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Kumu Training Program ~ Certification
(this program was closed on Jan 1st, 2018)

We Train you as an Instructor to teach the
Kahi Loa Lomi ~ Heartworks Lomi and
Aloha Mana Lomilomi Programs

We have found that it takes many years to make an excellent and consistent practitioner.
And that not every good practitioner has the capacity or the desire to be an Instructor.
We highly recommend continuing education with several qualified Lomi Instructors.

We enjoy, promote and highly recommend Personal Training
to ensure the highest quality performance and effectiveness of each
student and teacher as a facilitator for Aloha Spirit Medicine

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The best practitioners and Instructors are vessels for pure Aloha, and they share
this Grace with whom ever they meet and wherever they go, work, teach and practice.

Here's a list of courses available for an Instructors Certificate:
Kahi Loa Lomi ~ Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork
Heartworks Traditional Old Style Lomilomi
Aloha Mana Temple Style Lomilomi

To be awarded a Kumu Certification from our halau ~ Hawaiian Shamani Bodywork,
700 hours of Lomilomi, chants, hula and Shamanic Healing experience is required.
We will accept hour credits from other credible Lomi Instructors/schools.

Each individual is accessed when they enter the Kumu Training Program.
Some have had years of training and experience, and some very little.
Some learn quickly and some learn slowly, so we receive each Haumana
according to where they are at, and then design them a program that enables
their abilities to grow without restrictions, learning the traditional & shamanic
lineages first, even if they have studied Kahuna or Temple Style Bodywork before.

Once the Hauamana has had two trainings in Kahi Loa, they can begin to teach it.
Once they have had three trainings in Heartworks, they can begin to teach it.
This enables them to create an income stream while learning to teach
the most advanced course, Aloha ManaTemple Style Lomi...

Once the Haumana has achieved the level of instuctor for any couse we offer,
we create an 'Instructor-in-Training' listing for them on our web site,
and we will also list their courses in our Events Calendar and Newsletters!

We feel that it's vital to their success as an Instructor of Hawaiian bodywork & philosophy,
to know some traditional Hawaiian Lomi, Hula & Chants before they can present
themselves as an authentic carrier of the medicine we share with them.

This is why the LMP Haumana course is required in their training as a HSB Kumu,
as well as:

Aloha Mana Temple Style Lomi ~ 3 times
KAHUNA navigator Advanced Training ~ 1 time
and 50 hours of Personal Training

You must 'serve' as an Intern Instructor in Aloha Mana Lomi at least 3 times.

Kumu Kealohi

We realize, expect and appreciate the fact that each Haumana (student) in training
will bring their own flavor and various backgrounds to this style of shamanic bodywork.

A truly OPEN heart is actually the only quality or state of being that can not
be taught, or replaced by mastering any method or technique of this art form.

Please read:

Urban Shaman and
Instant Healing (pg. 179 Kahi Loa)
by Serge Kahili King

Wise Secrets of Aloha, by Harry Jim

Bowl of Light, by Hank Wesselman

Zero Limits, by Joe Vitale

The Way of Aloha
and The Way of Mastery
are one in the same path.

~ Graduation Ceremony ~

We whole heartedly welcome your inspiration for becoming a Kumu Lomi Instructor.
After all the requirements of this program have been met there is an UNIKI Ceremony
in Hawaii with several Kumu Lomilomi present as witnesses to initiate & empower you!

If this is your calling

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Bring Lomilomi & Shamanic Healing & Bodywork to your town

We love to travel and bring our Lomilomi Temple for healing sessions and training.
Wayne has taught all over the USA and Canada,, Costa Rica, Fiji,
The United Kingdom and Australia.

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