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Lomi Givers ~ Kumus ~ Instructors in Training

Currently several students are working through our four levels of training
and moving into the deeper mysteries of
kahuna healing in the Hawaiian Islands

The Lomilomi Givers listed below are of the highest integrity in regards to healing with
the Spirit of Aloha. Although this type of Lomilomi can be a very intimate
form of holistic massage and healing, it is completely non-sexual

Find Lomilomi Practitioners in your area!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ UK Lomi Practitioners ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The practitioners listed here are all very skilled at deeply blessing you and
opening your body. They have all been through rigorous training with us
for at least 100 hours. Some have taken several trainings with us and
some have studied with other esteemed Lomilomi instructors as well.

~ Training Options ~


James Elwood

Aloha Mana Lomi Practitioner
Shamanic Bodywork Healer

Kendal, Cumbria, England
01539 733782


James is a bodyworker and energy medicine practitioner for over ten years, who loves to combine both art forms, which lead him to studying "Temple Style" Lomilomi in Hawaii with Kumu Linda Wailele Lopez and Kealohi on Kauai.

James is a very focused shaman who can assist you to become present and heal. His depth of spirit is a blessing for all who come in contact with him and share the Presence of Aloha.

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Gail Bryden
Heartworks Lomi Practitioner
Body Tune-Up Practitioner

5 Rosebank Cottages,
Edinburgh, Scotland

0131 229 8997
0788 401 7296 mobile



Experience your own piece of Hawaii with long flowing stokes that feel like ocean waves. LomiLomi is the Rolls Royce of massage for relaxation and stress relief. Gail works with the pure intention of bringing the body back into balance and to instill a deep sense of well-being allowing the client to blossom in body, mind and spirit. Gail offers a range of therapeutic treatments which include LomiLomi, Body Tune-Up, Holistic massage and Life Coaching.

"LomiLomi is everything that I've ever wanted from a massage, but didn't ever get.
It helped me to achieved much deeper state of relaxation and I felt really balanced afterwards. Truly amazing"
Susie Lilly

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Gianluca Giagulli
Kupua Mana Lomi Practitioner

London, UK
07960 878365

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Tania Zimmermann
 Rainbow Therapies
 Aloha Mana Lomi Practitioner

 London, UK

+44 (0)7770 877 134

Marbella, Spain Mobile

+34 610 991 009


  Tania´s intention is to bring a piece of Hawaii and it´s beautiful Aloha Spirit to Europe!

Facilitating wave upon wave of cleansing loving, nurturing touch she assists her clients to go to the core of their being and reunite the body and the mind with the spirit. The energizing effects of these exquisite movements are combined with clear healing intent and are an invocation for positive change on all levels.

Tania is a natural healer dedicated to empowering her clients to create a fulfilled life and supporting them to achieve their goals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
Using her experience and intuition combined with respect, love, acceptance and care she provides unique individual sessions in a sacred space leaving the receiver feeling nurtured, loved, fully empowered and truly inspired.

Tania is especially receptive to and in awe of the Huna Wisdom of Hawaii which she believes offers clear and powerful, yet easy to live by, principles for self responsibility and empowerment.
Coming from a varied background of experiences Tania is passionate to continue developing her own knowledge and experience of complementary approaches to health, and to the emotional and spiritual well-being of her clients and herself. To date her qualifications include: Various massage techniques (Holistic, Lomi Lomi, Indian Head), Sound Healing, Energy Healing Systems (Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Magenta R.O.E.S. Reiki), Hopi Ear Candling, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Timeline Therapy and Retirement Coaching.

"It is truly a blessing to be in her loving care! She has the touch of an angel" Kealohi Malu

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Jacqui Howe

Temple Style Lomi and
Kahi Loa Massage Practitioner
Body Tune Up Practitioner
Lau Lima Healing

Ashdown Forest
East Sussex, U.K.
mobile:  07946 869454


Relax, release, heal, connect and become complete – be the being you know you can be ~
at one with pure, unconditional LOVE. This is the beauty of a divine Lomilomi treatment and
I feel honoured to be a giver of this ancient healing spiritual bodywork of Aloha.

I practice Huna and the treatments I offer you are Hawaiian Temple Style Lomilomi Massage, Lau Lima Hawaiian Healing, Body Tune Up & Kahi Loa Hawaiian Elemental Massage.  I look forward to welcoming you into the sanctuary of my treatment room. 

“It was a great session with you! When you began with massaging my head, you took me right to bliss from the very start. The whole session was like being with the dolphins. You have a gift Jacqui and I can hardly wait for my next LomiLomi with you!”
Kealohi, Founder of Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork, Kauai, Hawaii

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