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E Komo Mai! Aloha & Welcome!
"Are you ready to experience and follow your BLISS?"

There is a massive awakening of consciousness
within the human spirit now on this planet. God, Aumakua-ancestors and the Aloha Spirit are
assisting us to emerge, connect and heal together.

This journey for you can begin with a simple decision to heal - then revealing your story in a healing Lomi temple, and willing to let it go, let it just be what
it is, carrys you downstream to your whole Self!

While sharing sacred space with a skilled
Lomi Giver and allowing them to be with
you where you are at and support where
you desire to be, in your body, in
your mind and in your circumstances,
a Miracle will unfold for you!"

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Wayne Kealohi has been working for over twenty years in the holistic healing game, using every relationship as a divine path for enlightenment. And through his projects, music and courses he has assisted many to find a deeper experience of Love and Life, while preparing for what is coming to our beloved Earth and her people at this time.

Q. - What do you share with people who come to you?

"We can assist you in healing (what seems like) the most traumatic story with gentle,
loving compassion, because we are truly here for you! We focus on the perfection
of your Being that exists underneath or behind your story. This is who you really are,
and so we bring that forward."

Q. - Why do people seek your services?

"Many come to our training retreats from a very busy life, just to unwind and re-member or re-assemble themselves, and to touch and be touched with Gods Love. People come from all walks of life and from many countries to awaken and celebrate their passion, and find their Joy, their mission and their purpose. We help them OPEN and OPEN and OPEN to Self Love. Many layers of past pain are shed and many things are let go of, and finally there you are, Whole and Perfect, innocent and FREE, just the way you were born, ! The old become young and the young become mature."

Q. - Why do you teach and practice Lomilomi?

"We love what we do because we are doing what we love! This is the key to a harmonious life full of Infinite Blessings. Please, come join us for the journey of a lifetime! Just give us a call and we will discuss the options for you and your loved ones to fulfil your healing destiny. If funds seem to be a problem, installment plans are welcome.

Life is Love in Action! Be courageous!"

Please do not hesitant to call them with any questions you may have about healing. When you commit to your Self care, then you will bring more Love and Peace into your life and into the lives of everyone you know and yet will meet. This is a great healing journey we all share together. Wayne and/or Patti would be honored to co-facilitate your journey with you. Bonus! They are very good practitioners, Instructors, composers and singers. They are devoted to God - without limits!


Bring Lomilomi and Shamanic Healing and Bodywork to your town ~

We love to travel and bring our Lomilomi Temple for healing sessions and training.
Wayne has taught all over the USA and Canada,, Costa Rica, Fiji,
The United Kingdom and Australia.

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