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HSB Training Options

Kahi Loa - Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork

Lomi Pule O'o - Lomi of Powerful Prayers
Heartworks - Traditional 'Old Style' Lomilomi
Big Island Lomi and Hawaiian Touch Medicine
Akua Mana ~ Temple Style Lomi Basic Training
Aloha Mana ~ Temple Style Lomi with Joint Rotations

Kupua Mana - Cultural Immersion (discontinued)

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Advanced Lomi Healer Shaman Training


~~~ Body Tune Up Courses ~~~


We honor those who may have training from other Lomi schools. Just get in touch with
Kealohi to find out which level of training and what kind of training will work best for you.


You must have the experience of an Aloha Mana Temple Style Training,
OR, the equivalent there of, in Kahuna Bodywork or Lomilomi Nui, before
enrolling into the KAHUNA navigator - Advanced Healer Training.

Handsome Certificates with our Shamanic Bodywork Logo
are presented at the completion of each of these course




Kahi Loa Lomi
A Touch of Hawaiian Magic


This course is P~U~R~E Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork!

NO Prerequisite ~
no previous massage experience is required
for this course. Everyone is Welcome to come join the FUN!

Beautiful Lomilomi ~
This is our most shamanic Lomilomi course. As a weekend training, it is a perfect introduction to
Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork and deeper healing trances.

KAHI LOA is a wonderfully sublime style of dry Lomilomi.
through the clothes it offers a deep communion with your
Soul Cluster through a healing journey with Nature.

KAHI LOA utilizes the elements and Kingdoms of Nature
to create very powerful healing WAVES OF ENERGY
clearing the mental, emotional and physical body!

Kahi Loa Lomi is extremely healing, soothing, relaxing,
energizing, SENSUAL and easy to learn. It is the perfect
shamanic training to begin learning Kahuna Science,
Hawaiian Shamanism & language with sacred touch...

The Elementals & Kingdoms are the medicine,
and your
imagination is the Pharmacy!







 Jenn small
Lomi Pule O'o
Lomi of Powerful Prayers

This 3 day course is a good introduction to a few
different lineages of Lomilomi Massage
that we carry in our halau.

In this course, the students
learn a loving and effective massage routine that combines some of our favorite strokes from the traditional lineages from Maui, the Big Island
and the Temple Style lineage from Kauai.

It has often been said that
“Lomilomi is a Praying work”
The Hawaiian people believe that it is
the prayers and the sacred connection
through the chants that do the healing,
much more than any technique or strokes

Here we dive into the mystery of prayer, and discover how the power of prayer can be used to treat a variety of ailments. In this training we share traditional ways of praying and chanting in the Hawaiian language, which call to the ancestors and the Higher power for assistance and strength. Students will learn the foundational principles of Hawaiian spirituality, which will build their confidence in being able to design and create their own effective prayers.

By combining the beautiful, flowing massage with the powerful prayers, much healing can be achieved in a very short time, which can and will ripple out into all aspects of life.






traditional 'old style' lomilomi

NO Prerequisite ~ NO previous massage experience is required to learn this traditional Hawaiian massage!

Sherman Dudoit was the Founder of "Heartworks" Lomilomi instruction world wide. Our Heartworks Course is taught exactly the way we learned it from Sherman, which is exactly the  way it was taught to him by the Kahuna he learned it from on Maui, handed down through infinite generations.

Heartworks Lomi is the perfect beginning to a fruitful Lomilomi career. In this course we will practice Hawaiian spirituality and some very powerful meditations that bring your 'soul cluster' into full alignment before working with others.

This is the perfect Introductory Course into Hawaiian Healing and Lomilomi for all spa practitioners....   

The 'heartworks DVD' is the BEST tool for learning from the master, Sherman Dudoit. The HEARTWORKS download is available for rent or for purchase. Click HERE for more Info about this wonderful Vimeo of Traditional 'Old Style' Lomilomi healing called HEARTWORKS.
Fourteen areas of the body are covered in this course, teaching you a one hour, or an hour
and a half, FULL body Traditional Lomilomi massage that increases circulation to the maximum, while soothing all the primary muscle groups as well as your soul, and comforting your heart! Heartworks shows you how to become 'a waterfall of Aloha Nui~Great Love'
for all your clients, friends and family!
We highly recommend Heartworks as the perfect introduction to a style of Lomilomi
that can be used in a spa setting with full draping, massaging one side of the body
at a time. Heartworks improves your Lomi skills greatly, is deeply relaxing
and wonderful to give & receive!

A Certificate for Heartworks Traditional Lomilomi
is awarded upon completion of the Training

PREMEIR EDITION OF HEARTWORKS Vimeo is offered for sale or rent




Aunty MargaretBig Island Lomi
Traditional Massage from the Island of Hawaii

This 4 day course will immerse students in the beauty and richness
of the island of Hawaii, the Big Island. We will share strokes and techniques from the halau of Aunty Margaret, as well as Bone-
washing and creating space from the halau of Harry Uhane Jim.
