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Lomi Givers ~ Kumus ~ Instructors in Training

Currently several students are working through our four levels of training
and moving into the deeper mysteries of
kahuna healing in the Hawaiian Islands

The Lomilomi Givers listed below are of the highest integrity in regards to healing with
the Spirit of Aloha. Although this type of Lomilomi can be a very intimate
form of holistic massage and healing, it is completely non-sexual

Find Lomilomi Practitioners in your area!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ USA Lomi Practitioners ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The practitioners listed here are all very skilled at deeply blessing you and
opening your body. They have all been through rigorous training with us
for at least 100 hours. Some have taken several trainings with us and
some have studied with other esteemed Lomilomi instructors as well.
~ Training Options ~


Erca Franzen ~ Alakai

Oct 2016 Graduate of the
Lomi Masters Program ~ ~ ~
Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork;
Heartworks Traditional Lomi
Temple Style Lomi Giver;
Instructor in Training ~
Three Year Program

Steamboat Springs,
Colorado, 80477 USA

+1 512-507-3192





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Heartworks Traditional
Lomilomi Practitioner
Aloha Mana Temple Style Practitioner

Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii


Victor has been living on Kaua'i and deeply immersed in the Hawai'ian knowledge, practices, and ways of life for over 23 years. He is trained in the Kaua'i "Temple Style" Lomi Lomi, and "Traditional Hawai'ian Lomi Lomi" (aka Heartworks), performing his session with protocol and chants. Victor also offers many forms of massage, healing, and therapeutic bodywork.

"Victor is a very good man with integrity and wisdom. His knowledge of Kauai and of healing bodywork are first rate. I recommend him all the time when I get a call for Lomilomi and I am on the road elsewhere. Blessings await you under his gentle yet firm touch!"
Kumu Kealohi, Founder Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork...


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Somer Wilkinson

Anela O Lomi Aloha

Heartworks Traditional
Lomilomi Practitioner
Integrated Bodywork Practitioner

Moloa'a Bay, Kauai, Hawaii


"Somer is passionate about the healing power of healing touch therapy. She incorporates a variety of techniques into her sessions tailoring them to the individual needs of each client. Somer utilizes a combination of modalities which include: Deep Tissue Therapy, Swedish (relaxation), Connective Tissue Therapy and Energy Work. She also offers her Presence as Aloha through traditional “Old Style” Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. Somer encourages her clients to connect with the powerful energy of Manawa~the present moment through conscious breathing and awareness of their body-mind and spirit.

Somer shares her love and compassion through a full body healing massage, aspiring to nurture and support her clients on their healing journeys. When she’s not performing bodywork, she enjoys yoga, and relishing in her fondness for the ocean and coconuts.

We invite you to come, relax and enjoy a Divinely loving Lomilomi massage listening to the ocean on the lanai at her home, overlooking beautiful Moloa'a Bay, on the North-shore of Kauai. Or, if you prefer to have a massage at your home just call Somer for an appointment for her to come to you.

"Aloha Somer!
My Lomilomi with you was one of the most loving massages I have ever experienced. Your were both gentle and firm. I could feel the presense of pure Aloha flowing through my whole body. It was truly amazing! My wife Patti also had a similar experience with you. It has been a pleasure teaching you Heartworks Lomilomi and then feeling it through your divine touch!!!

Kumu Kealohi, Founder Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork


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Linda Wailele Lopez ~ LMT
HI Lic. MAT 11111

HSB Kumu Lomilomi
Instructor and Practitioner

Body Tune Up Practitioner

Haiku, Maui, Hawaii


The art of Hawaiian Lomilomi creates a deep energy shift within the self, which is inspired by the presence of the giver, a compassionate witness. In this dynamic dance, the receiver leads me to raising the vibrations towards the harmony of love that is pure Aloha.
In my experience , the art of lomilomi is a kind of spiritual companioning. It’s a way to be fully present and support another individual and "listen" as they open themselves into truth and clarity. I simply act as a midwife to the birthing of the souls that trust themselves in my hands.
Practicing as a LMT-licenced massage therapist, Childbirth Doula, Massage Instructor and Holistic Health Educator for twenty one years, has offered me a wealth of knowledge in healing touch therapies and a profound respect for our innate wisdom. From the foundation of meditation and contemplative practices, I’ve learned to be silent and follow a Higher guidance.
I have chosen to immerse myself in Hawaiian culture here on Maui and have a private practice in Haiku. I invite you to join me in this joyous dance to expand your well being. Aloha nui loa!


