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HAUMANA apprentice

Discover a Path of Hawaiian Healing
~ The Way Of Aloha thru Lifestyle & Bodywork ~

October 6 ~ 31, 2018

We feel Grateful and Honored to present a 25 Day Residantial
Immersion Program with Adventures on the Island of Kauai

25 Day Intensive on Kauai includes:
~ Personal Empowerment: Initiation/Arrival Session ~
~ Heartworks Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi ~
~ Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork / Kahi Loa ~
~ Aloha Mana Temple Style Lomi Training ~

~ Kahuna Science Training in Nature ~

"E Komomai ~ Welcome to this personal invitation and
the blessings unfolding for you in this sacred moment!"

The Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork LOMI MASTERS PROGRAM
is designed to bring you the knowledge and the skills you
need to develop becoming proficient in Hawaiian style
bodywork including a traditional Lomilomi massage

with three gifted Instructors....

Kumu Kealohi

Kumu Shaeah Love

Shaeah has been practicing yoga, meditation and healing arts
since 1999, facilitating workshops since 2003 and teaching yoga
since 2009. She is an excellent Lomi Kumu and will be sharing her
Gifts instructing you in various lineages. She'il also be feeding you Aloha plenty thru divine meals, meditation Lomi and movement.

Jenn Leilani Field is completing her Kumu Certification
in this LMP training. She has studied and practiced Lomi
since we met her 13 years ago on the Sunshine Coast in BC.
She has her own retreat center there and will be offering Lomi
training as well as many other Gifts that has become proficiant at
over the years of her healing practice.
She'il also be feeding you
Aloha plenty thru divine meals, meditation Lomilomi and movement.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Your journey with us begins when you register, right after your
Skype interview. After this interview we will begin our studies thru reading
3 books, written by masters of Hawaiian culture. Your entire class will
meet over Zoom and share a book-review lesson once a month.

Then, when you arrive on Kauai, we will empty your
'Bowl-of-Light' together, clearing the way for filling it with more Light!
Each Haumana will experience a 4 hour Personal Healing Session.
This will open the way for you to receive the blessings that await you!

We will explore the discipline of Hawaiian Healing through learning
sacred chants, hula, and traditional wisdom of the peoples of Hawaii.

AND, there will be plenty of BEACH TIME for communing with Kauai...

You will immerse yourself into an in-depth study of Aloha Spirit
and practice the giving and receiving of three forms of Lomi
massage and Shamanic Bodywork along with Ho'oponopono.

You will become familiar with Kahuna Science (Huna) and have a
tangible experience of applying kahuna principles to your day-to-day
life, with one-on-one spiritual counseling and life coaching daily.

You will develop your healing skills, in sacred places, working with
the spirits of the 'aina, as we utilize shamanic journeying
for personal and long distance healing.

Here are the primary modalities that we will cover
over the month that you will share with us:

~ Skill Sets ~

KAHI LOA ~ Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork

HEARTWORKS Traditional, 'Old Style' Lomilomi

ALOHA MANA Temple Style Lomi ~ Kahuna Bodywork

Haumana are experiencing a sacred breath alignment...

~ This program will initiate 7 apprentices ~
Students will be selected through skype interview, to ensure that
they are ready and able to fully dedicate themselves to this mastery.
If you feel the call and are ready to commit to an immersion program,
then we invite you to arrange an interview appointment with Kealohi.

Early morning training ~ Hanalei Beach on the Northshore, KAUAI
Merging with the waves while squeezing sand, strengthening
their hands for giving Lomi and learning to become the
waves of aloha on the shore of the Receiver's body




This program is for physically fit and active individuals with a
desire for adventure. We will surprise you with unique
shamanic adventures and practices off the beaten path...
in Sacred Heiau (ancient temples)






We will hike amazing trails, and swim everyday!

Letters from Graduates of 2015 LMP ...

