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~ Spring Training ~
Temple Style Lomi & Cloud Nine YOGA!

on the Beautiful North Shore of the Garden Island

April 7 ~ 21,
Kilauea, KAUA'I

We humbly invite you on a sacred Healing Journey,
A Rite-of-Passage Initiation into 'Temple Style' Lomi Massage

It is said that Lomilomi comes from the Aina (land), and the Kai (ocean) of Hawaii,
and that "Lomilomi is an effective, miraculous process of emotional evolution... "

Kahu Abraham Kawai’i
was a kahuna trained in the arts of hula (dance)
and lua (martial arts). He was also knowledgeable in the areas of navigation,
geomancy and tribal healing. He is the Kahuna who brought a revolutionary
style of healing into the world, which came to be known as Temple Style Lomi
or Kahuna Bodywork. Abraham created this style of profound healing by combining
all that he had learned, carrying it forward and create something entirely new.

With his transformational approach of teaching Lomilomi, Kahu took what tradition
taught him and developed it much further, taking us through deeper levels of initiatory
discovery of our own personal mana (power), assisting us to open up and transform
our inner realm to become a spiritual warrior, and a more effective Agent of change.

In Kahu's way, students are taught in much the same way dancers are taught, one step
at a time. We teach you the dance created by Kahu for students to raise their vibration
and open themselves up to receive the kahuna transmission of Aloha's Infinite Light.

This dance is called Ka’alele~the flight.

Temple style massage is mostly performed with the forearms as the primary massage
pressuring ‘tool,’ with some deeper work using elbows. Using the forearms tends to save the
Lomi giver’s wrists and hands over many years of issuing deeper pressure. We will share lots of comforting and deeper lomi strokes using the hands as they follow the forearms.

Kumu Pwr Stk
~ Temple Style Basics Curriculum ~

This training is designed as a Beginner Level
Temple Style Training for students who desire
an understanding of the fundamentals of Kahu Abraham's lineage. This course will prepare you
for the deeper application of the Temple Style
Lomi--kahuna Bodywork Intensive we offer.

This 4 day training Students will learn a basic
Temple Style Lomi routine that includes free
flowing, loving and therapeutic strokes, using primarily forearms to navigate the body with geometric pasterns as well as the trance-dance
of Ka’alele, and a Hawaiian Chant for
connecting with 'Aumakua and the spirit world.

Kumu Wayne Kealohi Powell

This basic training will prepare you for the intense Deep Joint rotations presented in our
Aloha Mana Lomi intensive. Learning the Flight-~Ka'aleleau--trance-dance, begins in this introductory course, which aligns the practitioner to deliver the kahuna transmission--a
healing trance-formation!


anahola Kalele

Ka'alele on the beach, where the Anahola River meets the Sea...


Hanalei BayHanalei Bay view from the mountain trail lookout

ALOHA MANA Temple Style Lomi Training

April 7 ~ 21,
Kilauea, KAUA'I

~ Investment ~
14 Day Training - Tent Lodging (double occupancy) ~ $2
450 USD
14 Day Training -
Bedrm Lodging (double occupancy) ~ $2950 USD
Non-refundable Deposit  ~ $
450 USD
Balance due before March 7

Kauai Locals (no lodging) FULL Tuition ~ $
2,100 USD

~ Tuition Includes ~
14 days of Lomi Training with Yoga, Lodging & Meals!
at a very large Estate Mansion with a giant pool,
a CERTIFICATE from Shamanic Bodywork for ALOHA MANA
training in the shamanic art of Temple Style & Kahi Loa Lomilomi.

~ Does Not Include ~

~ Cozy High-end Lodging also available on-site ~
Extra Night
Options: from $77 (tent) to $125(room) per night

~ Aloha Mana Training Site ~
HALE OHANA Estate Mansion, Kilauea, Kauai

There are several Luxury Rooms in the Mansion, from $100 ~ $125 per night (above)

These are the Lovely Tent Rooms @ $77 per night
if you would like to come early or stay after.



~~~~~~~ LOMI TRAINING in KAUAI ~~~~~~~


~ October 6~31, 2017, ~
25 Day Immersion for Apprenticeship


~ May 4~17, 2018 ~
KAHUNA navigator Advanced Healer Training/Adventure
Poipu Beach, Kauai



Da Root

Become grounded in the Hawaiian 'aina (land)
Malama ka 'aina!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Although we teach many forms of healing and bodywork that are ideal for practitioners, the purpose of our training retreats is to OPEN you up, CLEAR you out and FILL you up with the Awareness and Presence of Infinite Aloha, the Love that you are! To rebuild your body into a leaner, softer, more flexible, well running machine. In this regard, about 60% of the folks that come to our longer events are not interested in becoming massage practitioners.

Many come just to retreat from their normal every day routine. They come to experience
a new beginning, a fresh start in life. They come to experience intimacy with their
soul and to OPEN new pathways of FLOW in their body and their circumstances.
They come to transform their lives and to be filled with Peace and touched by Grace!
They come to feel the awesome power of Intentional Conscious Community, sharing
the breath of Aloha with other like hearted human Beamings!

They come from all occupations to reconnect with their inner beauty and the bounty of life,
to reassemble and recharge their own unique purpose for living and loving.

Some of them are school teachers, spa owners, single moms, Realtors, accountants, nurses, architects, secretaries, construction workers, contractors, doctors, musicians, bus drivers and finally many massage therapists. We share with them a new way of being, a new way of looking at life. We teach you practices of how to attract what you want most into your life."

We are all here on earth to heal and grow through relationships. Attending our training retreats is an excellent way to do both. Some folks even meet their new partner at one of our events. We welcome you with open hearts and support your well being in every way. We promote and build Ohana-family, loving support team players of the Master Game: the game of consciousness and awareness of Infinite Love that supports all of life, and exists only to extend Itself!.


Bring Lomilomi and Shamanic Healing & Bodywork to your town

We love to travel and bring our Lomilomi Temple for healing sessions and training. Wayne has taught all over the USA and Canada,, Costa Rica, Fiji, The United Kingdom and Australia.

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E Komomai!

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