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Kupua Mana Fall Adventure
October 21 ~ 31, MOLOKAI 2013

class in taro on Molokai

~ Lomi Pule O'o ~
[Lomi of Powerful Prayers]

Patti Kale'aokalani with Kealohi Wayne


~ Hawaiian Cultural Immersion ~

Kumu Anakala Pilipo Solatorio

Anakala Pilipo
will share with us much of Molokai's heritage, culture
and Aloha through mele (song), oli (chant), olelo (story) as well as the
protocol of old Hawaii. This esteemed teacher of Molokai represents
over 50 generations of Kumu (instructors) that lived to perpetuate
and preserve the traditions of an ancient Hawaii nei.

Kupua Bodywork & Cultural Immersion ~


It has often been said that “Lomilomi is a Praying work" The
Hawaiian people believe that it is really the prayers that do the
healing, much more than the technique or any of the strokes.

Here we dive into the mystery of prayer, and discover how the power
of prayer can be used to treat a variety of ailments. In this training we
share traditional ways of praying and chanting in the Hawaiian language,
call to the ancestors and a Higher power for assistance and strength.

Students will learn the foundational principles of Hawaiian
spirituality, which will build their confidence in being able
to design and create their own effective prayers.

By combining the beautiful, flowing massage with the powerful
prayers, much healing can be achieved in a very short time,
which can
and will ripple out into all aspects of life.

as a great foundational training for all of our other courses!


Protocol and Cultural Education
with Kumu Anakala Pilipo ~ and Kupuna Lono

Hawaiian culture and spirituality is taught best by
living it day to day, hands on, on the land.

Participants will also have an experience of entering Halawa with the
traditional Hawaiian protocol of the ancient family. Pilipo will be involving
the class with ancient practices of the Hawaiian people as he leads us through
his sacred ancestral lands. Participants will be educated on the significance
of the taro, and have an experience of taro farming and the production of poi.

Some of the other topics being shared by Pilipo & Lono will be
weaving, story~Mo'olelo, ancient chants, mele and sacred Hula.



LONO will be presenting many stories from his ancient land, as well as
stories of what it was like to be raised on Molokai's East side as a young boy.
He will also be teaching us a simple Hula from Molokai. His music is unsurpassed
in authenticity and performance of 'Old' Hawaiian Style. His songs embody the
spirit of Moloka'i and its many legends and rich culral tapestries that his
ancestors have given him and whom he represents. It is a great honor to
feel this Hawaiian's magical ability to teleport you back into 'old' Hawaii.

LONO is one of a kind, the original music man of Moloka'i.

Mahalo LONO for joining our halau and sharing your Kupuna wisdom!!!


The Retreat will be held at
Sacred Waters on Moloka'i

"The term “Molokai Mo Bettah” is really from modern times.
Let me suggest “Molokai Pule O`o” instead,
which translates to 'Molokai of Powerful Prayers”

Open Dinning ~ The BEST Home cooked meals on the island!!!


'Molokai of Powerful Prayers'

is known for its many heiau (temples) where traditional
ceremonies are still practiced to this day. The location of our training,
Pu'u O Hoku Ranch area was often used for the training of many Kahunas
for centuries, which fits perfect to align with our purpose of coming
to Moloka'i to study ancient Hawaiian healing and spirituality.

Honomouni is sacred 'aina ~ a private beach to play on every day!

Hono Muni from the Ocean

~ Kupua Mana Molokai Adventures ~

Sunning, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling ~~

~~ Hike to Mo'oula Waterfalls ~~
Halawa's Valley Rainforest trail through
ancient Heiau-temple ruins for swim and picnic

Kalaupapa trail ~ ~~
26 switchbacks - 3.2 miles
down and 3.2 miles up
1744 feet of sea cliffs to the
Kalaupapa Beach settlement
for the historical
Father Damien Bus Tour
of the leper colony,
and lunch, by the
tallest sea cliffs
on Earth!

Kalaupapa 2

"Molokai is Hawaii's best kept Secret..."

