trust that all goes well with you and those who connect with you in your work and life....

Peace, honor, and respect!
Gary Dillon

International Lomi Lomi Practitioner
Gabriola Island, B.C. Canada

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Hi Wayne & Patti :)

Thank you both for an amazing Lomi Adventure of love, light and learning. The time spent with the two of you and our collected OHANA was of much value and transformation for me. I believe I will be integrating the experience for awhile yet. I am very grateful for all I received spiritually, professionally and personally while staying in your home, being nurtured by your sacred space and sacred Hearts. I am so looking forward to applying the depth and breath of learning I received from both of you Lomi and Shamanic bodywork angels.

I am confident our Paths will cross again soon. I am hoping I can attend in June or speak with you about finding my way back to Bellingham to learn from you in another small group format or even taking the instructors training in order to have the opportunity to learn one on one or two people or another 4-6 group context. I welcome any opportunity we can create to be mentored by the two of you in 2006... and I will keep the door open for that possibility to manifest.

Thank you both for the wonderful CD music suggestions...for the healing and powerful music you played during our sessions... for your wisdom and love you generously gave and for bringing the light of your multifaceted gifts to my learning and heart.

Many Blessings and With Much Gratitude!
Love Lorrie
Aloha Mana Practitioner
Indiana, USA

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Dear Wayne, Patti, and Dhyana,

Although this note is a bit late in writing the desire to write it has been in the forefront of my mind/heart ever since we ended the Lomi Lomi training session in early September. I loved our time together. It was definitely a compression of time. What a wonderful dolphin family – full of love, joy, and flow!
Divine job everyone! I’m looking forward to seeing you all again in January for Lomi Two!

David Bradley
Drafting Engineer & Father
Bellingham, WA. USA

"Dear Wayne,
I want to acknowledge you for being the teacher I was looking for to bring me to the next phase of my life and my healing journey. I am in such deep appreciation and gratitude to you for teaching me Lomilomi! I'm having the most amazing sessions with people! My clients are just going into the wide-open space of pure Love and Spirit, and the energy is so beautiful and deeply healing! This work is so magical and transforming in ways that I could have never imagined possible! This is the kind of intimate healing everyone needs! Thank you so much for being! I love you."

-Oceanna Kiddie
Lomi Lomi Instructor
Santa Barbara, California, USA

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"Taking Wayne's training took my bodywork to a whole new level. It gave me insight into deepening the massage experience for my clients, adding new dimensions and confidence to my work. It has allowed me to provide a more intimate and healing journey for my clients and also myself. It feels great to be doing bodywork that is so powerful, soothing, sacred and unique unto itself. The Lomilomi Training themselves were magic and truly transformational! Thanks Wayne, I'm so glad I went for it!"

-Theda Miller,
Ocean Diva Massage,
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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"Hi Wayne,
I would like everyone to know that what I received from your training was more about me than learning new strokes for my clients. I saw and experienced where I stopped giving to myself, and what I really needed to become the healer I want to be. The delicate nurturing that I received from you Wayne throughout the Lomilomi training opened me up BIG TIME, and now my clients are able to receive so much more of me, and from me. It's so wonderful to feel and be so much love flowing now! Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo!"

-Lisa Mikel,
Nanaimo, B.C. Canada

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C-L-I-E-N-T emails and letters

Date: Sunday, December 14, 2008, 4:30 PM

I must tell you that your treatment yesterday has saved my life.   I was so caught up in fear over the rent that I was almost immobilized with terror.   You assisted me so perfectly to open up to the real issues of guilt, regret, etc, that was truly eating me up inside.   In a single session I have opened the door to love and cast out fear.   You gently but firmly guided me to address entrenched family issues.   My mother had such a sweet innocence to her and showed her love thru wonderful cooking and tasty baking.   She was always wanting to give everyone a basket of her homemade goodies every Christmas. 

There is such a glorious new era dawning; a golden age.   A great part of it will be having harmony between technology and nature.   having the Hawaiian islands using wind & solar energy and systems like the ORS, Online Registration System allowing you to put your energies into healing.

I am going to be reading ACIM instead of watching cable TV.   As Timothy Leary said, "Control your screen".   We need to transition from complaining about the way things are and embracing what they can be thru hope and love.

Peace & prosperity!
Bellingham Washington

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Hi Wayne,

It's been a couple months now since we met and were able to share a day of love and healing.

As I was driving home after our session I realized that most of my life I've never been hesitant about giving love and healing, but almost terrified with the prospect of receiving it. The gentle tenderness, care and joy that you showed as a healer opened me up to the possibility and willingness to receive on a level that I had never imagined.

Standing in the ability to receive love, light and compassion from the universe and other beings has very much changed and amplified what I am able to bring forth as my own gifts in this lifetime. I wanted to write and say thank you from the very light of my being. In that any love and healing I am able to gift to others will be possible for the time we spent together.

It's my hope that our paths cross again and that we have time to share stories of wonderful adventures of our journeys.

