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 The Body Tune-Up

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Bringing Peace Into Reality ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Creating peace in your colon can bring Peace into your whole Life and your relationships!
You can feel better than you've felt in a long, long time, especially when the tune up is followed with a Divine Lomilomi massage. A negative mind stream can be replaced by loving thoughts, trusting life, feeling loved and safe again! It can truly be a miracle waiting to happen!"


The Body Tune-Up is empowering health medicine and the best regular maintenance
for all who wish to be on top of their game!

It is designed to educate you and give you the tools to effectively maintain a healthy charged energy flow through all the organs of your body. When the fourteen major meridians in your body are balanced and flowing freely, you will have mental CLARITY and real physical strength. The Body Tune Up also brings your structure into FULL alignment using passive adjustments, by breathing into place the bones with Applied Kinesiology and Orthobionamy. This can bring an astonishing mental clarity and peace to your body, mind & spirit!

Learn How to Do the Body Tune-Up

Passive Structural Alignment Article


Body Tune Up ~1

A very important area addressed by the Body Tune-Up is the proper regulation and release
of toxins within the intestinal track.
Many of us don’t even realize when we have an "OPEN Ileocecal Valve", because we have programmed ourselves to be happy under all conditions. However I have found that many diseases and symptoms that “won't go away” are due to this condition, and much of the toxic waste is recycling back into the body.

When we take on more stress than we can possibly handle, most of us will have trouble with balancing the mental and emotional stress that we create for ourselves. Then your toxins begin recycling within your body instead of being released. Your immune system will feel overburdened and various dis-ease symptoms will appear and be brought to your awareness. The overload of toxins can appear in your life in many forms, such as constant low energy (in spite of caffeine), excessive anger, chronic depression, nagging shoulder pain, sudden lower back pain, recurring headaches, allergic reactions, nausea from standing up fast, skin disorders and infections including acne, rashes, fever blisters, herpes and cold sores and any other symptoms that won’t go away even when taking prescribed medication from a doctor.

Enormous anger, violent outbursts uncontrollable crying (for no apparent reason) and thoughts of suicide can be for many the outcome of a toxic overload that is recycling in the body. The excess toxins can, over a period of time, poison the blood and cause an endless list of recurring symptoms. When there is no peace in your colon, there can be no true peace in your life.

Imagine a house as old as you, and turning on all the lights, heaters and appliances at the same time. The wires would heat up, and the stress would blow the fuses or Breakers in the house. This very same thing happens in your body from an overload of mental and emotional toxin or stress. What happens in our lives is that we take on too much and we blow our intestinal valves, just like the fuse breakers in the house.

The natural flow of life’s cycle is the process of: stress, tension, relax, release. Naturally this process keeps repeating itself to keep us in a balanced state through life’s ups and downs. When we minimize the “relax, release” part of this process, then we overload the various intestinal valves or “fuses” that regulate our toxins properly. Our immune system begins to become sluggish, and symptoms begin to appear in your body as indicators that something needs attention.

Did you ever notice how great your car runs after a good tune-up, or an oil change and lubrication? I love when my car hums from good, regular maintenance. We don’t generally think of ourselves as needing regular maintenance like a car. Our bodies put up with a lot of work, stress, or even abuse. We don’t think of our body as a machine that requires health management until it breaks down. Even when we begin to get sick, we often don’t give ourselves the proper care or rest that’s required. We just keep on pushing ourselves until we can’t function any more. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to have our bodies tuned up regularly, and avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of a weakened immune system and prolonged illness?

Body Tune Up ~2

In the Body Tune-Up 2, we also address the alignment of your neck and spine, universal joints, occipital, ribs, sacrum and hips. Passive adjustments using applied kinesiology, Orthobionomy and breath can be so powerful for bringing you more clarity and focus in your daily life. When these gentle adjustments are completed before the massage, the positive effects of the bodywork will be greater and last much longer. The massage will assist with the release of excessive toxins instead of recycling them back into the body. When the client’s spine is in alignment and their meridians are flowing in harmony and balanced, they can receive a lot more love and healing energy, and experience a much deeper healing through the bodywork.

A quick and simple body tune-up session leaves you feeling younger, more energized and able to take on life’s challenges with more confidence, ease and Grace. Through Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) we can assist you with proper diet and nutrition to suite your body’s needs. So,
as people come for regular body tune-ups, symptoms show rapid improvement with conditions that doctors have no cure for, or offer no alternative other than surgery.

I have tuned up hundreds of people all over the world in the past three decades. I have seen many people reclaim their love for work, their marriage or relationship and restore their health in just one Tune Up session when followed by a deeply loving Lomilomi massage. States of acute depression and thoughts of suicide have flipped into regaining love for life and a renewed purpose for living. Couples notice a major improvement in their relationships from the peace and harmony the body tune-up brings into their lives.

The Body Tune-Up workshop has now 3 levels, each a three day intensive where you can experience this work, as well as learn how to perform the adjustments on others. The practicum is included in the workshop. Toward the end of each day of the workshop we open the doors to the entire community to come and receive a body tune-up from the students absolutely free. I offer this because I see the value in people feeling good, and learning about how their bodies work. Don’t you think it’s about time for you to find out how good you can feel from a simple body tune up and Lomilomi massage?

Come join our BTU Team!
Anyone can learn The Body Tune Up!
There’s no prerequisite for this training.
The whole world needs this knowledge.
We invite you to learn how to heal
the world one BTU at a time!

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Learn How to Do the Body Tune-Up


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