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December 1 ~ 12, 2018 ~ KAUAI

~ Advanced Training for Shamanic Healers ~

Although we will be sharing with you how to create miracles
thru inquiry, sacred chant, ritual & shamanic technique, this course
is primarily about the psychology of healing profound. You will witness and
experience how to navigate effective, positive, permanent change within yourself and others, using kahuna frequency and shamanic skill sets,
in alignment with the Spirit of Aloha and sacred intimacy.

Lomilomi opens the body to receive Aloha Light,
more than its accustomed to.... Within this celebration,
the immortal Light that you are, can then occupy more space.

This sacred Lomi adventure on the exquisite Island of Kauai is
an advanced shamanic experience. It's designed to expand and
improve your skill-sets, presenting you with powerful tools
to improve your effectiveness as a shamanic healer,
miracle worker, Agent of Change for the Light.

Your body 'knows' exactly what it needs for it to
open to wholeness that it has not known before.
The function of Lomi & Shamanic Healing is to ~

"remove what doesn't belong' Kahu


Kumu Kealohi

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'Kahuna' ~ A Wave Form Influence

In Hawaii, the term kahuna was traditionally used to describe a master
of any craft, such as a canoe builder, a priest, a navigator or a healer.
Yet I was taught by Uncle Harry Jim that the meaning of kahuna is
better understood when treated as a verb rather than a noun,
because the 'presence' of kahuna, as a verb, can be felt.

I have also observed when working with people and their energetic
matrix-es that healing actually takes place through a 'wave-form' influence that carries a specific healing frequency. If one is recognized as a kahuna in their community, it is because they are adept at calling in the perfect wave-form to bring about harmony within the body-mind-spirit soul cluster. Thus the verb 'kahuna' means to create waves of aloha nui (great love) that align everything in it's path with the breath-rhythm of abundant life.

Learn how to navigate from 'story' into miracles

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


BTU-1 & 2 - the Body Tune Up

The Truth Dialog & The Sacred Apology

The Casting of Stars

The Golden Cocoon Activation

Balancing the Neurological Circuits

Creating Hawaiian Chants

The Deepest Temple Style Strokes:
Spinal Irrigation & Deep Tissue Flushing
and a Deep Joint Rotations Review

Kahuna Navigators' Eye Exercise

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Learn the deepest strokes for spinal irrigation....

Kumu Pwr StkK stroke

Applications are now being
accepted f
or a Skype Interview...

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The Flight of the Iwa bird...
We dance to harmonize our own soul cluster before performing Kahuna Bodywork
on another. This trance dance also aligns the soul cluster of the one on the alter,
awaiting their transformation.....
"To remove what doesn't belong!

Uncle Pilipo sharing La'au Lapa'au with our class near the
bamboo jungle where we harvest bamboo, at the source-stream
that cascades down from Mt Waialeale, the wettest place on Earth!


And you'll be making your own Hawaiian, Bamboo Nose Flute!


Kauai's majestic beauty is exquisite to experience and
commune with. It reflects the pure source of beauty within you....



Enjoy this amazing VIMEO of Kauai



Training Location



KAHUNA navigator

December 1 thru 12, 2018 ~ KAUAI

~ Tuition ~
Eleven Day Imersion $2600

You can HOLD your space with a $650 non-refundable deposit
Tuition Balance due b
efore November 1st, 2018

~ Tuition Includes ~
11 Day Immersion Experience, all training materials,
11 nights in Poipu Plantation Cottages with a pool and a
3 min walk to Poipu Beach; wonderful Home Cooked Meals,
A handsome Certificate from Shamanic Bodywork...

Lodging & Meals are included in your tuition.

Transportation is NOT included.

*** Registration must be approved by Kealohi
before payments can be accepted

KAHUNA Navigator ADV TRAINING ~ Dec 2018 ~ KAUAI



The equivalent of an Akua Mana Lomi Training or Ka Huna Bodywork level-3.
If you have had at least 4 days of Lomi Training, and your heart is
jumping at this rare offering, then get in touch with Kealohi...

Before attending this course, you will need to study the


~ Eight Haumana will be accepted ~
Students will be chosen from the applicants for this healing adventure!
You may request an Invitation by contacting Kumu Kealohi

 ~ Contact us for an invitation ~
+1 808 431 4549

~~~~~~~ LOMI TRAINING KAUAI ~~~~~~~


~ October 6~31, 2018 ~
North & South shores of Kauai


~ November 6~14, 2018 ~
KAHUNA navigator ~ Advanced Healer Training
Poipu Beach, Kauai


Rk Faces

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we teach many forms of healing and bodywork that are ideal for practitioners, the purpose of our training retreats is to OPEN you up, CLEAR you out and FILL you up with the Awareness and Presence of Infinite Aloha, the Love that you are! To rebuild your body into a leaner, softer, more flexible, well running machine. In this regard, about 60% of the folks that come to our longer events are not interested in becoming massage practitioners.

Many come just to retreat from their normal every day routine. They come to experience a new beginning, a fresh start in life.
They come to experience intimacy with their soul and to OPEN new pathways of FLOW in their body and their circumstances. They come to transform their lives and to be filled with Peace and touched by Grace! They come to feel the awesome power of Intentional Conscious Community, sharing the breath of Aloha with other like hearted human Beamings!

They come from all occupations to reconnect with their inner beauty and the bounty of life, to reassemble and recharge their own unique purpose for living and loving.

Some of them are school teachers, spa owners, single moms, Realtors, accountants, nurses, architects, secretaries, construction workers, contractors, doctors, musicians,
bus drivers and finally many massage therapists.
We share with them a new way of being, a new way of looking at life.
We teach you practices of how to attract what you want most into your life."

We are all here on earth to heal and grow through relationships. Attending our training retreats is an excellent way to do both. Some folks even meet their new partner at one of our events. We welcome you with open hearts and support your well being in every way. We promote and build Ohana-family, loving support team players of the Master Game: the game of consciousness and awareness of Infinite Love that supports all of life, and exists only to extend Itself!


Bring Lomilomi and Shamanic Healing & Bodywork to your town

We love to travel and bring our Lomilomi Temple for healing sessions and training.
Wayne has taught all over the USA and Canada,, Costa Rica, Fiji,
The United Kingdom and Australia.

 ~contact us here~

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E Komomai!

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