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Benj Spound

Heartworks 'Traditional'
Lomilomi Practitioner
Aloha Mana Temple-Style
Lomi Practitioner
Kahuna Navigator Advance
Healer Practitioner
Body Tune Up Practitioner

Montpelier, VT 05602, USA


I was first drawn to Lomi Lomi in the Spring of 2016.I had returned from a long trip to India and wanted a tangible way to offer healing to beings. I was attracted to Lomi because of it's heart-centric approach and ability to effect change on a deep physical, psychological, and spiritual level. Ever since first experiencing the aloha waves, I have been in LOVE with this art form, and have dedicated myself to offering this healing work to my communitys, as part of my mission to transform the world from the inside out. After spending time is Kaua'i and connecting to the roots of the practice, the Love has only deepened! And I love sharing it.

Benj draws on his experience studying and practicing meditation, Buddhist philosophy, and psychology, and loves incorporating these into his bodywork practice to facilitate a transformational experience on all levels for the receiver.

He has completed several trainings with Wayne Kealohi Powell and is a practitioner of Heartworks Lomilomi, Temple-Style Lomi, the Body Tune Up Parts 1 & 2 (Stress-Toxin Management and Passive Structural Alignment), and Kahi Loa Lomi.


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Nancy Regan, LMT
Chi Baby Inc.

Aloha Mana Lomi Practitioner
Shamanic Bodywork Healer

Glen Ellyn, Illinois

630 890 3613


Aloha! I am a nationally licensed massage therapist who has been in private practice for the better part of 10 years. Specializing in somatic bodywork and energy therapies, I am passionate about working with both physical and emotional pain in the gentlest of ways. The body always tells me a story and it never lies. My work is about empathically tuning in to you, and thus supporting you in your journey of self healing.

Also being an aquatic therapist, I have found that temple style lomi lomi is the closest therapy on land in which to find that precious flow of healing energy. Energy, movement, touch...that is the foundation of my work. Finding the beauty in a storm, it is my greatest honor to support you in that journey. Mahalo..


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Keith DeStefano

Aloha Mana Lomi Practitioner
Shamanic Bodywork Healer
Body Tune Up Practitioner

Chacago, Illinois, USA

708 420 8923

Warm Healing Hands LLC

Aloha, I am a Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapist and have studied various forms of Therapeutic Massage, including Shiatsu, Table Thai, Tui Na and Trigger Point Therapy as soon as I read about Lomi Lomi, I felt drawn to it. After I experienced my first 3 hour Lomi Lomi session, I knew I had to learn it so I could pass it on to my clients.

Every modality I have learned gives me a tool to provide a different Therapeutic aspect to my healing sessions with my clients. Lomi Lomi fulfills everything I have searched for and more as one of the best modalities I can offer my clients. It not only heals the physical body but brings a spiritual aspect and incorporates the powerful elements of the earth.

"Keith is a Master of what he does. His touch can soothe the one who needs it most, whether it be a gentle touch or deep pressure. His heart is so present with you and willing to serve your specific needs. His ability to allow you to relax and B~R~E~A~T~H~E into what's being released, letting it go, so that Aloha Light can enter, is unsurpassed! We have invited Keith into our Instructor Training Program because we see him as having profound Instructor potential!"
Kahu Kealohi


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Oceanna O Mana Lani

O Mana Lani

HSB Kumu Lomilomi
Instructor and Practitioner

Summerland, CA. 93067
(near Santa Barbara)


~Click Here for Info and Bio~

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Walter A. Moller

Personal Counselling and
Spiritual Wellness Coach

Body Tune Up Practitioner

Seattle, Washington, USA


        Diane Lafreniere

Walter’s focus in his approach to bodywork is one of empowerment as he poses the question to patients and clients alike… “What can I do to assist you in healing yourself?”

