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Temple Style Lomilomi.... Massage Journey to the Stars!

A RITE-OF-PASSAGE...............

There are many ways to heal. And there are many systems to use for healing. This particular path of healing is a very effective one. It is The Way of Aloha: Spiritual Intimacy with your Heart, Mind and Body. Many people have healed themselves of major illnesses and physical dysfunctions that have troubled them for many years, in a very short period of time, one or two sessions. Some of the benefits lomilomi can assist you with are:

* An OPEN, flexible, responsive body that   feels young and full of Life
* Accelerated personal empowerment
* A deepening awareness of your Aumakua   
  God Self--that connects you with great joy,   peace and our infinite sourse of abundance.

“A mystery school is a university of the soul, a school for the study of the mysteries of the inner nature of humanity and of the universe. By understanding these mysteries, the student perceives his intimate relationship with his or her inner divinity and with the Universe at large.”

We awaken in you a philosophy for successful living called The Way of Aloha, the way of the ancients, the kahuna (master) or kupua (shaman). It is a wonderful way of being in the world, that honors the truth of our infinite connection to all beings, everything and everyone through Spirit. You can reform or rebuild your life in a very short time with the Power of Blessing and the spirit of Aloha, Infinite Love as your guide. Finding the best teacher and/or school for you is the first step once you have made the decision to be more open, heal and grow.

Shamanic Bodywork
is an integrated healing arts school and was created to ensure that the original teachings of Temple Style Lomilomi would continue to empower people and assist them to heal cherished wounds. I have a great respect and love for the Mana, or power of Spirit that moves through the Lomi Giver and often transforms the Receiver. I have been humbled so many times as I witness people open to and become the miracle they were praying for. The depth of this sacred form of Lomilomi alignment is all encompassing and has no limits. You can benefit greatly from just one to three sessions. A nine to fourteen day training retreat in Hawaii will change your life forever!

And there are many different styles of Lomilomi. There are at least several that I am aware of and all of them can promote better health. Many Hawaiian families have developed their own style over the years for their own lineage to carry and be handed down through the generations. Some of the seemingly more modern styles of Lomilomi that have surfaced over the past few decades are referred to as Hawaiian Temple Bodywork or "temple style." These styles of Lomi Lomi grew from the life and teachings of a native Hawaiian kahuna named Abraham Kawai'i.

If you are drawn to this work, there is something within you that is looking for this particular depth of spiritual intimacy or flavor of personal transformation, perhaps because on some level it is familiar to you or it may have qualities that resonate with your journey at this time. There are many benefits to a lifestyle of being a Lomilomi practitioner. Healing through Spirit is the greatest Gift that I have known. As you assist others to heal, you are healed. Of course the Kahuna used the belief that there was nothing to heal, and all they would do is focus entirely on the Truth of one's being and align with the Ha-Breath of Life and all would be moved towards enlightenment. However you approach it, this is a wonderful way to awaken, heal and serve the human spirit!

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About the work..

Lomi Lomi, Kahi Loa, Mana Breathing, Orthobionomy, Applied Kinesiology, Still Point, The Body Tune-Up, and Truth Dialogue are only the systems that allow us to access and regenerate your wholeness from the inside out.

In the Kahuna tradition, the wholeness of the being was acknowledged and worshiped. There is no word for, nor even a concept of illness in the Hawaiian language.

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We love to travel and bring our Lomilomi Temple for healing sessions and training.
Wayne has taught all over the USA and Canada,, Costa Rica, Fiji,
The United Kingdom and Australia.

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