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Lomi Ha ~ Lomilomi ~ Ho'oponopono

Breathwork ~ Bodywork ~ Truth Dialog

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2 hour Lomilomi will improve
circulation and deep relaxation,
a good beginning to Lomi Healing!

3 hours:
most popular choice, includes:
a Truth Dialog; a Body Tune Up,
a deeper lomilomi & Foot bath

4 hours
may include: Truth Dialog,
a Lomi Ha, a Body Tune Up,
a deeper lomilomi & Foot bath

~ Soul Retrieval Activation ~

4 ~ 6 hours of healing for those who require a deeper Ho'oponopono--a
forgiveness or letting go process, with Lomi Ha--breathing to release cherished
wounds or honor the grieving process of a relationship that's over, or perhaps
a clearing ancestral patterns with Aumakua,reuniting their Soul Cluster.

This session may include:
Ho'oponopono - Acceptance and clearing deeply rooted stories and reinstating what's True
Body Tune-up - align & balance the physical body, the toxin flow and meridian energy
Lomi Ha - cleansing the emotional body with Breath & Light clearing stuck emotions
Lomilomi & Kahi Loa - re-integrating all the bodies with Temple Lomilomi
Wai Ola ~ a ritual cleansing prayer bath for a GRAND finishing touch!
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~ Couples and Marriage Counseling ~

3 hour session. Ho'oponopono (deep forgiveness)for couples has been one of
Wayne's most effective healing tools. If you want to experience more harmony
in relationship and less resentment, this is a wonderful process to explore.
The complexity of relationship is simplified and brought back to basics
through a careful inquiry into your relationship habits and patterns.
A few sessions may be required to replace deeply ingrained habits.
For this reason it is best to combine this work with Lomilomi
and the Body Tune Up to remove these patterns from
the memory of the body as well as the mind.

For Personal Counseling call
+1 808.431.4549

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Bring Lomilomi Healing and Shamanic Bodywork to your town

We love to travel and bring our Lomilomi Temple for healing sessions and training.
Wayne has taught all over the USA and Canada,, Costa Rica, Fiji,
The United Kingdom and Australia.

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