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Oceanna O Mana Lani

HSB Kumu Lomilomi Instructor

and Pratitioner

PO Box 598, Summerland
California, 93067

(near Santa Barbara)

805 331-1331


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"LOMI LOMI is prayer in action...
          the Breath of Love, moving through the body"

"20 years ago I made my first trip to the islands. The Aina, and the ways of
her people had much to teach me, setting me into a major transition on my life path."

I began my training in the Art of LomiLomi in 2001 with my teacher -
KUMU WAYNE KEALOHI POWELL. Together we taught for the following 3 years,
travelling from Maine to Californina.... Canada to Oregon. Learning the ways of
Huna and LomiLomi have enlivened the principles of Truth into my own body system.
This realization experience I call the "Aloha Embrace."

To experience a Lomi Lomi Bodywork session, is to Come Home again.
From those who have come and received the gift of Aloha in the session,
these souls have called their journey, a rising up, a coming home,
a blessing, a rite of passage, being birthed again into a tremendous peace and love.

"The receiver sets the intention for the journey, the giver holds that intention and
opens to the Spirit of Aloha to navigate the frequencies.
Lomi Lomi will shift and raise vibration for the giver and the surrounding area.
Such a gift for all, this way of Aloha, this opening of the heart, of the body and of the breath.
Alignment, attunement, harmonizing, balancing, clearing and renewing...these are
descriptions of the power of the moment that is the Pa'a, the Now, vertical time. 

My studies in Christian Mysticism, Kriya Meditation, Psychology and Soul
Integration practice have been deepened in body and spirit with the heightened
presence and awareness of LOMILOMI ALOHA MANA -The Miracle of Love..

I am based in Santa Barbara CA. and travelling, bringing the offerings listed here in
Spirit of ALOHA MANA To all those who are called to receive these blessings

LOMI LOMI ~ Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork
KAHI LOA ~ Light Touch/ Eternal Oneness massage.
ALOHA EVENINGS - prayer and intention, with Music, chants and blessings.
WEDDING BLESSINGS - pre/ wedding ceremony for Bride and Groom

Aloha - ka pu'uwai halana / A heart overflowing.

805/ 331-1331
Santa Barbara, CA


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