Much attention will be paid to embodying the spirit of Aloha in
this training, showering both the giver and the receiver in
gratitude, growth and bliss. Students will learn a full body
routine that engages the receiver in breathing open their
body mind and spirit, while they are experiencing a
deeply loving and relaxing massage.

Aunty Margaret had a way of combining a more therapeutic massage style with an ancient and sacred meaning that deeply nourishes the soul. This style of lomi is little more feminine and gentle. Tension leaves the body naturally and easily through the nurturing and repetitive movements. Big Island Lomi uses specific moves that flush the lymph and move fresh blood into all parts of the body, pinpointing areas of tension in muscle groups that are commonly challenged. There are also light rotations and stretches that gently open all the major joints of the body.

Each stroke has a symbolic meaning, such as clearing the trauma of various stages of life, clearing the past, present and future, and emptying the bowl of light. The work done on the belly in this routine is especially thorough and sacred. This application creates a deep focus and a respectful presence in the practitioner that can be profoundly meaningful and healing for the receiver.

The techniques of Harry Uhane Jim work to gently open and create more space between the joints and bones of the body, and allow for the cherished wounds to come out to be released, so that more of our true, authentic self can be present. We share the shamanic aspect of shape-shifting energies within the body, and moving the trauma out of the bones and the extremities of the body.

This training focuses also on the application of Lomi Ha-breath medicine in a massage session.
We will teach participants how to get the receiver to use their breath to release stuck energy and stress during the massage. When the breath is engaged, and the practitioner is working with the receiver in this way, large amounts of tension leave the body.




Hawaiian Touch Medicine
from Kahuna Harry Jim



Some of the bodywork techniques we have learned
from Uncle Harry that we will share with you are:

• Creating Space ~ Creating space between the bones and joints of the body through the use of    lifting, wiggling, shaking, pulling and pounding in connection with breathing fully and deeply -    releasing pilikia, (stuck energy) during a full exhale.

• Bone Washing ~ Cleaning and clearing the skin of the bones, removing density or
  crystallized energies, from the joints out the extremities.

• Po’o ~ Bone washing techniques are used for clearing all the bones of the head and face.

• Lomi Ha Breath Medicine uses the breath of life to transmute and clear stuck emotion and
  ‘expired contracts’ with self and others.

• Laulima ~ The practice of laying on of hands, often performed in a group.





Akua Mana Temple Style
Kahuna Bodywork Introduction

This training is designed as a Beginner Level
Temple Style Training for students who desire
an understanding of the fundamentals of Kahu
Abraham's lineage.
This course will prepare you
for the deeper application of the Temple Style
Lomi--kahuna Bodywork Intensive we offer.

This 4 or 5 day training will often include
a Ho'oponopono Circle as well as feature the
trance-dance alignment of Ka’alele, Chanting
for connecting with 'Aumakua~ancestors,
to the spirit world and to Ke Akua--Spirit.

Students will learn a basic Temple Style
Lomi routine that includes free flowing,
loving and therapeutic strokes, using
primarily forearms
to navigate the
body with geometric pasterns.

This basic training will prepare you for the intense
Deep Joint rotations presented in our Aloha Mana Lomi intensive.
Learning the Flight-~Ka'aleleau--trance-dance, begins in this introductory course,
which aligns the practitioner to deliver the kahuna transmission--a healing trance-formation!









Aloha Mana Temple Style Lomi
Kahuna Bodywork ~ Intensive Training

~ Highly Recommended Prerequisites ~

dolphin pod

This is an intensive training in Temple Style Lomi, inspired by the lineage originated by Kahuna Abraham Kawai’i. In this Level of training we share a deeper style of kahuna bodywork, using more advanced and deeper forearm strokes, introduction to the use of elbow, and deep....
slow joint rotations for all the major joints of the body. This full body routine involves a lot of techniques and ritual, and a full session can run from up to 3 hours in length.

This training is usually 8 - 10 days, and goes from dawn until evening. Aloha Mana involves many processes for opening the body, mind and spirit. There is a video of a presentation of Abraham Kawai’I that we show, and students receive a Shamanic Bodywork DVD of the Aloha Mana material to take home and use in their practice of this advanced transpersonal work.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that students have some prior lomi training before attending this course. It would be BEST, if begin with taking our Akua Mana Basic Temple Style Course before taking Aloha Mana. This Aloha Mana Lomi training is the prerequisite to attending our KAHUNA navigator Training


~ Aloha Mana Lomi Curriculum ~

  Hawaiian Philosophy, Spirituality and Healing Principles
  Kalana Hula - Meditation Dance communing with Nature
   Hawaiian Blessing Chant for activating and empowering,
 E Hoomai Chant: for blessing sessions and calls to Spirit

Ka'alele - Flight of the Iwa bird: Healing trance dance movements
  Deep Joint Rotations for: elbows, knees, ankles, shoulders and hips
~ Temple Style Lomilomi Strokes, prone and supine ~
You will learn a FULL body Temple Style Hawaiian massage!