Until then Aloha and much love to you my friend.
Seattle Washington

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"Many are the techniques for revitalizing and relaxing the body temple, but there is only one that delivers the results of Wayne's Lomi Lomi techniques. Wayne's unique combination of Lomi Lomi and ancient breath work promotes the integration of healthy new choices while releasing old ones. In short it is a transforming gift to yourself!"

-Rev Dr. Michael Beckwith

Founder and Senior Minister
Agape - International Center for Truth
Los Angeles, California, USA

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"As a practitioner in the holistic health field I am very particular about who does bodywork on me. I found Wayne Powell's Lomi-lomi sessions to be utterly exquisite. Wayne has a way to blend in the power of shamanic magic with very practical and effective massage techniques that leave you fully connect to your soul and completely satiated in the physical body. I am very grateful for the integration that his work brought into my life, where my heart, mind and spirit reunited in one blissful union. Wayne's work is unique and a must for all who desire to deepen their connection both to spirit and to their physical body."

-Saida Desilets

Maui, Hawaii

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"Wayne Powell's work and presence embodies the heart and soul of the ancient Huna teachings. To enter his temple, is to leave the world, as we know it behind. Wayne's work and teaching is masterful, thorough, accomplished and inspired!"

-Reverend Mahara Brenna

International Rebirther
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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"Wayne is truly a master of Lomilomi! He moved a painful lump out of my thigh that was hurting me for many years! Now, three years later I'm still pain free!"

-Jonathon Beals
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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"Wayne, you are a midwife of the Soul."

-Dr. David Schweitzer
London, UK

"The session I had with you was the most transforming bodywork I have ever experienced. Your gentleness allowed me to release and cleanse on both conscious and subconscious levels, and through the entire session I felt sacred, safe and totally loved."

Monika Koernig
The Healing Room
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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"There is bodywork, and there is Bodywork, what I received from Wayne Powell was the latter. His session was one of those magical moments in my life where I experienced the touch of the Divine clearing my whole Being of everything that was not of ‘Its’ divine Self. When the session was complete, I sat up and felt my body had been transformed into light, I felt so expanded on every level, like the particles of my cells had been opened for the first time. It was also like a ‘coming home’ experience, coming back to myself in the fullness of who I truly Am. I felt like I was the Goddess and too this day, that experience has become an accepted part of myself, so hence I cannot speak highly enough of Wayne’s total dedication and integrity he brings to his unique style of bodywork. All my friends had similar mind blowing experiences as well, we Love you Waynebow, come play with us some more soon….."

In Love And Light,
-Cate Taylor.
Byron Bay, Australia

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Aloha my new dear friend......Our sunday session was a life altering experience for me as I struggle to find words to do justice in expressing my deepest gratitude and awe of the power of love in action!!!

I held myself quietly and softly within my energetic cocoon of bliss on the ferry ride home and have managed to remain in "that place" with very little effort......I have been cracked open like a delicate egg and feel the breath of divine light within and without my being in my "kNOWing of spirit". My ongoing healing from the opening has in reality been greater opening.......ahhh, my friend, what a gift you have given........thank you, thank you, thank you....blessings abound!

Your music is very resonant with the multi faceted being you are........love the softness of spirit on the wind and thrill to the pounding rhythms of TRUST, like the jazzy number too......you have so many gifts......I take a lesson in manifesting joys...........mmm, mmm.

The healing diet is quite delicious and easy to maintain....I look forward to our workshop and have been setting daily loving intentions for our magic number of nine to unfold......words fall short to describe how I feel...suffice to say: from the deepest center of ALL that IS.....Peace, Love, and Bless You all....

Aloha, Deborah
Nanaiamo, BC. Canada

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"It was the best massage I ever had in my life! I would love to take a training with you!

-Jeffrey Armstrong
International teacher, Astrologer and scholar of the Vedas
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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"Wayne, thanks for accompanying me on a (Lomi Lomi) journey that was both familiar and necessary. Thanks also for the integrity of your presence which enabled total abandonment and exciting discovery."

-Sheila Keat Stroud
Glos, England, UK

"It is truly the experience of a lifetime--regenerating, life-giving work."

-Albie Shamess
Victoria, B.C. Canada

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Hi Wayne,
Thank you very very much for an incredible experience. Words can't describe how I felt during, afterwards, & feel now. Two inches taller, years younger, & so much more alive ..calmer, happier & more at peace & actually having fun. Definitely am feeling a major shift ... moment by moment.
That knot in my back moved from one side of the spine to the other, then under my shoulder blade & then gone. Enjoying your music.
Thanks again Wayne,

You probably don't need the validation, but I believe in letting people know when they've touched me. I was the first receiver of "public" body tune-ups on Sunday 7/18.  You demonstrated on me for the class.
 To understand the compliment:  I am trained in Reiki and shamanic work.  I received the training as I'd seen others - some who were good and others who were not good at it, seemed to make up things, or who had lost their humility.  All were happy to take my money.  I decided to learn for myself which helps me discrimanate better when choosing an authentic practitioner. 
 I am also very sensitve to energy.  I generally would not choose a male practitioner without getting to know him and understanding the work first.  I would generally never recieve work in front of a group.  But, being the first there - the offer was made.
The space you and your students held was so loving that there was no hesitation.  Your energy work was so pure and filled with integrity, it was no problem.  Thank you for the experience.  Also, good for you for attracting such good students.  Often, I have found in these trainings one or two people who are in it for "creepy" reasons.  I had no sense of that in the room.
Welcome to Washington and thank you for bringing your work here.

