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Lomi Givers ~ Kumus ~ Instructors in Training

Currently several students are working through our four levels of training
and moving into the deeper mysteries of
kahuna healing in the Hawaiian Islands

The Lomilomi Givers listed below are of the highest integrity in regards to healing with
the Spirit of Aloha. Although this type of Lomilomi can be a very intimate
form of holistic massage and healing, it is completely non-sexual

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Lomilomi Instructors ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ Kumu Wayne Kealohi Powell D.D. ~

Founder Shamanic Bodywork, Kumu Lomi Lapa'au
Executive Director, Senior Instructor


Dhyana Bartkow

Shaeah Fialkow

HSB Kumu Lomilomi
Instructor and Practitioner

Nanaimo, BC, Canada



Shaeah's mission is to be of total devotional service to love. To serve others to fully open to the love within themselves, their relationships and every aspect of life.

Her intention is to provide a sacred space, offering a loving presence of honesty, integrity, respect and acceptance. Shaeah honors you as the divine being you truly are. A session with Shaeah is an experience of celebrating and honoring the divine in you, which will delight your senses and leave you feeling open, expanded and surrendered.

Shaeah uses her experience and intuition to feel into your body and soul to give you exactly what you need to open to your heart’s deepest desire. Drawing from an ancient Hawaiian ‘rite of passage’ ceremony--temple-style Lomilomi and Kahi Loa—plus classic traditions of Japan, India and Taoism, Shaeah weaves a pampering and healing session especially for you

Shaeah has been practicing yoga, meditation and healing arts since 1999, facilitating workshops since 2003 and teaching yoga since 2009. An author of From My Heart To Yours, a love-life coach and trainer, she adores training people in the Art of Lomi Lomi (both Heartworks and Temple-Style) and has dedicated the last 18 years to consciously growing her capacity to love, to be loved and to being a channel of love & divine life force.

She was one of the top bodyworkers and yoga teachers at Hollyhock before moving to Nanaimo and has facilitated dozens of workshops in Alberta, BC, California, New York, Costa Rica and Israel educating people in the areas of Lomi Lomi, couple’s massage, conscious relating, intimacy, movement (yoga & dance), community building, women’s work, transformation and awakening.



Lori Uniki

Lori Lynne Bru ~ La'akea O Laka



HSB Kumu Lomilomi
Aloha Mana and Kupua Mana
Lomi Instructor and Practitioner

Golden, British Columbia, Canada






Summer of 2009 is when Lori first experienced the power and beauty of Lomilomi. Lori is very passionate about sharing this heart centered practice. Integrating the long Lomi Heartworks strokes and the deep joint rotations of Temple Style Lomi, she encourages you to become aware of your body and breath, surrendering deeper into self. Lori supports her clients with a space of unconditional love and acceptance, releasing old patterning and replacing it with pure light and love of aloha nui.

“For me it is a blessing and an honor to share the sacred art of Lomilomi, surrendering into a receptive space, listening for guidance and support and then offering to each sacred body I touch, the nurturing embrace of aloha.”

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Jeannie Lele

Jeannie Elisa Johns ~ Maka Nani Laka




HSB Kumu Lomilomi
Instructor and Practitioner

Lomi Lomi ke ala Hoku Practitioner
Shamanic Bodywork Healer

Body tune up Practitioner

Mill Bay & Gabriola Island
British Columbia, Canada


Jeannie began body work many years ago. Her passion for body work, coupled with her dedication, and strong desire to pursue the ancient sacred healing practice of Lomi Lomi lead her to further expand her knowledge and obtain training on the islands of Maui and Kauai. She has studied with Gary Kekoa Dillon, Linda Wailele Lopez and Kahu Wayne Kealohi Powell. Now Jeannie is embarking on becoming a Lomilomi Instructor so that her sweet aloha may overflow into her community, family and friends in more profound ways, as an Instructor.

Jeannie has a loving, healing energy, and through dance, chanting and healing touch, brings Hawaiian Lomi Lomi to life. Through breath, intention and movement lomi lomi can offer body/mind/spirit wellness, allowing one to connect from within to their own Divinity.

