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Lomi Givers ~ Kumus ~ Instructors in Training

Currently several students are working through our four levels of training
and moving into the deeper mysteries of
kahuna healing in the Hawaiian Islands

The Lomilomi Givers listed below are of the highest integrity in regards to healing with
the Spirit of Aloha. Although this type of Lomilomi can be a very intimate
form of holistic massage and healing, it is completely non-sexual

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Canada Lomi Practitioners ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The practitioners listed here are all very skilled at deeply blessing you and
opening your body. They have all been through rigorous training with us
for at least 100 hours. Some have taken several trainings with us and
some have studied with other esteemed Lomilomi instructors as well.

~ Training Options ~


Ahiwai Bartkow
Kupua Mana Lomi Practitioner
and Training Assistant

RR9 625 Glenn Road,
Gibson, BC. VON 1V9 Canada



Dhyana's INNER MOVES is a center for body-mind-spirit rejuvenation on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, near Vancouver, BC. 604.886-9737

Inner Moves is an approach to life which recognizes that all the big outer manifestations of reality start from small moves within each individual, and that this inner transformation is the most profound when the entire hologram of human beingness is involved. The more pieces that are infused with the light of consciousness and put together, the larger, brighter, and clearer the individual becomes. Dhyana, MA, B.ED., NIA Black Belt, Somatic Yoga and meditation teacher, recognized this in 1982 when she became the first person to create and teach a Holistic Fitness program in Vancouver.

The spirit of Aloha pervades her life with Hawaiian hula and huna shamanism.

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Lori Bru

Aloha Mana Lomi Practitioner
Kumu Lomilomi Instructor

Vernon, British Columbia, Canada


Summer of 2009 is when Lori first experienced the power and beauty of Lomilomi. Lori is very
passionate about sharing this heart centered practice. Integrating the long Lomi Heartworks
strokes and the deep joint rotations of Temple Style Lomi, she encourages you to become aware
of your body and breath, surrendering deeper into self. Lori supports her clients with a space of unconditional love and acceptance, releasing old patterning and replacing it with pure light and
love of aloha nui.

“For me it is a blessing and an honor to share the sacred art of Lomilomi, surrendering into a
receptive space, listening for guidance and support and then offering to each sacred body I touch,

the nurturing embrace of aloha.”

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Auntie Malina
Signy Cohen

HSB Kumu Lomilomi
Instructor and Practitioner

Body Tune Up Practitioner
Energy Medicine Woman

Tofino, BC, Canada


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Gary Kekoa Dillon

with Granddaughter Emma

HSB Kumu Lomilomi
Instructor and Practitioner
Ke ala Hoku Lomilomi Practitioner

The Haven Institute,
Gabriola Island,
British Columbia, Canada



I am Kekoa Gary Dillon—in life a Lomilomi practitioner, a movement therapist and an artist in many media. I have a place in many precious family circles where the art of loving well is best learned, practiced, and transmitted to the future.

My Hawaiian name is Kekoanui’okealoha, meaning “Great Warrior of Love.” I bring to this precious bodywork both the steadfastness of a warrior and the capacity to be “hollow-boned” and humble before the ever-surprising call of Aloha/love in each person. Such an Inoa (name) is a daily promise to bring the blessings of this work to each person with great love and respect. It is accomplished through good humor and curiosity--curiosity to learn and bring forth the “fullness of being” in each person through heart conversation, breath, chant, and the great journey of Lomilomi. Together we enter into the expansive heartbeat of the present moment. May it ever be so! Whoever you are, and whatever you have done, this is a moment to reconnect with all that is heartfelt, untarnished, forever beautiful and loved in your deepest being.

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Dhyana Bartkow

Shaeah Fialkow

HSB Kumu Lomilomi
Instructor and Practitioner

Vancouver, BC, Canada



Shaeah's mission is to be of total devotional service to love. To serve others to fully open to the love within themselves, their relationships and every aspect of life.

