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Abraham Aua'ia Maka'i'ole Kawai'i, often called
"Kahu," was a great man who touched many hearts
and souls through his work and with his wisdom. He was a playful spirit who knew his mission. That mission was to be himself and help others discover their own divine nature. He used Lomilomi as a vehicle for FULL transformation.

A while ago I learned of the sudden passing of this Hawaiian mentor who has influenced my work a great deal. In his memory, I would like to share a small portion of an interview with you that I got published in The Los Angeles Whole Life Times in 1988, entitled: - Masters of Hawaiian 'Magic'. Serge King was also in this issue. I hope you enjoy it.


I have great respect for the Huna tradition, and your position as one of the very few Kahuna's practicing and teaching on the mainland. Therefore, I hope that you will feel free to share with us your information about Huna.

AK: The Huna tradition is three to five thousand years old. What I am doing now is bringing forth the principles of that ancient wisdom and formulating it in such a way that it is applicable for the people in this time period.

The basic principle of the art that I am practicing is an encompassing one, the spiritual understanding that everything is related to everything. The Huna training is geared to that. By looking at everything in that way, everything gets refined every moment of your life.

The Kahuna training develops deep simplicity through observation and application of oneself, of nature and natural rhythms...

WLT: Would you say that Kahuna practice involves the attunement of the individual with the energies around the individual?

AK: Yes, I would say that. The attunement is to everything in existence. The basic concept that more or less permeated the cultures of the Pacific was the concept of family. And the concept of family evolved out of the spiritual understanding that everything is related to everything. Therefore that particular principle of the philosophy was moved into the culture of the clan ship and the tribes in order to affect a harmonious balance.

That same principle of attunement and family is also related to the physical body. The concerns of that particular domain being the cellular structure and even further into the molecular and atomic. It might be difficult for the modern world to understand that ancient people were concerned with molecular and atomic realms. When the missionaries came they destroyed the contact with all sub-gods.

However, the sub-gods were basically names of what you know now to be molecules and atoms. Therefore, the Kahuna's were able to change structure by attuning themselves to these sub-gods, having a communication with these sub-gods to be able to do a bone healing instantaneously or to be able to change or move matter. All of these basic principles are interrelated throughout the South and North Pacific...

The concept of the Kahuna in looking at anything is that there is a being within a being. Worlds within worlds, spheres within spheres, lives within lives, universes within universes. In the type of training I went through, you had to pull this out of yourself! Then your answers come out of you and confidence in yourself grows. Once that happens, any type of information coming out of you is actually truth. Then you understand yourself to be walking, breathing Truth.

WLT: What would you like to see happen in the world as a result of your work?

AK: I'm looking forward to seeing beings of the world acting as them selves and understanding who they are, able to understand where all things have come from and how all things can be affected by either movement, thought, word, motion - action. You learn that in the Kahuna training by how you react in situations.

In these different intensives that I give in Hawaii, little ladies can take some football player and put him down or lift him up with great simplicity and great ease just by understanding their own flowing rhythms. To be a Kahuna is to be in the flow, to be in the rhythm, to be totally in love continuously--every moment of your life. There is an enjoyment of understanding in action and the enjoyment of putting it forth and applying it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Excerpts from an edition of The Whole Life Times, June 1988, entitled:
Serge King and Abraham Kawai'i -- Masters of Hawaiian 'Magic'

(c)WLT 1988 ~ Used as public domain literature

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