"Jeannie has opened a Lomi healing Temple for her community to come and receive relaxation and nurturing. The Aloha Spirit guides her every move to release all that may be in the way for you to arrive at your full potential. Her loving spirit graciously comes through her work as she assists you into more healthy ways of being." 
Kahu Kealohi

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Linda Wailele Lopez ~ LMT
HI Lic. MAT 11111

HSB Kumu Lomilomi
Instructor and Practitioner

Body Tune Up Practitioner

Haiku, Maui, Hawaii


The art of Hawaiian Lomilomi creates a deep energy shift within the self, which is inspired by the presence of the giver, a compassionate witness. In this dynamic dance, the receiver leads me to raising the vibrations towards the harmony of love that is pure Aloha.
In my experience , the art of lomilomi is a kind of spiritual companioning. It’s a way to be fully present and support another individual and "listen" as they open themselves into truth and clarity. I simply act as a midwife to the birthing of the souls that trust themselves in my hands.
Practicing as a LMT-licenced massage therapist, Childbirth Doula, Massage Instructor and Holistic Health Educator for twenty one years, has offered me a wealth of knowledge in healing touch therapies and a profound respect for our innate wisdom. From the foundation of meditation and contemplative practices, I’ve learned to be silent and follow a Higher guidance.
I have chosen to immerse myself in Hawaiian culture here on Maui and have a private practice in Haiku. I invite you to join me in this joyous dance to expand your well being. Aloha nui!

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Gary Kekoa Dillon

with Granddaughter Emma

HSB Kumu Lomilomi
Instructor and Practitioner
Ke ala Hoku Lomi Practitioner

The Haven Institute,
Gabriola Island,
British Columbia, Canada


I am Kekoa Gary Dillon—in life a Lomilomi practitioner, a movement therapist and an artist in many media. I have a place in many precious family circles where the art of loving well is best learned, practiced, and transmitted to the future.

My Hawaiian name is Kekoanui’okealoha, meaning “Great Warrior of Love.” I bring to this precious bodywork both the steadfastness of a warrior and the capacity to be “hollow-boned” and humble before the ever-surprising call of Aloha/love in each person. Such an Inoa (name) is a daily promise to bring the blessings of this work to each person with great love and respect. It is accomplished through good humor and curiosity--curiosity to learn and bring forth the “fullness of being” in each person through heart conversation, breath, chant, and the great journey of Lomilomi. Together we enter into the expansive heartbeat of the present moment. May it ever be so! Whoever you are, and whatever you have done, this is a moment to reconnect with all that is heartfelt, untarnished, forever beautiful and loved in your deepest being.

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Oceanna O Mana Lani

O Mana Lani

HSB Kumu Lomilomi
Instructor and Practitioner

Summerland, CA. 93067
(near Santa Barbara)


~Click Here for Info and Bio~

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Auntie Malina
Signy Cohen

HSB Kumu Lomilomi
Instructor and Practitioner

Body Tune Up Practitioner
Energy Medicine Woman

Tofino, BC, Canada


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Valerie Demery
Kuhina a Kele wa’a
with Kumu Kim Hartley

HSB Kumu Lomilomi Instructor & Practitioner

Hong Kong, UK and Bali


Valerie is a gifted shaman of the highest order. Her work is dedicated to supporting the deliberate creation of optimal physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health, to perceive life as a positive experience, through conscious choice. She achieves this through guided self evaluation, massage, bodywork, education, and personal empowerment.

Valerie brings with her a varied background of experiences. Her intent is to empower others to be more self-reliant when it comes to their own health and help them to feel the healer "within". In this way they have the capability to inspire and help others.

Valerie is always learning new and diverse healing modalities to incorporate into her work as a teacher and practitioner of natural therapies. To date these include: Various massage techniques (Holistic, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Indian Head, Pregnancy, LaStone, Lomi Lomi. Rainbow Crystal), Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Energy Healing Systems (Reiki, Sekhem, Karuna, 3V Master/Teacher), Body Talk, Crystal Healing, Color Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Timeline Therapy, Touch For Health Kinesiology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Myofacial Release, and Geo-Thermo-Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Nutrition and Stress Management.