Her intention is to provide a sacred space, offering a loving presence of honesty, integrity, respect and acceptance. Shaeah honors you as the divine being you truly are. A session with Shaeah is an experience of celebrating and honoring the divine in you, which will delight your senses and leave you feeling open, expanded and surrendered.

Shaeah uses her experience and intuition to feel into your body and soul to give you exactly what you need to open to your heart’s deepest desire. Drawing from an ancient Hawaiian ‘rite of passage’ ceremony--temple-style Lomilomi and Kahi Loa—plus classic traditions of Japan, India and Taoism, Shaeah weaves a pampering and healing session especially for you.

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Jennifer Leilani Fletcher

Aloha Mana Lomi Practitioner
Shamanic Bodywork Healer
Kumu Lomilomi in Training

Halfmoon Bay, Sunshine Coast
British Columbia, Canada





Leilani Fletcher is a shaman with extraordinary gifts! She has been studying Lomilomi for a few years now and has decided to go the distance with becoming a Kumu Lomilomi. Already a teacher in her own right, she will bring such a wonderful presence to this awesome art form we call Lomilomi healing.

I am so grateful to Jenn for living her passion, in striving to create sacred space for every single soul who arrives at her door. It will be a pleasure to witness her growth, deeper into the Hawaiian cultural traditions and healing practices. Shemost curtainly brings Heaven to Earth through her generous heart and the grace of her loving, nuturing touch!

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 Diane Lafreniere

Diane Claire Marie Lafreniere

Aloha Mana Lomi Practitioner

Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Point Grey area



Diane has a background in nursing, activation techniques in gerontology, behavioral science, motivational therapy, lomi-lomi massage and reflexology. Her studies encompass theology, neuro-linquistic programming, cranial-sacral therapy, shamanism, acupuncture, reiki, gi gong, synergetic therapy, fitness and nutrition.

In a session you will find clarity on important life issues, renew your physical strength and well being, and experience rest and relaxation. Diane says her experience with Wayne Powell as her teacher has been wholesome, heart opening, healing, peaceful and wonderful. You too can have this experience with Diane.


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Kupua Mana Lomi Practitioner
and Training Assistant

Salt Spring Island,
B.C. Canada



“A lomilomi massage with Laura Klein is truly a healing experience of body and spirit. The breadth and depth of Laura's training and practice are evident through bodywork technique, breathwork and chanting - all in the spirit of Aloha. Her touch is deep, soothing and healing. She is mindful and present and brings a lovely energy and a spiritual depth to her work. Laura's lomilomi is the best massage experience I have had here or in Hawaii.” Elaine Head

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Astraea Meahulahokulani Starr

Aloha Mana Lomi Practitioner
Shamanic Bodywork Healer
Kumu Lomilomi in Training

Edmonton Alberta, Canada


Meahulahokulani means Heavenly Star Dancer. She moves in Grace profound. Holding sacred space for all things Holy and pure through creative flow. Luna loves ritual and intensity and has a deep respect and love for all things Hawaiian.

Astraea is a spiritual midwife for emotional body healing.  She is deeply devoted to supporting you in remembering who you really are from your Essence, and also to live in a deeper state of harmony with yourself and all beings as One.  Luna holds a deeply compassionate, sacred space with her open heart, offering unconditional love and acceptance for all that you are in this moment, which can cradle you while remembering through your feeling body, that the greatess love for your Self is the cause of all healing.

She is here for you, to breathe with you, as you, assisting you to release all that no longer belongs in your life, and ride with you, the waves of ecstatic rebirth of your essential nature, and reweave the tapestry of your 'soul cluster' with pure, infinite Aloha.

Through her gentle Presence she will dance you to the stars, and breathe stardust into every cell of your being - as you journey back home through your open heart and remember yourself as whole.