hey brother,

the full body strokes from toes->shoulders->hands->neck & head were amazing-i think that no other
massage will ever be the as good now, i have to get margaret to learn it, and she'll never run out of clients...
you must be doing well in your practice if everyone feels what i did yesterday

I really liked the visualizations....still vivid in my mind today was when you said to imagine
being next to a stream in some old growth, with the gold strands coming out and makinjg a
coocoon around me - i was instantly transported to a place just like this on the side of mt. baker
that i should be visiting soon. :)

the adjustment has me still feeling excellent today(Friday), i feel like my shoulders are broader somehow, like
i've grown outward...

Steven Bochinski    

Nee York & Bellingham

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B-O-D-Y  T-U-N-E  U-P responses

Dear Kealohi,
I hope this finds you well.

I am doing wonderfully well. Have followed that diet fairly stringently & feel healthy, have lost weight & have had no meds (including my chemo) for almost 2 weeks. I have no intention of ever going back on them. I know absolutely in my heart that it is “right”. 

I feel like I am living in a state of grace, things come along as they do, whether I perceive them wanted or not, they are usually exactly what I need. My perpetual anxiety has abated & instead of living a fear based life, I live a love based one. This is not to say this is ALL a result of my healing session with you but, since then, every one of these things have just gotten better & better.

My son seems to have very quickly found a raised conscious state himself (he was in a bit of a crisis mode & just let go & surrendered to it.) Our conversations now are rich beyond my wildest dreams.
The healing work I have done around my Dad continues to improve my relationship with him & indeed, most of the people in my life.

I feel happier, kinder, more thoughtful than I have ever been. I really look forward to another session with you. I would love to come to Kauai so will no doubt do so when the time is right.
In the meantime I have booked another session with Tami.

Much appreciation for all the healing you bring to our world. I feel incredibly grateful for this chance I had to experience it.
Love & blessings 
Vancouver Island, Aug 22, 2018

Aloha Kealohi,
warm love and blessings to you.  I wanted to let you know that after the iliocecal valve reset and following the meal plan, I have been experiencing low blood sugars..  I have been able to cut my insulin dosage in half and am working on knowing that I am healed.  I wanted to thank you so much for showing me that there is always another way.  This retreat was transformative, to say the least and I am forever blessed to have met you. I am following this path and am ready to heal myself and others in the way of Aloha.  

Miss seeing you! 
Sending love,

Caity Kay 
Fairlee, Vermont
September 21, 2018


I must tell you that your treatment yesterday has saved my life.   I was so caught up in fear over the rent that I was almost immobilized with terror.   You assisted me so perfectly to open up to the real issues of guilt, regret, etc, that was truly eating me up inside.   In a single session I have opened the door to love and cast out fear.   You gently but firmly guided me to address entrenched family issues.   My mother had such a sweet innocence to her and showed her love thru wonderful cooking and tasty baking.   She was always wanting to give everyone a basket of her homemade goodies every Christmas. 

There is such a glorious new era dawning; a golden age.   A great part of it will be having harmony between technology and nature.   having the Hawaiian islands using wind & solar energy and systems like the ORS allowing you to put your energies into healing.

I am going to be reading ACIM instead of watching cable TV.   As Timothy Leary said, "Control your screen".   We need to transition from complaining about the way things are and embracing what they can be thru hope and love.

Peace & prosperity!
Bellingham Washington
Date: Sunday, December 14, 2008, 4:30 PM

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"After my tuneup and lomi lomi session on saturday, i felt like a new man!
It was like Wayne took apart my body and replace the sore aching ones w/new
ones!  and once again, i experienced massive surges of energy thru my body
aloha & mahalo wayne!!!"

Steven Bochinski
Consultant  / Entrepreneur
Bellingham, WA

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Dear Wayne,
"I was experiencing extreme asthma attacks which had been going on for many weeks and after one session of the Body Tune-up with Wayne I was able to breathe freely and sleep deeply. I am completely released from the asthma and my large intestine which was the actual problem of the asthma and allergic reaction is working normally now.
All of this I experienced after a 45 minute session with Wayne. I am relieved after a lifetime of distress."

- Diane Claire Lafreniere
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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"After experiencing Wayne's Body Tune-up, muscles that had been painfully "turned off" and not functioning in my lower back since I was physically hit by a car in 1998 have responded and "turned on". I am comfortable walking and sitting again and I am quickly regaining my strength in my lower body. Since I have always been a dance teacher, and had given it up because of the disability, I am ecstatic! I can dance again!"

-Lynnette Allen
Bellingham, Washington, USA

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