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Wayne Kealohi Powell
Holistic Health Educator

Midwife Of The Soul ~ Rebirthing life
an architect of belief systems
Alakai ~ Order of Huna International
Minister/Chaplain of Spiritis Sancti
Kumu Lomilomi ~ Traditional and
Temple Style Lomi La'au Lapa'au

Transformational Healing Initiations -
Spiritual and Relationship Counselling
The Truth Dialog~Self ID Ho'oponopono

The Body Tune Up ~
BTU~1: Stress and Toxin Management
BTU~2: Passive Structural Alignment

(+1) 808.431.4549

W.."When your body is fully tuned up, you have a body that hums with radiant performance.
It's like a car engine, having all of the pistons firing with an even flow of compression."

Wayne calls this aspect of his work
~ The Body Tune Up.

W.. "It is very effective to have a Body Tune-up to recover one's peak potential before doing
a Lomilomi or playing any sports, or doing anything important where you need all of your
energy and keen faculties!"

In the mid eighties Kealohi met
Kahu Serge Kahili King
and a
native Hawaiian kahuna named
Kahu Abraham Kawai'i
had a few experiences that
changed his life for ever!

W..."I will never forget meeting Serge
at the Hanalei Bay Resort on Kauai
during a full moon on November in
1984. Everything he said about the Principles of HUNA, lit me up like
a Christmas tree, only to want more!"


         Serge King ~ Patti Miller ~ Kealohi 


W.. "Abraham spoke in such a way as to remove ALL illusion from my mind, transporting
me into a naked reality of here, now, pure Cosmic Mind. By the end of his talk I was having
a full-blown conscious experience of enlightenment. This illumination lasted about five days.
I remember driving home that night and feeling totally at one with the cars and the guard
rails on the Los Angeles freeway, with my heart bursting with warmth and the Joy of being
alive in a body.

Kahu Abraham Kawai'i

W.. "while watching Abraham perform two
different "temple styles" of Lomilomi I had a
full body knowing that I had done it before,
this ancient
massage dance. It was somehow
extremely familiar to me."





Serge King ~ Morrnah Simiona ~ Abraham Kawai'i

By the mid 90s Kealohi was on the road to Vancouver BC, to teach Huna and open his Lomilomi
practice. He wrote a very powerful article called The Power of Blessing for a prominent
Vancouver magazine called the "Shared Vision" and his career as a Huna teacher and Lomilomi
practitioner was launched. The article was very well received all over BC Canada and his first
Huna talk after the article came out was to "standing room only." The Power of Blessing has
now been published all over the world.

W..."Miracles were happening in my mobile Lomilomi "temple" which I cultivated in Hawaii
and recreated in Vancouver. As I learned to combine the Touch For Health work (which is
rooted in Chinese Medicine) with the Hawaiian Lomilomi, "word of mouth" spread fast and
my sessions grew in length, depth and effectiveness along with my clientèle."


Anakala PilipoAnakala Pilipo Solatorio
for many years has
shared with
us much of Molokai's ancient heritage,
culture and Aloha, through mele (song),
oli (chant), olelo (story) as well as the
protocols of old Hawaii.

This esteemed Kumu of Molokai
represents over 50 generations of a
'blue-blood' Hawaiian heritage that have
lived to perpetuate and preserve
the traditions of an ancient way of life
~ Hawaii nei ~ We have learned many cultural traditions from Anakala and his 'ohana.
He enjoys sharing his cultural wisdom with
us and our halau from around the world.

We have learned the arts of Basket weaving,
and making kukui candles and shared all the aspects of Taro farming and making poi. We have assisted in the creation of new loi for his 'ohana to grow more Kalo. We have set fishing nets together, cleaned and cooked the fish and eaten the poi we made, sharing with his 'ohana all the aloha Hawaii nei has to offer. We are so grateful to Anakala and his 'ohana for being so loving and generous to us, teaching us the true meaning of "ALOHA!". We look forward to many more years of sharing Aloha with Anakala's Punahele, Jason and his son Gregory along with all his descendants who are present when we visit and share the aloha aina and aloha 'ohana.


Rev Mahara Brenna

Then, while attending a workshop in Vancouver Kealohi
met Mahara Brenna who brought the deep breath
work (rebirthing) aspect to his work. Together they
discovered that combined with the Lomi Lomi massage
they had a supercharged vehicle for transformation.
The Body Tune-up, Rebirthing, and the Lomilomi work
were now in place. And the last piece to be added is
what the Hawaiians call Ho'oponopono and Kealohi
calls the 'Truth Dialog'. This piece of Kealohi's work
was developed from his studies with a master of
Truth named John deRuiter in Canada and then
later was developed further utilizing Ho'oponopono
with Uncle Harry Jim.