Having learnt Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork which she neatly melds with her natural healing energies she feels fully empowered to inspire and journey with others through all challenges and changes in life to achieve Personal Soul Integration.

Valerie invites the people of Asia (she lives in Bali) and Europe (born in and regularly visits UK) to manifest the beauty of themselves by experiencing and learning Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork, with respect, love and care. Now is the time for change.

Now is the time for change:

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Lomi Alakai, Instructors in Training ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

These are devoted haumana--students of our HSB mystery school in
training to become a Certified Aloha Mana Lomilomi Instructor

Instructor Training Program



Instructor in Training
Lomilomi Practitioner
Hula & Dance Instructor
Alakai Huna International

Oslo, Norway



Anne-Kristine has practiced Hawaiian lomilomi massage since the day she received her first session and experienced it as «remembering how to» do it. As the mind kicked in there was more to learn. In 1993 she became a haumana of Susan Pa’iniu Floyd and started facilitating trainings for her in Scandinavia and Kauai. And in 1997 she became an Alaka’i of Huna international. Anne- Kristine has had the privilege of studying with Masters like Serge Kahili King, Frank Kawaikapu’okalani Hewett, Sherman Dedoit, Stormie Lewis and more. In 2000 she started her own center for Hawaiian healing and hula dancing in Norway, where she is from.

Coming from a background as a New Dance Developer she has been intrigued about how to merge this knowledge with the wisdom of the old Hawaii and Huna. Later in life she got a Bachelor Degree in social work and a Masters in International Welfare and Health Policies.
She sees the principles of Huna, and a good understanding of the body-mind as essential to personal, social and global healing.

I have also developed a love for cooking, just like dancing and massage. To be present in the process of bringing together and blending the different ingredients, using my intuition, I don’t always know how it will turn out, but in loving the process and trusting the outcome I enjoy nurturing my ohana in this way and would admit that their plates are always left empty!

Anne-Kristine has chosen a life dedicated to healing and healing practices, being present with an eye for the beauty in life, rising to joy in life and bringing more peace to all our relationships. She loves to travel and teach, sharing the Spirit of Aloha.

As she shares her beautiful, open heart with our little company, Anne-Kristina states,
“I am very excited to have this opportunity, at this moment in time to join forces with Kealohi and the Faculty of this unique school of Hawaiian Lomilomi and Shamanic Bodywork, truly a mystery-school dedicated to the art of healing!"


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Ricardo Balkhoven

Oct 2016 Graduate of
the Lomi Masters Program ~
Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork;
Heartworks Traditional Lomi &

Temple Style Lomi Practitioner
Instructor in Training - 3 yr program

Currently practicing in 2 counties:
(Spanje) and Andalucia
Marbella & Almedinilla (near Granada)
Netherlands (Nederland)

Rotterdam & Amsterdam

www.vidatvital.eu or www.facebook.com/vidavitalmassage/

+34 639283466

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain”. Carl Jung

This is one of my favorite quotes and so true even more since I became a Lomi practitioner. Lomi Lomi is one of the most powerful modalities of body work that I encountered since I started my massage practice some 20 year ago. In 2015 my Lomi journey started. I felt like coming home after my first training, a kind of calling for deepening my practice followed and I went to Hawaii to join the Lomi Masters Program with Shamanic Bodywork and Kumu (teacher) Wayne Kealohi Powell. Lomi Lomi is a true sacred form of bodywork full compassion and heartfelt work. I am still everyday impressed what it means to work in the light and spirit of Aloha.

I have witnessed powerful and profound healing occur. Lomi Lomi releases tensions on much deeper and more [profound levels than other modalities I have mastered. It can indeed solve true healing mysteries. Lomi Lomi was since ancient times besides a physical massage with all its known benefits a doorway for transformation and healing and let receivers experience, perceive and feel their true nature. A way of coming home and self remembrance and profound healing and relaxation.