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Theda Phoenix

Aloha Mana Lomi Practitioner

Vancouver, BC Canada
(travels to Ottawa)



Theda offers a divine love and deeply healing presence, she been holding space for transformation since 1997, thru a variety of healing modalities.  The Hawaiian influence of Huna and Kahi Loa have been part of Theda’s life since 1998 and she has been a Shamanic Lomi Lomi Temple Style Bodyworker since 2002.  In addition to her skilled and loving touch, Theda uses her gifted voice to sing, chant and tone intuitively over and on your body, awakening the healing power of your cells thru the resonant vibrations of loving sound.  

The session is  uniquely yours, inspired by your intention, and all of you is welcome.  Theda takes you on a journey of expansion, peaceful rejuvenation, transformation and blissful surrender through the healing energy of her nurturing touch, voice and unconditional love.

Theda’s natural gifts are supported by an extensive background of training in the field of Human Potential; Relaxation and Deep Tissue Massage, Jin Shin Do; Acupressure, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Pleadian Lightwork, Hypnosis, NLP, Life Coaching, Yoga, Dance and Wellness Nutrition.

Theda also uses her healing voice to create beautiful music for deep relaxation and upliftment. Much of her music is perfect for massage, yoga, mediation, relaxation and movement.

“I really enjoyed the session.  You are beautiful inside and out.  Your voice was absolutely amazing -- to me, that was one of the factors that really captivated me during the session.  You are a phenomenal Lomilomi practitioner (the third with whom I have experience).  From the moment you greeted me at the door, I felt welcome in your sacred space.  I felt as though I was being carried through the session.  Your vocal chants are mesmerizing, and I felt immersed in the spirituality of the session -- There were times when I really lost myself, almost feeling "suspended".  Meanwhile, my corporeal body felt "taken care of".  In fact, I had sensations of multiple hands on me, in various places.  It all felt very comfortable and natural.   You are definitely a practitioner that I would like to see again!” 

~Jim from London, ON.

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Jana Lang

Aloha Mana Lomi Practitioner
Goddes of many healing gifts

Edmonton, AB, Canada


Jana is a lover of Life. She is ecstatic about being here at this special time in history on this planet, and feels blessed to be able to offer the gift of shamanic and traditional bodywork for our changing and evolving bodies and lives.

Jana began her journey into the healing field of bodywork with the inspiration of her mother, now passed, who taught her how to care deeply about the Earth, our bodies, and the preciousness of life. By the time she was 16 years old Jana was already a proficient in Reiki practice, a gentle energetic technique that affords deep relaxation, and was so inspired by the healing response to Reiki within herself and her family that she sought further training in Holistic Health at Grant MacEwan University, receiving her full certification in Reiki, Acupressure massage, and Neurolinguistic Programming, and now has her own practice as a  Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

Being present in each moment of life as it happens within and around us is what brings Jana great joy, beyond what she ever thought possible.  Dance is Jana's way of moving through life. 
A dancer for 5 years with Edmonton's Vibe Tribe Gypsy Circus Society, she is enthralled with intuitive dance, and it's ability to heal through using a person's own intuitive movements. Her massages are often flowing, like a dance, often using breath to open, release and relax tension from the body, and give flow and movement to areas of stuckness.

She is passionate about creating community, and tending to the networks which hold us as humans together, make us strong, reflect who we are, and heal us.  She volunteers as a community organizer for a local Edmonton community, keeping community links alive close to home.

To Jana, a person's health is unique, and a precious thing to nurture, learn from, and enjoy deeply.  Each person's balance of personal wellness is an ever unfolding and changing process, a process into which it is Jana's pleasure to honor, and engage with in each client.

Jana's goal is to to ensure that each person who receives is listened to, received and massaged with a personal session to their individual body dynamics, leaving each client with the best possible outcomes for their needs. Jana delights in facilitating a playful, joyous approach to life
through engaged bodywork and energywork. The bottom line is, Jana is an amazing healer!!!

Blessings to all Beings, love and peace be with you all always!

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