~ A Shaman’s Pace ~

"Moloka’i is an island like no other on Earth,
beautiful beyond measure.

There is so little automobile traffic,
there's not a single traffic light!

The population is less than 7500 people,
who are mostly Hawaiian.

There are no malls, no elevators,

no neon and no hurry.

No building is taller than a palm tree.

Aloha is not just a word, it's a way of life.

Life here is slow and relaxed, rural and peaceful.

It is like, stepping back in time.......

Halawa Valley's ancient heiau ruins and rainforest trails to...

and Picnic at Mo'oula Falls

"The Spirit of Old Hawaii is very strong on Molokai!"

~ Sixth Anual ~

Kupua Mana Fall Training/Adventure
October 21~31, 2013 on Molokai

~ Investment ~

11 Day Training/Immersion ~ 2750 USD

Deposit ~ 750 USD

~ Training Includes ~

Adventures to: Papohaku and Dixie Beaches,
Hike (or ride a mule on) the Ancient Trail to Kalaupapa,
The Father Damien Bus Tour of Kalaupapa Settlement,
Halawa Valley Rain Forest hike and swim in Mo'oula Waterfall,
10 Nights Lodging at Sacred Waters Yoga Retreat, Wonderful Meals,
(link): Kupua Mana Training, training materials and a
CERTIFICATE for 100 hours of Lomilomi & Shaman Training
and Hawaiian Cultural Immersion

~ Transportation is not included ~



KUPUA MANA MOLOKAI October 21-31, 2013


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Kupua Mana Faculty ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Wayne Kealohi Powell

Founder, Director and Senior
Instructor of Shamanic Bodywork



Patti Lynn Miller

Na Wahine a Makali'i

Kumu Lomilomi
Instructor and Practitioner


~ A Royal Invitation ~
to immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture and experience
Training at Sacred Waters LomiCamp on Molokai's East-end,
A Tropical Rainforest Retreat with a secluded, private beach!

Dear Global Ohana,
We feel honored and privileged to invite you to Molokai for a wonderful
opportunity that is opening up for us all. People, events and places have
coincided to make available a remarkable chance to explore and expand
our consciousness together. As we grow in Spirit--Akua, we open our hearts
and our minds to infinite possibilities.

We will draw from the spirituality of Old Hawaii, and the principles of Huna,
on the land where the kahuna college was first born!
We are the Miracle Workers of our time!

Sacred Circle ~
A gathering of ancient souls and the unique alchemy of people from all over
the world is being drawn together for a shamanic Lomilomi Retreat like no other. The setting of this gathering is the heart center of Hawaii’i --- the island of Moloka’i. Sacred circles will be shared in the Hawaiian Tradition in prayer and celebration!

We feel deep gratitude for this rare opportunity to reunite with many of you
and also joining again with Anakala Pilipo and his Molokai 'ohana as well as the
HSB Staff and International Lomilomi 'ohana!

One theme for this Kupua Mana Training is Shaman Miracle.
According to Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim, a Kupua (shaman)
is "an architect of belief systems."

A rich, ten day experience, taking us deeper than any of us have
previously been, on the islands of Molokai and Lanai to follow (if you choose).

Sacred Waters, Molokai, Hawaii

Octobber 21- 31, 2013

$2,750 USD

Retreat Includes ~

A Certificate of Attendance for Advanced Shamanic Training for 100 hours.
Ten nghts Lodging at Sacred Waters Yoga Retreat and wonderful meals.
Guided Nature tours to develop and practice shaman skills......... 1) Hike (or Mule ride) down the Kalaupapa Trail for a bus tour of Kalaupapa
 2) The Largest Phallic Rock in the Enchanted Forest
 3) Hike Through sacred Halawa Valley to swim in Mo’oula Falls

Retreat Does not include ~
Airfare or transportation
to, or from, Sacred Waters Yoga retreat.

Important Note:

We can come up with an installment plan and support for those who are deeply
committed to this level of attainment and think it might be out of their
reach right now. Details below.