       John deRuiter ~ Realized Master of Truth

W..."John showed me how "core-splitting honesty" could cut through all illusion and bring us home to what we know is absolutely true. I love being and sitting with John."

After completing extensive studies in the Spiritis Seminary and Christ University,
on April 27, 2003 Kealohi was ordained into the Order of "Minister and Chaplain" with the
Spiritis Sancti Church in Sedona, Arizona. He was also presented at that ordination with
the degree of Doctor of Divinity, and now performs weddings.

W..."It's funny that I have always recognized what Jeshua was saying, as pure Huna.
I guess in a since, he was the first well known kahuna--"keeper of the sacred
knowledge"--of love and of how things really work here on Earth. Jeshua was a magical
star being in a body, part heaven, part earth, and all heart."

In 2005, Sherman Dudoit was the first to co-teach an advanced Lomilomi Training with Kealohi on Maui. They teamed up with Rev Mahara Brenna, and the three of them were an excellent combination of gifts. People came from all over the world to share the Aloha Blessings for two whole weeks.

W..."I loved working with Sherman. He taught us a more Traditional style of Lomilomi. One that used only the hands, the heart and the breath. We actually filmed Sherman's 3 days of teaching and made an excellent 2 DVD set for the public called
"Heartworks Lomilomi"

Kealohi and Sherman Dudoit          



Kealohi and the Shamanic Bodywork faculty is very honored to have worked for several years with Traditional Lomilomi Master~ Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim.


                                           Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim and Kealohi                      

W..."with so much gratitude and humility, I acknowledge and appreciate all the gifted
teachers that have shown up in my life at the perfect time to reveal the next piece of a
self discovery healing mission given to me to resolve the many challenges of previous
lifetimes of chaos and pilikia."



LONO ~ Molokai's Treasure!
For several years now Lono has
shared with
us much of Hawaii's rich musical heritage,
culture and Aloha aina, through mele (song),
oli (chant), na olelo (stories) as well as many of the protocols carried forward from old Hawaii.

His halau opens their hearts to us, as they
teach us hula from Lono's musical heritage.

LONO is the punahele of kahuna Alex Pua'a,
the last remaining Molokai kahuna to carry olelo, through the ancient legends and stories that were handed down orally through uncountable generations.

We are so grateful to this Hawaiian man
for having such a generous heart and soul.
He is a humble Hawaiian with a mission
to keep Hawaiian music thriving, which
embodies the sessence of Hawaii nei.

Blessings to you and your 'Ohana LONO!
We love all your music and cherish our time
with you! May you live long and prosper!


Bishop Glenda Green with Kealohi

2011 Summer ~ Wayne reconnected with Glenda Green form the Spiritis Sancti Church.
Glenda is one of the four Bishops that ordained him into the Order of Spiritis Sancti,
as a Minister and Chaplin for the Original Church. Wayne enjoyed singing
his songs at the recent Christ Blessing Seminar in Sedona, Arizona.
All attending learned the protocol for giving aChrist Blessing.

W..."everything I know and have gathered from all my instructors is ready to be passed on
to others in the ancient way. I am now traveling the world and sharing what I bring from the Hawaiian Islands ~ in service to the community and to aumakua. All that I know, the techniques & philosophy, as well as the medicine I carry is available to be shared in
Personal Training.
Now is the time for change!!!"

Discover your potential through receiving Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork Training.

Check the Events Calendar for details.

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ON ANOTHER NOTE ~ Trust Love Music

Kealohi is also a Songwriter, Recording Artist and Producer. He's recorded seven albums of his music and is currently working on assembling a band to perform his new album in the studio at Mount Shasta, California. Patti Miller is also a Singer, Songwriter and Performer of spiritual reggae music.

Here is a lyric from a song on Kealohi's CD entitled TRUST...

Just to Be
"I'm coming Home to what I know is true, right through my heart so innocently.
Let's follow the Dove and we'll be free as we open wide to Reality.
Just to be. Oh Just to be."

"I'm coming Home to where no mind can see, just feeling all my feelings.
Through the pain of how things look and feel, I let it all go to live in what's real.
Just to be. Oh Just to be. Just to be. Oh Just to be."

"When my life falls apart, emotions can tear at me.
When I'm lost in the dark, I'm on my way to being free."

"When your life falls apart, emotions can tear at you.
When you're lost in the dark, you're on my way to live in what's new."

"We're going Home just cause we know it's true, right through the heart of intimacy.
Hear the Voice so deep in you, from a quiet heart there's nothing to do!
Just to be. Oh Just to be. Just to be. Oh Just to be."

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