Dear LMP Kumus......
I'm honored to express my feelings about our LMT, You exceeded in all aspects of
what you offered in your promotions know that isn't very flowery , not filled with
Hawaiian language or Shamanic catch phrases that might reflect esoteric understanding
But really ...your two professional experienced leaders, you've acquired and mastered
techniques from your many teachers , you've added your own creative brilliance
And more
The unexpected , unintended Bonus ... the parts that weren't in the promotions
You navigated. You brought your very human strengths and weaknesses to our training,
you lead by example we shifted together we explored together we made compromises
together and most importantly you created a safe loving space which allowed us
to navigate; what was it you often said " the good the bad and the ugly"
Bring it on ! Thank you! Mahalo nui!
Love, Kenneth Micheal.


Bethany's in her JOY, learning to blow a Hawaiian Bamboo Horn......

Aloha Everyone,

The LMP training on Kauai was a very
magical multi dimensional healing experience.
Words can not do justice to the transformation
that occurred during our time together.

Not only do I feel confident and excited to be
a 'light carrier' of this profound bodywork,
but the personal evolution that took place
during this training has created a crystal clear
channel for Aloha grace to flow through me.

I have a deep knowing of who I am, my divine
purpose and a greater connection with my
ancestors and guides.

I am so grateful to have found this offering of
such a sacred, in-depth of study with Love and
Integrity. I am forever changed. Thank you.


Alex is in her JOY performing Temple Style Lomi...


 Ginny King contemplating Infinity on the Na Pali Coast of Kauai

 Uncle Ken ~ Lomi Po'o ~ Bone-washing the head


    Ginny King working her leg magic ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Erica Franzen in a deep neck massage


Uncle Pilipo sharing La'au Lapa'au with our LMP classes


Uncle Pilipo shows us how to make and play our own Hawaiian Nose Flute


~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~


HAUMANA apprentice

Discover the Path of Hawaiian Healing
~ The Way Of Aloha thru Lifestyle & Bodywork ~

October 6 ~ 31, 2018

7 Apprentices will be accepted

TUITION ~ $5,850 USD

Once you are accepted into the Lomi Masters Program,
A deposit of $850 is required to secure your space in the class,
Then we can create a Payment Plan that suits your life style nicely.
All tuition balance must be paid before August 1st....


25 Days of accomodations with Home cooked meals;
Traditional Heartworks 'Old Style' Lomi
& Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork Training;
which includes Kahi Loa and Temple Style Lomi;
A handsome Certificate from Shamanic Bodywork;
Various Sacred Site Adventure Tours
on both the north and south shores of Kauai;
The BEST Luau experience on the Island;
You'll create a custom bamboo Hawaiian Nose Flute
to take home and call-in Hawaii's aloha spirit...

'On-Island' Transportation, including Airport Shuttle
to and from Lihue Airport is included.


To Apply for Interview

+1 808 431 4549

25 Day LMP - Kauai - OCTOBER, 2018






~ May 2015 LMP ~
Haumana Graduates

Kenneth Michael,
Bethany Boulger
& Alix De Wald
with Instructors
Patti & Kealohi



~ May 2016 LMP Haumana Graduates ~
Tim Goldstein, Bethany Boulger, Robbin Thrailkill,
Malgorzata Polczynska, & Melanie Requet
with Instructors Patti & Kealohi


~ October 2016 LMP Haumana Graduates ~
Ricardo Balkhoven, Ginny King, Cristina Garcia & Erica Franzen
with Instructors Lori Bru & Kealohi




~ October 2017 LMP Haumana Graduates ~
Andrea Winzer, Barbara Spagnuolo, Antonio Barros, Jess India,
Rebecka Bernner with Anne-Kristine, Cynthia Flores & Kealohi as Instructors


~~~~~~~ LOMI TRAINING KAUAI ~~~~~~~



~ 3 part Summer Series ~ June/July/Aug, 2018 ~
Aunty Angeline's Lomi Spa, Kauai


~ November 6~14, 2018 ~
KAHUNA navigator ~ Advanced Healer Training
Poipu Beach, Kauai


~ December 1~12, 2018 ~
KAHUNA navigator ~ Advanced Healer Training
Poipu Beach, Kauai



808 431 4549

~ contact us ~

Bring Lomi Lomi Healing and Shamanic Bodywork to your city!

We love to travel and bring our Lomi Temple for healing sessions and training.
Kealohi has taught all over the world: in the USA and Canada,, Costa Rica,
Fiji, The United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

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E Komomai!

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