 ~ A CERTIFICATE for training in the shamanic healing art of
Temple Style Lomilomi massage
will be awarded upon completion


Kahea (calling) ~ where the Anahola River meets the Sea, on Kauai

~ A Prerequisite Healing Session ~
is highly recommended before attending the Lomi Three training.
In this way you will experience what you will be learning
as well as cleaning & clearing your bodies before
opening to the kahuna transmission!




KAHUNA navigator


Lomi Four

Kealohi has just written a book with Patti on
Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork and will be sharing
some of the more advanced material on Shamanic Healing from the book for developing your intuitive shaman skills.

Kealohi will show you how to open the way for bringing
a deeper healing experience into all your sessions.

Your shaman tools will
be honed, and new abilities will
be discovered and developed in Nature, and on the table.

This is a 'Hawaiian style' Shaman Training,
taking place 'out-doors', as much as possible.

Sacred Sites will be used as portals for you to expand awareness through a shaman's perception.

'Shaman Journeys' will offer you a more practical
experience of healing through ke Akua--Spirit.....
This will encompass 'long distance healing.'

This advanced level of training is designed to take you further than you have gone before with your Lomi journey, and help develop the 'mind set' of a kahuna. This training is usually is always held in Hawaii, as connecting deeply to nature is a large part of this course. We will take the material from Aloha Mana (kahuna bodywork) and fine tune your strokes and deep joint rotations,
as well as sharing some deeper elbow work for spinal irrigation, and the Golden Cocoon.

An Inner Journey to Bali Hai - the middle world "Kahiki" 
where shamans gather to share healing skills and gifts, as well as
a A Tribal Initiation into Shamanic Healing & Bodywork.

 Journeys to Sacred Site Portals MAY include:

Kayak/Hike to Secret Falls,
Sacred Cave Tour, Waimea Canyon, Kokee Natl Park & Kalalau Lookout.
 Some processes will include: Hiking, Kayaking, Opening vortexes at Beautiful Beaches,
Swimming, Snorkeling, Yoga, Stretching, Breathing, Deep tissue Lomilomi Healing.

Advanced Temple Style Lomi Bodywork

Full body Lomilomi healing sessions will be exchanged between students.
 So that what enters your mind can also enter your body and become
 useful to you in your life immediately! Transformation is possible
 and most likely to happen. No guarantees, just come prepared!

Aloha Mana or Kahuna Bodywork Training,
or some form of Temple Style training with Deep Joint Rotations..

Registration is through Invitation -
ONLY 6 will be accepted into this course!

~contact us~ 
Call or email Kealohi for an appointment...
 808 431 4549







Kupua Mana Training
is a Ten Day intensive
presented only on Molokai, where the
Kahuna College thrived in ancient times.  

Lomilomi training with
a reputable Lomilomi Instructor

A Magical Mystery Adventure of Molokai
will refresh your deep connection to old
Hawaii and restore your Innermost Peace
while developing your shaman skill sets.

Only 9 students will be accepted into this adventure. There are 2 spaces available.
Do not delay if you are interested!

Fall training MAY include and is not at all limited to:

Hawaiian Cultural Immersion ~
with Anakala Pilipo Solatorio of Halawa Valley
- Hawaiian forgiveness process for a deeper release of ancient wounds
Mana Breathing - "Lomi Ha" breath work for opening and clearing the Emotional Body
Heart of Aloha - Meditations in stillness, opening as a pure channel for Spirit

Empowering Self - the chants and the Hula, with Hawaiian Language & Philosophy
Island Adventures - Hikes to: Kalaupapa Settlement and to Mo'oula Waterfall
CERTIFICATE - for 100 hours of Kupua Mana Training

~contact us~




~ LMP ~


This course is designed to give students a solid foundation to build their career upon.
We feel that it's important to know the basics of traditional Lomi and Hawaiian shamanic bodywork,
To be able to assist a wide variety of people with the many challenges they face in this modern world.

This extended program offers two forms of traditional Hawaiian lomilomi, as well as a modern application
of an ancient form of Hawaiian shamanic bodywork. We also share the principles of kahuna science,
Huna, Hawaiian chants and a hula that honors our connection with Ka Uhane Nui, (Great Spirit).

There is NO prerequisite to taking this course, yet a Skype interview is required
to be accepted into the program as Haumana ~ apprentice. Only six are
accepted into each LMP, to give quality attention to each Haumana!

Here's the basic curriculum spread over 21 glorious days:

HEARTWORKS ~ Traditional 'Old Style' Lomilomi

KAHI LOA ~ Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork
ALOHA MANA ~ Temple Style Lomi


If you would like to apply for the LMP
~ contact us ~

Educational Support Tools

We also offer Video and DVD support tools for our students to study at home.

What the students are saying: Testimonials

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Bring Lomi Lomi Healing and Shamanic Bodywork to your city!

We love to travel and bring our Lomi Temple for healing sessions and training.
Kealohi has taught all over the world: in the USA and Canada,, Costa Rica,
Fiji, The United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

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