So if you are living in the south of Spain or in the Netherlands and you are ready for some profound healing through ancient Hawaiian bodywork, I am your man!

"Ricardo is an exceptional man and a very good bodyworker. He is very sensitive to the needs of others and everyone feels very safe under his healing hands. It is an honor to work with some one who has the loving heart of a woman and the vital strength of a man! He understands the "Way of Miracles" and he lives the Way of Aloha! He hopes someday to be teaching this work.
I know he will have a thriving Lomi healing practice in both countries he is working in."
Kumu Kealohi ~ Founder, Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork


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Andrea Winzer

April 2016 Graduate of
Heartworks Traditional Lomi

Instructor in Training - 3 yr program

New Jersey

07747, USA


+1 732 500 7213

My journey with the Aloha Spirit and the sacred energies of the Hawai’i began in 2009. On a beautiful summer day on Kauai, something in me changed unexpectedly and blew a door wide open that I didn’t know existed. A Spirit so strong took ahold of me and under Her powerful guidance I embarked on a heroine’s journey that left no stone unturned and urged me to climb every mountain and follow every rainbow to find my dream. After many years on this path, finally all of the puzzle pieces I had collected along the road were brought together in such a beautiful way when I met Kealohi in 2016 and was introduced to Heartworks Lomilomi and the powerful practice of Ho’oponopono. Right there and then, I committed myself fully and without hesitation to this path and sacred work. I knew that I had finally found what I had been looking for all my life.

The Spirit of Aloha touches body, mind and spirit and allows the giver to channel a beautiful rainbow of love and light that heals all who are involved in this deeply personal exchange, giver and receiver alike. The magic of Lomilomi truly lies in her power to transform and awaken, create balance and alignment on all levels, and bring out the true colors in everybody who is open to receive. Words for sure cannot describe the powerful and yet so gentle energy that Hawaiian Lomilomi and Shamanic Bodywork brings to us and I feel truly honored that I am called to be a facilitator and giver of this beautiful, precious, ancient form of sacred healing.

The sacred art of LomiLomi has become not only my dedication to my path, but a precious way of living. I am deeply guided by the Earth Mother and wonderful animal and nature spirit guides, especially the Honu, who helps me navigate the currents and encourages me to swim into deeper water way beyond my comfort zone. In my practice—Honu Heart Healing—I create a safe, loving, caring, and sacred space to help you heal, release, and re-connect with your inner core that is so often buried underneath painful life experiences and the inner conflicts that arise from trying to fulfill the expectations of the outer world instead of walking to the beat of your own drum. It is my heart’s deepest desire to bring this sacred art of healing to each and every one I meet and to be a conduit for the divine embrace that lets us feel how precious and how much we all are loved through the eyes of the Spirit of Aloha.

The Spirit of Aloha is also guiding me to open a healing and retreat center, an Oasis in the Overwhelm, in a beautiful location and I am very excited and also very grateful for this fabulous journey that has just begun ……


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Jennifer Leilani Fletcher ~ Alakai

Aloha Mana Lomi Practitioner
Shamanic Bodywork Healer
Lomi Instructor in Training

Halfmoon Bay, Sunshine Coast
British Columbia, Canada





Leilani Fletcher is a shaman with extraordinary gifts! She has been studying Lomilomi for a few years now and has decided to go the distance with becoming a Kumu Lomilomi. Already a teacher in her own right, she will bring such a wonderful presence to this awesome art form we call Lomilomi healing.

I am so grateful to Jenn for living her passion, in striving to create sacred space for every single soul who arrives at her door. It will be a pleasure to witness her growth, deeper into the Hawaiian cultural traditions and healing practices. She most certainly brings Heaven to Earth through her generous heart and the grace of her loving, nurturing touch!

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Erca Franzen ~ Alakai

Oct 2016 Graduate of the
Lomi Masters Program ~ ~ ~
Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork;
Heartworks Traditional Lomi
Temple Style Lomi Giver;
Instructor in Training ~
Three Year Program

Steamboat Springs,
Colorado, 80477 USA

+1 512-507-3192




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