To schedule an appointment, please call well in advance as this popular Practitioner books up quickly.

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peggy lomi

Peggy Alberts

Aloha Mana Lomi Practitioner
Shamanic Bodywork Healer

Stillwater, MN. USA
651 331-1263


"Once there is a certain degree of Presence, of still and alert attention in a human beings' perceptions, they can sense the Divine Life Essence within, the One indwelling consciousness or Akua~Spirit in every creature, every life-form, recognize it as one with their own essence, and so love it as themselves. "   This is the root of true Wisdom & Humility.

Aloha! I am a Master Esthetician and Holistic & Whole Health Practitioner. My personal and professional research and education over the last 20 years is driven by my passion and belief that one has infinite Mana=power within.

Specializing in Skin Care and Esthetics, Aroma therapy & Essential Oil Therapy, and Bodywork and Massage, my studies have included Ayurveda and other Alternative Medical Systems and Autogenics to Mind-body Interventions and Manipulative & Body-based Methods to Biologically Based Therapy and Energy Therapy.  Currently studying with Global College of Natural Science to achieve my Doctor of Science and Philosophy in Holistic Health Degree.
I believe all of the systems I have studied have a very close similarity.... Bringing balance into the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Self to achieve a healthier state throughout.  It is my goal, and with enough Aloha, together, we can overcome the challenges that we all face at this time.
I look forward to integrating this Hawaiian Medicine into my treatments with hopes to share this beautiful tradition with others. Now working towards becoming a Kumu of Lomilomi with Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork, I have been blessed to study Temple Style Lomilomi under Aunty Linda Wailele and Aunty O Mana Lani on Maui, and advanced shamanic bodywork under Kumu Kealohi on Kauai. 
I invite you to join me on this sacred journey into Harmony without judgment or fear; to declare that every cell of the body be filled with Life, be restored, be regenerated, and continue to grow towards Love & Light. Here is a chant that I designed in my advanced training with Kealohi.....
Paha Ole Ne Mea Hau'oli                  May all beings be Happy
Paha Ole Ne Mea Ku'oko'a                May all beings be Free!

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Jeff Romberger
Kupua Mana Lomi Practitioner
Body Tune Up Practitioner

79 benthaven place
Boulder, CO. USA




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Randy Knight

Kupua Mana Lomi Practitioner
Touch For Health Practitioner
Licenced Massage Therapist

Seattle, Washington



Randy Knight is trained in the advanced techniques of Lomilomi healing as well as the complete Touch for Health . Kahi Loa is also an option in which it’s gentle imagery can be interwoven into a Lomilomi session, or given as a complete segment itself. 

Hawaiian Temple-style Lomilomi:  It can be a thoroughly deep and satisfying deep tissue massage, and with the addition of the joint rotations, increased mobility and flexibility
(range-of-motion) can be soon realized. But it can also be an incredible place of emotional healing and a vortex for connection with the now, the great Pa'a, where deepened healing
can occur.  Emotional release can be a major part of what is energized by the receiver and
the giver’s partnership in such a session. It can truly be a spiritual journey together in the oneness blessing of Hawaiian Lomilomi.

With immediate career plans to become a practicing LMT-licensed massage therapist, Randy already has utilized his natural ability as a hands-on healer in many Lomi lomi massage sessions. Along with his intuitive and gentle listening touch, he brings knowledge of herbal foods and supplements to complete his offering to his receivers.

Tandem Lomi lomi sessions (four-handed) are also offered by partnering with June Creson, another recent advanced Lomi lomi graduate. Together, June and Randy offer an experience beyond massage based on peace, integrity and the creation of sacred space.

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