A Shaman’s Pace ~

Moloka’i is an island like no other on Earth, beautiful beyond measure.
There is so little automobile traffic, there's not a single traffic light!
The population is less than 7500 people, who are mostly Hawaiian.
There are no malls, no elevators, no neon and no hurry.
No building is taller than a palm tree.
Aloha is not just a word, it's a way of life.
Life here is slow and relaxed, rural and peaceful.
It is like stepping back in time....

Maybe the Adventure of a Lifetime—No Kidding ~

After experiencing four Kupua Mana Adventures, one with Sherman Dudoit in 2005, three with Kumu Lawrence in '07, '08, '09 and '12 In Halawa Valley, we began to realize the awesome depth of the adventures that we design for all of you to enjoy. Kumu Lawrence suggested that we refer to Moloka’i as “Molokai Pule O`o” which translates
to “Molokai of Powerful Prayers.” Lawrence's Kumu~ Anakala Pilipo~will be our guide through Halawa Valley and Mo'oula Falls and will teach us about the roots of Hawaiian spirituality and the connection with the land and ancestors. He is joined by other members of his Ohana who will share some other aspects of their culture with us,
giving us a direct experience of living the ole Hawaiian Way.

Beyond Imagination: Halawa Valley and Mo'oula Falls ~

On the way to Halawa Valley we will drive slowly (hang loose!) from Sacred Waters, our base, around Molokai’s eastern shores, through intimate little bays,
valleys and hills, watching beautiful Maui only eight miles across the big blue sea. Upon arrival at Halawa Bay lagoon we will walk a jungle trail past a little painted church, through old growth forest with trees 200 feet tall. Under this forest canopy,we follow a majestic river, as we learn from Lawrence and his Kumu about taro (kalo)and the ancient ways of their people. We will see where and experience how their family lived, worked and played since 650 AD.

Halawa Valley is said to be the oldest and best preserved settlement in all of
You can still see many ancient lava-stone walls of Heiau (temples),
house sites, and kalo patches. Our guides’ families have lived here for countless
generations. They bring the ancient history alive in the many stories they enjoy
sharing about the archeological sites that we’will see along the trail to the
breath-taking Mo’oula Falls. Upon arriving at the falls we will picnic, swim and
play in a large pool filled by double tier waterfalls, each cascading 200 feet,
one on top of the other. There is also a cave in the side of the mountain wall
to explore as well. This experience with Anakala Pilipo and his Ohana in Halawa
Valley is a rare gift. This will be your chance to strengthen your bond with Molokai,and with other veteran lomilomi Ohana who are interested in Advanced shamanic Bodywork and Hawaiian Cultural studies.

Morning Openings ~

Deep Meditation, Mele (song & chant), Pule (prayer) and Shamanic Dance will
begin our journey into the Mystery each day. We will be lead into opening our
bodies by Kumu Patti Kale'aokalani to strengthen your body for optimal
performance on the trails and throughout the Lomilomi sessions.

Paradise Meals ~

We will offer simple, meals, three times a day; touched by the heart and
soul of a few cooking angels.

Silence & Integration Time

The group will share periods of silence designed for just being, resting in
the Heart of all Creation--the still and silent place of Perfect Peace.

Trust the process ~

We understand the power in committing to give this awesome Gift of FREEDOM
to your soul, your family and your relationships. Remember how “The Secret”
works? Focus on the JOY that you can FEEL through imagining BEING here on
Molokai with the Hawaiian kahuna and others like yourself. You’will be cradled
in the arms of our Ohana, in a simple, tranquil paradise! We can help you with manifesting the funds for this journey. Your only task is to open to receive.

Installment Plans ~ begin NOW!

We offer creative payment plans that suit your lifestyle. Come up with a
deposit to establish your commitment to the Universe, and we can work
out the balance. The Universe responds to a non-refundable deposit!
The way will clear, when you set this intention and follow through.

Does this circle call to you?

If it does, contact us now so we can find the perfect portal for you to enter.

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E Komomai!

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